Kentucky Rabbit Hunting

Host Tim Farmer participates in a more traditional hunt with the help of beagles. In Shelby County, Clinton Cook and crew help bag a delightful day.

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Author Toe Toe (3 years)
you got them dogs working

Author doughesson (4 years)
@Glass232499 Probably a cold day in Hardin County.

Author kateyrox52 (5 years)
nice job! pepaw ur a star!

Author GunHippie (4 years)
Whats up with the face mask?

Author homertalk (4 years)
Not a good day if your a rabbit.

Author MawseeOak (5 years)
Those are some pretty dogs, nice shootin'!

Author Antonio Barnes (4 years)
the best rabbit hunting video ever

Author keith hartman (5 years)
got two just this mornin

Author trackernova31 (3 years)
@hummerdude123 So that the hunters can see each other.

Author kateyrox52 (5 years)
good job pepaw cook!

Author Antonio Barnes (4 years)
nice im 12 i go hunting i get kills all the time nice pack

Author Elijah Jenkins (2 years)
greetins Lincoln county mate !

Author doughesson (4 years)
@juggaloliove Take a puppy along with a more experienced dog is one way to
start.Praise when they do right and correct without yelling when they do
wrong. Keep them hydrated and check their "undercarriage" after running
through brambles. Keep the dog healthy and it will want to hunt hard for

Author 101redneckgal (3 years)
@SuppaThrowed100 yah they do

Author mysticalwolf9 (5 years)
how many you guys get?

Author Gametime2525 (5 years)
love the dogs very well trained!!!

Author Toe Toe (3 years)
you got them dogs working im looking for some

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