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Author raptor lord (9 days)
Dont get the last one

Author Creeper .hunters (23 days)
It, me guy Sam

Author aaron james (24 days)
2:05 overkill much?

Author katlynn perez (2 months)
Number one was VERY good

Author indi333 (2 months)
I didn't understand number 1

Author Tiries LP (1 month)
farts can save your life!!!! :-)

Author Igor Gabriel (2 months)
man this is like bioshock 1 or 2

Author David Zavala (1 month)
whats the music at the end of animation 2
plz reply back

Author GamerXtreme MC (1 day)
fart power

Author Maciek Szczepaniak (1 day)
Copy from bioshock at 12:24

Author Laura Smith (2 days)
I've aleadry seen them like a thousand times lol

Author Logan Ross (9 days)
Grist one is bad

Author jimmy tran (10 days)
I liked the last one

Author Hunter Turner (13 days)
The last one was awesome it was like a mystery

Author GamerXtreme MC (1 day)
love the intro

Author William Marklynn (15 days)
The agent red looks violent.

Author Lorko Shippuden (2 months)
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> <<

Author MatSnake5000 (2 months)
What did the creator use for animation #3? Plz respond

Author perrin baer (20 days)
to indi333 its saposed to b hitman

Author Anibal Carlos Daniel Molina Abrego (1 month)
camara normal al 4

Author Dante Bettencourt (24 days)
the last animation (#1) is my favorite but its confusing.

Author Stefan Martiuc (2 months)
So that old man from the final one was their king or what?

Author Jordan Washington (2 months)
lol animation#1 i laughed so hard

Author Diamond506 (2 months)
1 and 5 is to fucking awsome

Author Franco Bernardi (1 month)
hahaha lol animation1

Author andreas ambrossen (1 month)
lol tiries lp yes fart can save your life

Author Stum Dimond man (2 months)
When he kills the man who is mining the emerald block when he dies it's the
slender man music

Author charlie yon (23 days)
ummmmm, hi?

Author WezelHD (2 months)
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Author Nicol Weie (1 month)
It just so cool i nerly poop my pants

Author Jesus Mendez (3 months)
Weird it look gay man you gunmen people make me sick booo

Author Ellen Conner (2 months)
*4 was really stupid i did not get it

Author Italo muñoz (3 months)

Author HashTag Productions (3 months)
Lol last one is good 😝

Author Kyle Barron (1 month)
Worst animations ever

Author wong19981 (22 days)
Wow 12k likes

Author Jennifer Muldoon (3 months)

Author JACK MARLOW (2 months)
I didn't understand number 1

Author Victoria Ustyugova (1 month)
My favorite is #1

Author gamingboy (1 month)
what is the music that starts on 8.00

Author Chill Capped Gaming (2 months)
Streaming Right Now! Need some feedback :)

Author Owen Haydock (2 months)
Very Good

Author Icy Melon (1 month)
Square wheels will get you killed by the hammering on your lower spine as
you skate

Author rofl cakez (1 month)
Hey Lads/Lassy's, how are you doing? that's good, anyways, my channel
revolves around minecraft and potentially other games. I just started a new
minecraft LP and i am hoping to get some people to request things for a
lets build. I've been on youtube for a long time and am partnered with
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useless to be partnered; all i ask is for a few people to come and
subscribe to me channel and if i get 10 or more subscribers, i will give
the first 5 shout outs, Also, for the next 3 people that subscribe get
subbed back. Thanks alot guys, love yas all XD

Author Вадим Крутой (27 days)
third animation lies

Author Rpg GamingSeries (1 month)
omg animation 2 :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD at final they fighted like

Author m3nster (1 month)
Cept for 1

Author XoXz Clan (1 month)
Agent Red suck..

Author Dominick Espinoza (1 month)
Likes the intimacy of swordplay, throws sword then shoots a guy. Good job.

Author mlkfiona kwok (2 months)
No fall damage in pistonjump?

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