Bozak Chini بزک چینی ( Part 1 of 2 )

3D animated short movie of Afghanistan favorite night tales for kids.!

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 9:32
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Author Mahdi Batuchiwee (2 years)
You guys are real artists. Just awesome folk. You made us proud!

Author habib faiz (1 year)
Khely maqbol

Author hadi jan (2 years)
afarin be en honarmand vaghayen khobish drost kade bod:) omidvaram dar
ayende hamazin chiz hay beshtar bibinim:)

Author z s yalaqi (1 year)
WOW!!!! Keep the good work up.. so proud of you

Author mustafa frotan (2 years)
@reza1235662 ...khahish mekonam

Author Jaik TAILOR (1 year)

Author Jaghori23Dawood (2 years)
I love thise carton Afarin Qawma

Author LOoknice fOrU (1 year)

Author Qader Hosseini (1 year)
bisyar bisyar khobish enshallah ha misha movaffaq bashi.

Author batoor jaquri (11 months)
good job brother

Author MrFriends4u (1 year)
excellent good job

Author Faridon Dadrass (1 year)
Nice video but the voices are horrible. i can barely understand what they
are saying. i have to read the subtitles and its not the same u know. they
should re do the whole thing with regular voices. but thank you for the
video. my fav story when i was a kid

Author reza rezai (1 year)
besyar ally

Author Abdullah Ghullami (1 year)
I hope all of you can more video like this

Author Tukito Ybi (6 months)
very good, it look like a good animation work

Author Rezamaqsoodi haji husain (2 years)
besyar maqbul tashakor

Author Jamil Qr (1 year)
nami khoda qawma jan

Author Wardaki Joke (1 year)
i wish we could have a buzake chini in Wardak.

Author eftekar rahimi (2 years)
l love it

Author mustafa frotan (2 years)
@bashir2011100 ...inshAllah

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