Best Rock Songs 2013 Part 1

Some of the best rock songs of 2013, IN MY OPINION.
Genres: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Post-Grunge, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Christian Rock

I tried to pick one song from each band, because many of them are underrated and not famous at all, so I wanted to help them reach more audience.So If you like a song, go check out the band. Other Parts are coming later this year.

If you like this kind of music, please Like my facebook page about the underrated bands that need to be more popular, so we can help them :)

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1. Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)
2. Against All Evil - We Ignite
3. Boil - Moth To The Flame
4. Cinema Sleep - Lights To Shadows
5. Cyrenic - Gravity
6. Electric Horse - Rasputin
7. Lastwatch - In His Hands
8. On Being Human - Unforgiving Sea
9. Ravenscode - No Way Out
10. Red - Glass House
11. Saturate - In Our Own Way
12. Shattered Pain - The New Life
13. Spoken - Take Everything
14. Trapt - Living In The Eye Of The Storm

Thanks & enjoy!

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Author E-MUTE (2 months)
Cool! Awesome, enjoyed your vid ! Music is the greatest invention of our
species isn't it?

Author Lillian Pradhan (4 months)
I love Bullet for my valentine

Author PunkLizard (29 days)
Yep I love metal

Author William Macpherson (3 months)
I think a 12 year old girl made this what a lot of shit

Author ÖyAz KirazcaN (2 months)
Hahah ayə xalam qızı ilə oynadıq deyə bəyəndm xaxaxaxacacacac viroskiyoo

Author syafiee izwan (3 months)
im in fcking rage mode right now.....only rock song can calm me

Author SHEHAB MAHROUS (1 month)
it`s very bad and boring 

Author MusiqSavezLivez (9 months)
So many haters stfu.

Author doctorfeelucky (4 months)
I'm here because my region has no modern hard rock channels. The only hard
rock station we had stopped airing and all the other channels are either
country or hip hop. We now only have one classic rock station, so I do not
know any modern rock songs that's been released since 2012. So far, I'm
pretty impressed here, but not exactly what I was hoping for. Something
that would get me head-banging.

Author wahkean (3 months)
if the nsync made heavy metal it would sound like bullet for my valentine

Author Chinchilla Man (5 months)
Listening to this shit (Most of it isn't very good) makes me want to start
a fucking rock band and get old school rock back into peoples ears, that is
the real shit, I just hate how rock has turned into crap!!

Author jessica mae (6 months)
I live for hard rock and I love bvb COFFIN , KNIVES AND PENS e.t.c xx

Author MARK lt J (6 months)
Bullet For My Valentine cool Band

Author Beckonor (1 year)
Yeah, rock is truly dead. All of those bands sound tired and rehashed.

Author Γιαννης Τσαρουχας (18 days)

Author indskab (5 months)
I liked the first song...its fun..and has alot of guitar.

Author intense_pickle (6 months)
fuckin screamo emo bullshit...THIS ISIN'T ROCK

Author Jumairex Sidic (1 month)

Author MrVidification (11 months)
From 70s punk to ska to gothic to metal to 80s rock to hair metal to pop
punk to grunge to nu metal to alt metal, but what now? Most of this is
generic with radio friendly pop choruses. They could have came out 10 years
ago and no one would've blinked. The sole reason why music is doing badly
today is that there are no new genres, less originality or experimentation.
Some try to put a label to new music such as 'adult rock', or 'screamo',
but screamo was a 90's genre and 'adult rock' isn't helping the
'manufactured rock' claims. I am not saying these artists are awful, but
take away the guitars and we have the least known boy bands of 2013 ;)

Author Ben Guy (11 months)
Red rox. There's better songs by them though.

Author Ian Stijnen (6 months)
this is metal

Author Jose Concepcion (5 months)
Not bad music. Just all sounds the same.

Author Lekan Ogunsanya (11 months)
Who knows the song and band where its like three white people one black giy
and a girl playing the violin in like a sandy town

Author Mathew Shaman (6 months)
These songs blow badly xD

Author marion anderson (11 months)
turn on my rock station........WHAT THE HELL IS ROYALS BY LORDE

Author John Smith (7 months)
Anybody know a band that has credites at the end has lists of kid that
committed suicide

Author Jessica Copeland (8 months)
I love rock: especially BVB :3

Author caravag123 (1 year)
This was all garbage 

Author Caleb Nadin (1 year)

Author Daniel Kobimbo (7 months)
well that was a terrible year

Author Drakodosmil8 (9 months)
chevere rock 

Author Ian Stinson (9 months)
Look up my band Of Creations out of Indiana
Trying to keep the spirit of music alive! 

Author mohamed ahmed (9 months)
it is rooooooock

Author devon hornsby (8 months)
i dont like alternative i think ill stick with korn ffdp and godsmack 

Author suman gotame (6 days)

Author Dave Davis (9 months)
All the same tooth paste. Rock isn't dead, its just not being played by
these bands. Its world wide, but they all sound like they came out of the
same crap, mind numbed safe corporate studio. No risky guitars, sterlie,
no fun, same formula, its like elevator music. Every song is 3-4 minutes
long, that is a give away, here boys pour yourselves into this mold for
some air play. Maybe great things only cycle through every 100 years. I
am glad I grew up in Cleveland in the mid to late 70s listening to WMMS
"The Buzzard." I appreciate Aerosmith, Nazerth, Pink Floyd, Led Zep,
B.O.C, Ted Nugent, Frank Zappa, Queen, Kiss, Steve Miller, Kansas, J.
Giles, Thin Lizzy, Peter Frampton, Bad Company and even (God Forgive Me)
Alan Parsons Project. I quess its wrong waiting for their replacements.

Author Matthew Nicholas (1 year)
This is staff-written trash. Thank you industry dictators. You've succeeded
in following the government's instructions on promoting commercial music as
nothing but background noise to be mindlessly heard rather than listened
to-- to divert divert public thinking rather than stimulate it. You've
successfully engineered music not to be admired-- only to be minimally

The governments despises artists who are genuinely admired by the public.
It gives the artist too much power over the people when they are spreading
the truth. That's why the governments killed John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix,
Jim Morrison, Kurdt Cobain, Buddy Holly, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc.

The governments don't like real rock and roll nor real musical artists who
care about real people in the real world. Instead, the governments employ
unsophisticated dogs in major record companies to do what they're told for
a salary.

If you think the governments have no control over the music industry,
you're mistaken. They've got the entire industry bound in their chains.
Things have changed in the past 10 years. It's too bad.

Author Misael Ortega (9 months)
I thought rock was all crazy and stuff but this is just gay

Author Loren Gerber (9 months)
Look, guys, i can understand why you (the older generations) wouldn't like
the newer generation of rock. However, those of us who grew up in the
generation happen to favor it. So, if you want to comment negatively, don't
be so rude.

Author Adam Smedley (8 months)
No sleeping with sirens? Really?

Author Chip Chip (1 year)
This isnt rock... this is emo guys

Author David Draiman (9 months)
This shit sucks you need: disturbed breaking benjamin skillet avenged
sevenfold Linkin park three days grace rise against Pierce the veil 

Author Carleton Legrant (1 year)
Music Sucks now This list is complete crap

Author Karem Estefane (9 months)
Eu adoro rock

Author Boomchile (7 months)
I've never been one to trash other bands. Is great there are people out
there still pursuing music in a tough market, and I will always respect
those who are willing to put there music out there to be judged, loved, or
rejected. But I couldn't even make it through this play list. What happened
to modern music! If these are the best I'd hate to listen to the
worst...2013 was a boring year for music

Author Colin Mason (8 months)
No Dream Theater D: or A7x Q_Q

Author Lil Lepp (1 year)
How long will this piece of crap generic male vocals last? Rock will be
even more dead in 20 years when all the legends are gone.

Author klauz pineda (9 months)
Like songs and the arist

Author Kevin Grissom (1 year)
I like old stuff. Old stone temple pilots is my thing. Bush collective soul
now that's great music. 

Author Daniel Cerutti (7 months)
u2, u2, u2, u2 and more u2

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