World's Biggest Shark EVER! Megalodon

The biggest shark to have EVER lived, is the Megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark and a legendary killer. Megalodon monster shark lives?

9 ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature

It's name is Greek word meaning "Big Tooth". This giant mega shark is as one of the largest and most powerful attacking apex predators in the history of our planet.

Having been extinct for millions of years, The Megalodon has influenced pop culture as photos and drawings of this legendary shark continue to appear all over web with some websites and blogs dedicated to it.

Fossils indicate that the Megalodon Shark reached lengths of almost 70 feet, 20 meters long and was much wider and stockier than your typical great white shark believed to have weighed almost 100 tons. Blue Whales being slightly bigger can weigh over 100 tons.

The teeth of the Megalodon are gigantic, some found to be over 7 inches long. These tooth fossils have been discovered all over the world and at one point were believed to be petrified tongues of dragons & giant snakes.

The shark bite of the Megalodon is the sea creature's most impressive features as scientist estimate it's chomp to have created up to 18 tons of force, compared to that of a great white's bite which is less than 2 tons of force. With that kind of biting pressure the Megalodon could crush a whales skull as easily as a human child would bite into a grape making it the most powerful bite of any creature in history.

The Megalodon's closest living relative is the Great White Shark and although they have many similarities, their hunting patterns proved to be different. Great white sharks tend to attack the under belly or soft spot of their victims for a quick kill as the Megalodon's attacked with it's massive biting force to rip off the fins of other large fish before going in for the final kill.

A sea monster as deadly and powerful as the Megalodon dominated the oceans for millions of years, however no one knows why exactly they became extinct.

Was it global warming...A lack of food sources, or is it possible they still exists somewhere beyond our reach deep within the ocean depths.

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Megalodon - The Biggest Shark that Ever Lived

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Author Haylee Love (3 months)
How are there 15 million views when there's only 2 million people in the

Author StrikeEagle17 (3 months)
My question is, why do museums always have the jaws of sharks but never the
skeleton, if you can find the jaw wouldn't you be able to find the whole

Author Mike Kretmar (28 days)
Global warming hahaha you're a sucker for believing that big lie

Author gigicaly (26 days)
I know how it got extinct, it got hunted by humans for food...

Author bantix1245 (2 months)
There is proof to show that the Megalodon is still alive today. The excuse
that it is extinct cannot be taken into account as a certain species were
discovered not long ago that were thought to be extinct 85 million years
ago but it turned out that they were living in the deep ocean all this
time. Also us humans have only discovered 5% of the Oceans in the world.
This leaves another 95% to be discovered. It is quite scary what could be
living in the deep oceans especially that 70% our planet is covered in
water. The Megalodon IS in fact REAL and IS REPRODUCING!!!!!!!!

Author BADMO 619 (11 hours)
Listen guys, 70% of our planet is water and we have only discovered 5% of
the entire ocean so maybe it's lurking in the deep ocean. Think about it
beasts that roamed the earth before us were extinct because we humans were
put here by God. God knew we could never survive this huge beasts so that's
why they all died. Now there are animals that can kill us but the brain and
intelligence God has gifted us, that's why we are the dominant species in
this planet.

Author Trevor Hathcock (12 hours)
I wish it was still alive. That thing is awesome.

Author Дмитрий Григорьев (13 days)
Я Русский и вас американцев не понимаю,но мне видео понравилось

Author saitoh hajime (2 days)
It would be cool if they called it megatron instead

Author Miguel Triggamasta (2 days)
This guy, speaks, a little, funny, to me...

Author Jacob Harbron (7 days)
Ok wtf why would it die from "global warming" tree hugger

Author apeXfactor (10 days)
6 billion, more than 100 million people live in the US alone

Author Briana Beals (7 hours)
I have feeling they live deep into the ocean and prefer to live in
secret not be discover until they want too.

Author Pauline Kelly-Ward (8 days)
More than 7 billion worldwide 

Author hannah schuermann (11 days)
theres no "million' OF YEARS. I belive God made the earth and he made this
shark. probably this shark got extint in bible times. the worlds not even
that old. -_-

Author AssassinWoman16 (15 days)
Everyone know about the Megalodon 8|

Author Peter Cao (10 hours)
i love shark fin. would be nice to have megalodon fin.

Author Nate Hagerman (23 days)
where was that in the beginning of the video behind him

Author john smith (1 month)
I caught one of these things ice fishing last year, I'm still eating it. I
had to buy another freezer to keep all the meat.

Author Gaming Pomigranit (2 days)
That green screen background is in ocean city md

Author Dj Project (1 month)
Did they die from global warming!!!??? Dumb asses there is no global

Author Sam Schutte (8 days)
funny how cool educational vids like this get disliked... like "f this
wheres the vid of megalodon?".... dude there are none get over this and
other vids are the best we got bro

Author Ron Castle (7 days)
Wow there are like 7 plus billion people on this planet I hope your

Author Hanna WestTree (1 day)
there was one seen in the African ocean u should get some info on that...

Author oxCANADIANxo (3 days)
Holy fuck this guy is a fucking weirdo!!!!!! He's obviously a child

Author Josh vs Wild (4 days)
WOW. There is 19 million views on this video when there are only 10 people
on earth.

Author Boschty Zupancic (7 months)
No, The main Reason for It's Extinction Was As you mentioned : A lack of
food and a lack of specifics in the water and in the air. B U T , All These
extinctions were Wisely Prepared and Allowed from Above, Because Aaalll
These preparations with The Precisely Guided Evolution were for The
Preparing This Planet for The First Couple on This Planet : Adam + Caiva .
That's How it Was !!!

Author Riktam Sarkar (10 days)
Teeth don't get decayed as fast as bone they have their fossil remains

Author ddreuss (1 month)
Every thought about the Mega is theory. The only things we have found are
teeth. No bones at all. Scientists recreated the jaw bone.

Author Sue Stephens (16 days)
2 million people in the world, what century are you living in? We're into
the billions sweetheart, you need to check your facts before making a fool
of yourself. Sorry

Author Noah Decker (8 days)
The population is approximately 7+ billion people on Earth 

Author Terrin Lynn Frick (4 days)
Omg thats big thought it was great wite shark thst was the biggest one in
the world

Author Dj Project (1 month)
Cause there isn't any! Funny how so many people forget how we found out
about all those e mails stating that the numbers weren't adding up! Hey I'm
all for cleaning up pollution and cleaning up our environment but not
because of some trumped up BS.

Author Storm Duvall (9 days)
Thanks for getting your facts straight a lot of idiots out there just make
stuff up to get more views

Author Joey McMahon (11 days)
Maybe because there are more than 2 million people in the world 

Author Vinnie Vids (10 days)
Actually the biggest megalodon was 100 feet but scientist couldn't take it
cause the size was so rare

Author Tara Lawton (8 days)
It is HUMUNGUS and look at the the blood

Author Jude Houghton (11 days)
Hey have you seen the megladon caught on camera do you think it's real.

Author Kristen Gilbert (11 days)
The megalodon still lives, I've seen it with my own eyes, in Florida I

Author RandomNiga (7 days)
Forget jaws this shark is awesome

Author kwame morgan (10 days)
Wow Haylee love, you have to be kidding.... you have too !!!!!!

Author Kai Dresher (8 days)
fuck u theres 8 billion people in the world go to shool bich

Author thetravellinglaverys Oz (6 days)
the megalodon looks fake in ever photo

Author JustinBurito (17 days)
Considering we know more about the surface of the moon than we do our
oceans I think its very possible for a creature like this to exist

Author Michelle Waymire (11 days)
I can't take this guy seriously on any of his videos

Author stampys No.1 fan yay (14 days)
My friend says there's something called a cyclealodon

Author Eoghan Tohill (7 days)
there's more than 15 million in the world idiot

Author Kendrick Jimenez (16 days)
The are 70million people in the world idiot babys are being born every day

Author Wendy Baglietto (17 days)
thats bullshit mate ,why put a vid like this ,its a load of crap!!!!!!!

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