World's Biggest Shark EVER! Megalodon

The biggest shark to have EVER lived, is the Megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark and a legendary killer. Megalodon monster shark lives?

9 ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature

It's name is Greek word meaning "Big Tooth". This giant mega shark is as one of the largest and most powerful attacking apex predators in the history of our planet.

Having been extinct for millions of years, The Megalodon has influenced pop culture as photos and drawings of this legendary shark continue to appear all over web with some websites and blogs dedicated to it.

Fossils indicate that the Megalodon Shark reached lengths of almost 70 feet, 20 meters long and was much wider and stockier than your typical great white shark believed to have weighed almost 100 tons. Blue Whales being slightly bigger can weigh over 100 tons.

The teeth of the Megalodon are gigantic, some found to be over 7 inches long. These tooth fossils have been discovered all over the world and at one point were believed to be petrified tongues of dragons & giant snakes.

The shark bite of the Megalodon is the sea creature's most impressive features as scientist estimate it's chomp to have created up to 18 tons of force, compared to that of a great white's bite which is less than 2 tons of force. With that kind of biting pressure the Megalodon could crush a whales skull as easily as a human child would bite into a grape making it the most powerful bite of any creature in history.

The Megalodon's closest living relative is the Great White Shark and although they have many similarities, their hunting patterns proved to be different. Great white sharks tend to attack the under belly or soft spot of their victims for a quick kill as the Megalodon's attacked with it's massive biting force to rip off the fins of other large fish before going in for the final kill.

A sea monster as deadly and powerful as the Megalodon dominated the oceans for millions of years, however no one knows why exactly they became extinct.

Was it global warming...A lack of food sources, or is it possible they still exists somewhere beyond our reach deep within the ocean depths.

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Megalodon - The Biggest Shark that Ever Lived

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Author Andy Peterson (2 months)
Man made global warming is a hoax. No proof of it exists and only
politicians use it to pass there agenda. Global temperatures have been in
decline since 1997.
By the way, you can keep your health plan and your doctor.

Author David Warren (4 months)
Global Warming is bullshit!!

Author 7lonewolf (3 months)
Global warming isn't real don't believe me do your research.

Author Theseangames1 (6 months)
Millions of years? Global warming? Oh it's funny how stupid that guy

Author The OriginEls (4 months)
their not extinct, theyre still out there

Author Chris Taylor (7 months)
Please tell me this you tube clip is not real, surely to god there is no
sharks this size !!!!!!!!

Author jam th (4 months)
Am I the only 1 who noticed he's as high as fuck in this video lol

Author deny hendra (5 months)
Why megalodon extinct? because great blue whale eat them, every whale can
kills shark, because they're mammals. Mammals have brain, fish not

Author 22mpj (6 months)
anyone on a random video trip?

Author tyvonable (4 months)
pfff people in comments say's because of whales -__- come on whales wasn't
even fully evolved yet to attack a shark that size. and it is still
possible that monster still swimming in the oceans, we barely know what is
in our oceans.

Author Johnny Rey Justus (5 months)
The Megalodon was a fierce predator for MILLIONS of years Nobody knows why
it became extinct. Was it global warming?
Memo to Mr. Narrator: Can you think for yourself, instead of reading the
dimwit evolutionist cue cards? Man, what a dumbass..........

Author tim Lazenby (4 months)
So question is, how did such a perfect killing machine, die out? answers on
a postcard to 335 Victoria Rd, ruislip, HA4 0DS UK ...

Author Gmanbelieves (7 months)
Could you please stop the global warming comments. AT LEAST till it is
proven to be real. And since all the global warming scientist have been
proven to be liars and love to falsify there data just so they can keep
getting grants form the government or push carbon credit bills just to line
their pockets with money. Since that happened they changed the name to
CLIMATE CHANGE. Anyway please just stick to facts in your video and not
global warming as a possible maybe be this is what happened to this
creature/s. If your talking about a dinosaur that lived during the period
of dinosaurs maybe it died out or was proceeded by the next species in IT'S
evolution, Like the great white. The oceans have receded so maybe when that
happened it had to adapt by getting smaller like the great white. Just a
working hypothesis no proof. But using global warming that has never even
proven to be real. Only by people who again just want to line there pockets
by pushing bad data and making people who don't know or don't want to know
the truth. They would rather believe when the weather doesn't do what they
think it should or if we have a tornado or tsunami then it must be global
warming, That's like believing we came from apes and when Darwin couldn't
even proof his own theories (and I use that word lightly) more accurately
should be called hypothesis,( a tentative assumption.) So he made up a new
genetics for the most part have even proven with REAL scientific proof that
we didn't breach out from apes and are a separate species completely. Of
course anyone with any common sense and has any middle school education
would know we didn't. Well use to. Point is please stick to the facts on
your video's and not poor hypothetical research. 

Author Ramathorn (1 month)
I like how he ended it off as "No one knows why it became extinct." AND YET
we somehow know it's behaviour, it's diet, and how big the biggest one was.
Here's some real education people, scientists spew bullshit all over the
place and say it's the truth when really it's just and educated guess, WE

Author GreenGuy180 (1 month)
stop saying is fake , we know just 5% about our oceans

Author THEALLtimeGAMERS (4 months)
They are still alive we just need to play mor Battle Field 4 and we will
find it!!!

Author Ima Koala-biyaatch (6 months)
The left side of your hat disturbs me.

Author Zombekilla27 (2 months)
No it's not it's pronounced mega low don but spelled megalodon

Author Damian Nunn (7 months)
Anyone else come from a BF4 vid?

Author Jenna Christine (4 months)
oh, fuck that

Author joanna lipinska (8 months)

Author BawsFox (7 months)
Megalodon sounds like a Pokemon name

*MEGALODON used BITE! It was super-effective!*

Author Boschtjan Zupanchich (2 months)
No, The main Reason for It's Extinction Was As you mentioned : A lack of
food and a lack of specifics in the water and in the air. B U T , All These
extinctions were Wisely Prepared and Allowed from Above, Because Aaalll
These preparations with The Precisely Guided Evolution were for The
Preparing This Planet for The First Couple on This Planet : Adam + Caiva .
That's How it Was !!!

Author TheGamingPugs (1 month)
This guy don't know shit

Author Jean Park (25 days)
Maybe they are just like.... Screw it we don't want to live anymore and
they just stopped moving to die lol

Author devilninjashin67 (7 months)
T-rex can suck it

Author Milan Brankov (6 months)
i need help of history who is bigger whale shark or megaldon

Author stevenzoid (29 days)
i think Global warming is possible considering the growth of population all
over the world. More people= More heat.

Author XxEAGLEONExX11 (5 months)

Author Athena Kitsinis (6 months)
I am Greek

Author Chris Rocha (6 months)
No the megalodon doesnt do that it smashes onto their prey then eats them

Author Alipheese Fateburn (7 months)
I thought the Megalodon went extinct because it was TOO big, and therefore
needed a lot of food to maintain itself, due to the large consumption of
food and the Megalodon being such a good predator, they ended up starving
or turning to cannibalism. They were basically too good at their job and
thus they ran out of food to hunt. As a result of this, sharks have
eventually evolved to be smaller and therefore they require less food to
stay alive. 

Author Battle Can (7 hours)
maybe a blue whale had it on with a great white ;) = megalodon

Author Allakai (13 hours)
Lol tearing off their fins?!?

It's like a big ol fish is minding its own business then all the sudden
it's fin gets torn off by a giant ass shark XD that's fucking awesome mate!

Author Itchy Alien (3 days)
maybe some of you guys don't know but we humans have actually just explored
only 5% to 10% i don't remember how much it was but it was something around
that. so we don't know what is down there.

Author Bradley Rogers (4 days)

Why would you say it lived millions of years ago? there is no science to
support this wild guess, its only millions of years because you want to
attack the bible and teach people to reject God and Jesus. Given either
scenario of a 5000 years old earth or 4.5billion as the fantasy goes its
more plausible the young earth is the correct or actual timeline. why was
the shark extinctificated? the flood of Noah wiped out the dinosaurs a few
thousand years ago, burying all kinds of animal and fish life. we observe
fossils of sea life far from the coasts to support the flood story. carbon
dating? before the flood the O2 content and pressure was higher, the bible
says the earth had a full cloud covering like Venus does, no direct
sunlight on earth till after the flood. all evolution shows go out of
their way to show a sunny sky with patchy clouds when showing any dinosaur.
this is the attack on the bible timeline.

Evolution is not real science, when the details get pounded out? the
evolutionist always runs away from the detailed discussion in the end,
running away without facts, without science; it always starts out with
insults at anyone who goes against the fantasy of evolution. I tried to
prove evolution once and for all was the truth. I did the work. I found
God in my path because i wanted the truth, not believe in religion because
others do, and i assuredly wont believe in a myth of evolution just because
others do. I want the truth only, but evolution is in fact a lie. saying
the shark lived millions of years ago? where children will hear? Where they
will think sharks or dinosaurs lived millions of years ago when no science
support this guess? you and anyone else spreading these lies is attacking
their belief in God, Its a choice you made, not to teach truth but to
subversively attack their faith using the fraud of evolution and its junk
science as an excuse. Use a disclaimer and say evolution is not proven,
stop attacking childrens faith or get ready for the consequences of Matthew
18:6, causing someone to stumble in their faith is what you and
evolutionist teachers do, en masse. 

Author WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks (1 month)
How phony is it that you use global warming in your talk. It was good until

Author EFLCModder (11 days)
What about less oxygen? Reason why creatures now are way smaller than in
the Mesozoic era.

Author Michael Southcott (12 days)
I wonder how fast this fish could swim. Also it probably could reach
incredible depths and contend with the ultra-deep "sea-monsters" like the
sperm whales and giant squid. Ultimately like the tyrannosaurus, though
ultra-cool I am glad we aren't forced to share the planet with a creature
that could crunch us like a walnut.

Author Eyelashes (19 days)
Sharks are too op.

Author LimePotato (20 days)
Global warming is real. You people down here are the reason why it's
growing. You don't believe in it so you still pollute without giving a

Author Иван Коростылёв (19 days)
Жалко не на Русском ( 

Author TheMoleski (1 month)
The comments on this video are pants on head retarded.

Author Rainier Rodriguez (24 days)
Oh my gosh

Author Appalachiosaurus22 (20 days)
Man, the comment section is full of Idiots...

Author khadafi215 (1 month)
There's no reason for Megalodon to go instinct. There are endless supplies
of food source beneath the surface of sea.

Author michaelr893 (1 month)
Don't you watch shark week? It's still alive, not extinct.

Author ssuuppeerrbbooyy (1 month)
Wow, how many retards in the top comments.

Author Tempest (1 month)
considering that we only explored less than 5% of the ocean i'd say that
its a possibility that megalodon exist.

Author riptide airsoft (1 month)
They r still alive

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