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Author Kai Doolittle (7 months)
all of these suck

Author indi333 (6 months)
I didn't understand number 1

Author David Zavala (4 months)
whats the music at the end of animation 2
plz reply back

Author drax the enderman (3 months)
Dont get the last one

Author ItsAgilityGamingHD (1 month)
If you wanna see a funny animations, look at my newest video! THE BEST

Author MrJexTG (8 months)
How can he hold the breath so long?

Author RandomGuy2287 (6 months)
this is so gay its like some 8 year old thought it up

Author katlynn perez (6 months)
Number one was VERY good

Author Jayrene Cruto (7 months)
wow byuty pul world minecraft top 5

Author Giannis Ppaioanou (1 month)
number 4 su-cked

Author Badplum25 (3 days)
The first one sucked.

Author Nicholas Hypes (1 month)
Can someone tell me how Youtuber's do those Intro's? It would be really
helpful, Thanks!

Author Miko Tsubaki (6 months)
its okay

Author peter ellis (2 months)
that was awsome

Author Jack Guldenzopf (2 months)
i wish minecraft worked the way it did in animation #3

Author Craftronix (7 months)
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training. Now I am pratice this in Minecraft ! please take a look on my
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2000 clicks in 2-3 weeks and many good feedbacks. But I need support from
other countries ! I will love you if you take a look, leave a feedback and
maybe a sub <3 :)

Author Weightless Gaming (2 months)
My skin is based at the last video

Author TriZzy (6 months)
guys look at this new opened server its called join it its
pretty good ! :)

Author Amelia Ni (5 months)
Lol animation #2

Author LGLabyrinth006K (7 months)
On the first one I actually forgot I was watching 5 animations.

Author LeagueofGaming (1 month)

Author Crazy Hunters (4 months)
It, me guy Sam

Author Igor Gabriel (6 months)
man this is like bioshock 1 or 2

Author Tiries LP (4 months)
farts can save your life!!!! :-)

Author DarkPandora (7 months)
Hello am a new youtuber who is trying to get noticed It would be nice if
you checked out my channel I play minecraft, maybe more in the future.
Subscribe to my Channel if you like my videos.
And like a video if you enjoyed it.
That is all I want to say goodbye.

Author aaron james (4 months)
2:05 overkill much?

Author Creepy Julien (3 months)
3 :)

Author Kai Doolittle (2 months)
Geez, I get it already this was a while ago

Author Humaric Anishtan (1 month)
The last one... is reason enough to get Morph.

Author CelinaZ Cakenomz (7 months)
#5 Was Great #4 Made No Sense #3 Was Fun To Watch #2 Was Awesome #1
Confused Me

Author Maddie Hunt (2 months)
( )( )
( )
( )

Author Luke O'Keefe (10 months)
Really good video minecraft animation

Author Gaby Bahena (1 month)
What's the name of animation 1?

Author Jean159992 (7 months)
12:15 Dynamic Lights Mod

Author Unicorn (25 days)
qual a musica dos 8:86

Author WOJTAS KOKSU PVP (7 months)
this is hitman !

Author Dina Saur (7 months)
I like 3

Author Paulette Vachon (8 months)
He ad a mustach but it disapird

Author Tjalfe Nisker (7 months)
hahahhahahahahhah i almost died of laugh when he farted

Author Lisa Graham (8 months)
Michael Wolf shut up my parent will not die in 5 years p.s. Micheal Wolf
delete your comment because it is a threat to police

Author Michael Wolf (8 months)
If your are reading this comment your parent will die within 5 years. To
undo this curse copy on 5 videos. Good luck sorry I CAN'T RISK IT

Author TheNetuserPRO (8 months)
I create nice animations :)

Author William Rundstein (4 days)
I liked the forth one. They had a cat-fight! XD

Author MinecraftAwesomeness :) (3 days)
I wonder if animation #1 is based on the new 1.8 version that's coming out
with the under water guardian mobs.

Author XD Gaming (16 days)
Slendy with eyes?

Author ha (8 days)
number 2 make me laugh so hard !!

Author Logan Ross (3 months)
Grist one is bad

Author JuanCaFusRoDah (1 month)
Malparidos ignorantes! Que viva Colombia!

Author Mekbot power (8 months)
hey guys am new in youtube, am a gamer, i play minecraft, skyrim, assassins
creed, call of duty, etc... plese sub i promise you wont regret it, and if
you want me to sub to your chanel (sub X sub) reply this comment and if you
sub to me ill sub to you ;D

Author Rafael Diaz (7 months)
The first one suck ass

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