Stock M5 vs. Modded C63 AMG

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Author ronaldo lopez (1 month)
What a disgusting way to make your amg look like doesn't
buy good taste i suppose.

Author Nocivo (2 years)
Stop de music... nobody want to hear that crap we want exhaust sound, wheel
spin ...

Author D1nOnLyAcE (2 years)
Thumbs down, next time you wanna post a car vid, DUMP THE FUCKING MUSIC!
Specially if its stupid rock music

Author 000ADRush (2 years)
@jmadd9000 um considering he is keeping up with a M5... hes done upgrades
to the performance to

Author TheMoMan96 (2 years)
i love the 2 cars racing but people think just cause the M5 has a v10 that
its a jet, its still a huge car xD not saying m5 is not fast tho.
..........hmmmmm, like if you agree?

Author Dizaynspeed (2 years)
I wanna hear that Mercedes's sound. Sound of AMG

Author Stods2009 (2 years)
@000ADRush cylinders do not necessarily mean the car is faster, hence the
gtr, 6 cylinders and would leave both these cars in the dust. My father
drives an e55 amg, 8 cylinders in a 5.5 liter engine and is faster than an
m5 with 10 cylinders. M5 is just more luxury.

Author setonas23 (1 year)
where was the race here? o.O

Author venuztaurus6ix (2 years)

Author jcsrt8 (1 year)

Author DaLULZ8 (2 years)
this guys a fagget

Author P41N (2 years)
@HaBerGo your mom is not your mom

Author wstxoutlaw (3 years)
Sick AMG, has headers, full exhaust set-up, and a tune. I believe he dynoed
at just over 560hp and as you can see, totally raped my stock M5...

Author leewave420 (3 years)
Destroyed AMG PWR

Author Daviti Mazanashvili (3 years)
A M G//////

Author 000ADRush (2 years)
@nawzy202 damn right. gotta love those mercs.

Author Mike Loq (2 years)
@Whit3fl4g you mad bro

Author rawimpact (2 years)
@MrRedcelica 1. You're a dumbfuck because you're point is based on beauty
which is competely subjective considering some live by performance over
appearance 2. Your second point is not a point at all but a question. You

Author SmarterThan U (2 years)

Author GL0CK19onboard (1 year)
we want to hear the motors not that spewing garbage you call music

Author B16SAF (2 years)
no it aint bmw are gay sounds ugly and looks shit mercedes benz look fuckin
fire and has the sexist sound ever :)

Author jmadd9000 (2 years)
modded? you mean the shitty black wheels and ugly black or carbon fiber
body panels? way to fuck up a good looking car. tuners...jezzus christ!

Author Dre (1 year)
Why would you play music when we want to hear the car's sounds..!!!!!

Author Nadeem Ali (2 years)

Author KingKsa811 (2 years)
Pussy music or androgynous ! _!_

Author mrmills757 (2 years)
atleast the song was kinda cool...

Author doomie61 (2 years)
like bar is your penis

Author blaziankhmer (2 years)
someone grab me a q-tip... my fucking ears are bleeding

Author CyberMurk (2 years)
Stop mettre vos musiques merdiques avec de telles vidéo!!!

Author Eduard Reichert (2 years)
v10 with turbo vs v8 maybe with turbo ? Both cars be mine :D

Author nawzy202 (2 years)
@Stods2009 GTR went with TT set up to make it more appealing to tuners
marker. There is a saying turbos are replacement for displacement. Don't
think its some kind of miracle that GTR 6 cylinder makes as much power as
BMW v10 its actually very simple. Engine is a pump takes air-oxygen
compresses and then burns it. Using turbos for it is awesome as turbos can
take huge amount of air and compress it in to the engine. While Na engine
has to work a lot harder to do the same WO force feed

Author MrChollie (2 years)
put that fucking music out of the clip!!

Author nawzy202 (2 years)
@000ADRush E55 beats M5 stock vs stock 1/4 and up words of 140mph BMW high
revving v10 breaths better and will have better top end then Benz and
eventually over take it at speed of 160+

Author B16SAF (2 years)
they not cheeting by using supercharger they only used it on the slr the
other model have bi turbo mate and no the new 5 series look shit the only
bedt lookin bmw is the new m3 convertable love that and mercs get girls
attention both the cars do but i hate audi more thay gets men attention lol

Author wagdaddyandef9man (2 years)
What a waste.

Author Iyad Boulos (2 years)
@HaBerGo check the breaks it is a 63

Author ReGGie siZzla (2 years)

Author MrChollie (2 years)
you create that clip without brain, not with youtube editor!

Author Peter Parker (2 years)
Fuck Musik!!!!!!!

Author Jimmy Gunthel (2 years)
wtf who puts music on a video like this!!! PURE STUPIDITY

Author nawzy202 (2 years)
@000ADRush true stock C63 can't beat stock M5 as it shouldn't Mercedes
didn't make C63 compete with M5 it was made to go against M3. Now in other
words C63 black series is out with over 500hp and i believe it will give
even M5 run for its money

Author Jt Jones (1 year)
I own more then one vehicle but the one main i drive a {98 S351} M5 C63 AMG
there track car's a but its' your car drive it like you wan't i'm sure you
have it fixed

Author 000ADRush (2 years)
@Stods2009 the m5 is a 5.0 V10... hes got 2 more cylenders. stock vs stock,
the m5 smokes the c63. my comment was replying to a guy talking about how
the only upgrades done to the c63 were aperance, if a c63 can keep up with
an M5, the motor isnt stock. sorry for the mix up

Author MasterApex1 (2 years)
E60 M5 SMG gearing does 100-150mph in about 13 seconds. I wonder of this
C63 AMG can keep up with E60 M5 with rolling from 100mph.

Author BAD430BENZ1 (2 years)
@B16SAF stock is boring.....get over it !!!! if i wanted to paint Hello
Kitty on the side and stick M3 emblems on it , it's my car and i can do
what i want to it . i definately don't need your permission , or approval ,
for that matter ! i love all these keyboard tough guys : )

Author B16SAF (2 years)
@BAD430BENZ1 im not being a keyboard tough guy im a true Mercedes Benz fan
and doing that to a c63 amg it annoys me

Author stranac1 (2 years)
fuck this devil music

Author Dakota Sommer (2 years)
if the music was rap/pop instead of metal my left nut says half the people
wouldnt be bitching", i actually like it were there is no music and just
the engine...haters gonna hate

Author bummer910 (2 years)
music is SHIT

Author VivaLaNick335 (1 year)
vs. my ass

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