Gold Refining - Precipitating Gold out of Aqua Regia [remake HD] Shown here is the reaction between Sodium Bisulfite (Na2HSO3) solution and Chloroauric Acid (HAuCl4) solution. Of course, this reaction is an essential part of almost any Gold recovery and refining process involving acid solutions like Aqua Regia (aka - Royal Water).

I shot this video in honor of my new HD camera... Besides, Gold reduction from solution is one of the all time coolest reaction to film. I think you would agree...

Anyway.... Let's move on.
Sodium Bisulfite is produced simply by dissolving anhydrous Sodium Metabisulfite aka SMB (Na2S2O5 -) in water.
Sodium Bisulfite react with a solution of Gold Acid and Water according to the following redox equation:
3 NaHSO3 + 2 HAuCl4 + 3 H2O = 3 NaHSO4 + 8 HCl + 2 Au

Once Gold is reduced to metal (powder) it slowly precipitate out of solution. The contant sirring helps the powder agglomerate and settle a bit faster. The fast forwarded scene represent about 5 minutes of real time.

In this particular video you are withnessing a second refining step, the Gold was recovered exclusively from scrap ceramic CPU's using the methode described in this tutorial: - Part 1 - Part 2

Hope you find this video cool & useful. Please Comment, Like and Subscribe. :)

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Author Csaba Farkas (2 months)
i have a few more bottles left :

Author Alexander Trawley (3 months)
Where did you get 6 lbs of those old cpus?

Author gabriel vidal (3 months)
If the gold chloride solution is too diluted lets say a couple littes and
saturated with calcium for example, can the gold still be precipitated with
SMB? Im thinking ill have to use a lot of it to precipitate the gold,
thanks a lot

Author Raicu Stefan (7 months)
Can not find muriatic acid
WHAT COULD replaces

Author NickBlackDIN (7 months)
... really? six POUNDS to make 15 GRAMS?
this is how a lot of science mistakes happen. stick to one unit of
measurement please (metric or imperial)
but for the people to lazy to convert it themselves, here's the conversion:
6lbs = 2721.55g
0.03lbs (0.53oz) = 15g
that's an average gold content of %0.005

Author Csaba Farkas (3 months)
don't buy any of this , u can do it yourself...

Author usrafrnk (8 months)
only problem I had with this was finding enough sodium
bisulfite - 

Author Kevin Gu (8 months)
what is oxidised in the equation 3 NaHSO3 + 2 HAuCl4 + 3 H2O = 3 NaHSO4 + 8
HCl + 2 Au???????????

Author vishal singh (6 months)
i will start a part time recovery gold

i am mathed to use?

Author Роман Римар (6 months)
In video was stated that the resulting Golden powder was later washed with
HCl and then Ammonia! Why the same is not mentioned in the description
below the video?
And then from filing incomplete information problems happen like
Mattwert22, ilie ursut's and MINE!
Can be used instead of ammonia, nitric acid (HNO3)?

Author ilie ursut (8 months)
Indeed i have the same problem like Mattwert22 , is there and solution for
ths problem ?

Author varshit ratna (7 months)
fuck offfffffffffffffffff

Author 2010invent (8 months)
I do exactly the same thing and it only gets cloudy dark orange color. I
have two ounces of gold in about 600ml aqua regia. Added all together about
180 gr of smb, and nothing.

Author ilie ursut (8 months)
Hello , i see you know what you are doing , please help , i broke my hands
taking computer apart etc and i screw up the solution , nbow i have a bunch
of gold in there and i cant drop it , is that possible like the liqiud to
be to dirty uith cooper zinc etc or there are to much acids , please guide
me if you can , thank you Ilie

Author Ahmed Kamal Mustafa (9 months)
how to recover the gold from polishing buff... should i use the same
method..? or there any other method as well..?

Author Duck TheQucker (9 months)

Author Mathieu Belanger-Camden (1 year)
Recovergold from Aqua Regia soltio

Author Jericho Xanderia (10 months)
"Royal Water" :S nasty stuff

Author Duck TheQucker (9 months)
how many gramms of SMB dissolved in how many ml of H2O.

Author Ishwar Karthik (6 months)
1:06 epic

Author Mattwert22 (2 years)
I tried precipitating the gold out with sodium bisulfite and each time i
added the sodium bisulfite solution, black precipitate (gold) would form
and redissolve. Also a brown gas was formed and eventually the black
precipitate stopped forming and the solution stayed green no matter how
much more sodium bisulfite was added.

Author toxicatmospheric143 (2 years)
Oh and what should be refined first if solution has many
Plat? Silver?

Author indeedItdoes (2 years)
Ferrous sulfate

Author Mark Dack (2 years)
PyroAbsestion22 yer my AR solution went really dark brown hasnt gone back
to the green solution but wich is good i spose .i put ram sticks an the
gold fingers on the bottom of videocards, an some gold platted copper pins
from the motherboard an harddrives. I hope that adding Urea to it to
nutralize the nitric acid ,works then i spose you add more SMB to restart
the precipitation again ,i hope i got all that right..????

Author DAMMSE420 (1 year)
Hey with what kind of drobs u are seperate the gold from the acid ?

Author devessa tareck ibrah (1 year)
pls i am just to learn how to refine gold if any one can help me as i am
from gold zone in cameroun i just start to prospecting god thks to all of
you here this my e-mail i am devessa

Author toxicatmospheric143 (2 years)
I did one batch using 3:1 HCl:HNO3... urea to dissipate the nitric acid and
smb to precipitate gold. My solution turned a deep greenish blue.. After
all that and filtering, I added some more smb to the solution and it turned
a light yellowish green and crystals have formed, along with some white
soluble residue. Are the crystals copper? This is my first small batch. I
read of this procedure before seeing yours and wanted to know if you had
any input. Also next batch, doing it your way.

Author DAMMSE420 (1 year)
hey do you know what he has given into the aqua regia ?

Author SuperKenny720 (1 year)
I know nothing about chemicals but would like to turn computer scrap and
cell phones into gold. Can some just tell me where to get exactly what I

Author Diego Alhach (1 year)
What the change colors!

Author norxcontacts (2 years)
How pure was the final product?

Author indeedItdoes (1 year)
I wish all of them were... I would have been a rich man by now.

Author xCarlito67x (2 years)
hello my friend, i have one or many questions...;-) what can i use when i
dondt have Sodium Bisulfite ???

Author Mattwert22 (2 years)
What would happen if you added too much sodium bisulfite?

Author ashwini panchbhai (1 year)
Amazing video's. Which assorted CPU's have you used to recover 15 gms gold
from 6lbs? Was it all just a mixture or a particular type of ceramic cpu's?

Author powmful (1 year)

Author ronnie kemper (2 years)
so from about 100-150 dollars worth of materials you got 438.75
dollars....thats amazing

Author Vidar Wolfheim (2 years)
im on the cientific side of youtube again ... AND I LIKE IT!

Author indeedItdoes (2 years)
The plating is indeed very close to 24K gold. No worries, your gold is
still there, just keep eatching away the base metals. Eventually you will
see them foils floating around.

Author Fiveone Cleveland (2 years)
thanks for the quick reply im finding your channel quite interesting keep
up the good work

Author indeedItdoes (2 years)
Nothing really... depends how much is too much :)

Author indeedItdoes (2 years)
i don't like masks, so everything is done under the fumehood (or out side).
Having a fume hood also helps to prevent corrosion to any exposed metal in
your shop.

Author Zanragnar (2 years)
Wow, I had no idea the yield from CPUs was that good! If my calculations
are correct, by that estimation, and current market value (~1730USD/oz)
that should be just around $150 a pound yield for those CPUs. Makes me
wonder how expensive operating costs are. Still waiting for a Catalytic
Converter video -Ragnar

Author will Lloyd (1 year)
Lets not lest

Author chemist97ful (1 year)
(in the 1st part)How many CPUs did you use? (in the 2nd part)Were did you
find SMB?PS very beautiful videos! ;)

Author indeedItdoes (1 year)
The stirring helps agglomerate the powder faster. Other than that and the
fact that it looks very cool, it is not an absolute must. You can add SMB
dry or dissolved in water... either way is ok.

Author Fiveone Cleveland (2 years)
im guessing the fumes would be pretty toxic yeah. do you wear a mask?

Author Grundalizer (2 years)
Again, amazing video. Where do you get your glassware? I know lot sof
places sell "cheap" borosilicate glass, but if there is one time I want to
make sure I'm using quality glass, it's when it's filled with AR

Author TripleX2go (1 year)
Hi, how do you dilute the left over solution so that it's safely pour into
the drain?

Author toxicatmospheric143 (2 years)
Is there a simple step by step process with amounts of materials used
written on your site? I have watched these videos and read your site
hundreds of times. I just want to make sure everything I am doing is right.
Also, you should make a video with other metals mixed in your solution so
us newbies can properly determine what is inside and how exactly to obtain
all elements. Great vids :)

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