16 year old rapper Lil Sexxy vs Yung Pop rap battle | AHAT

AHAT presents 16 yr old rapper Lil Sexxy (@seriouslysexxy) vs Yung Pop (@Yung_PoP909) from AHAT 47 HWWW3 in Las Vegas. Vote for a winner here Lil Sexxy who has been battling in AHAT since he was 14 one of the most popular MC's in AHAT. He has accumulated some crazy views with his battles against 16 year old Miles Low, nerd, and the juggalo. Lil Sexxy reps Las Vegas while Yung Pop is from San Bernardino California and has been making a name for himself with impressive battle performaces in California. See who willl prevail in this heated battle. AHAT has become the dominant battle league on the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world. LIKE, COMMENT, FAVORITE, AND SHARE to support the AHAT Movement, thank you.



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Runtime: 9:33
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Author joe man (1 month)
Well at least these little niggers aren't stealing cars and being shot by
lovely decent white police officers and then calling the cops baaaaad,
honestly, build a camp and stick them all in ffs, be like a big gladiators
tournament for us white folk to bet on, niggers be kiling eachother anyway,
may as well make some money from it? YA FEEL???

Author BlTERS (1 month)
That girl is the most beautiful girl I have ever layed my eyes on

Author SquareOne (3 months)
They are all bad. Everyone in that crowd has an i.q of 51.
Btw anyone with LIL or Yung as their name is an idiot and should be shot in
the knees and then castration. 

Author DjDialogic (2 months)
I went three minutes before I realized this wasn't a parody.

Author Lionel MeSsI FaN (17 days)
2:37 black guy in the background 😂😂

Author The Proverbial Hater (2 months)
Lil Sexy...???? Pause ya life away... 

Author FeArLeSs (3 months)
2:15 a wild jinx had appeared

Author realityvybz3179 (21 day)
I just realized the guy behind Lil Sexxy was the one that roasted his ass
in the old rap battle

Author Shaye Okay (23 days)
3:00 that darkskinned black guy in all black; his eyes tho...👀

Author Jay Knight (5 months)
That girl ugly

Author b (26 days)
2:26 the nigga in the back's name is EYEZ

Author DreadHeadVonte (4 months)
She is wearin a lil too much makeup but she still fire 🔥🔥

Author SuperNuela (1 month)
is nice to see Marylin Manson showing up in these events

Author NjcKed (1 month)
7:25 that black dude turns into heskey.

Author Shaye Okay (23 days)
2:17 😒😱😨😮😐😬😂her makeup... Lmao

Author Ancient American black Amerikans (1 month)
Too many weak battles on this chnnel

Author Titus (1 month)
why 'lil sexxy' baby ass still sound like he 10

Author z3idd (5 months)
That nigga on the far right at 2:16 checks Pop's ass

Author Voltage (5 months)
notice at 2:10 the thot begins to move closer to yung pop 

Author Hojin Lee (2 months)
Haha look at miles next to lilsex.

Author DonkahhPlays (5 months)
That bitch looks like some lego's

Author a Buck (2 months)
I can't believe they didn't have any more material the rounds was just way
too short to chew someones head off...

Author Andy Hart (2 months)
why they didnt just do three 60s for the kid haha

Author fucut00b (2 months)
They should have more rules either both write their shit or they both
freestyle. There shouldnt be any writing at all anyway it should be
freestyle. You cant put a freestyle verse up against someone who spent days
writing their shit. Of course that freestyles gonna lose.

Author keilah114 (7 days)
Thats gals make up as baadddd

Author Jayda Germain (10 days)
Isnt that nigga next to Lil Sexxy the one that went against him when he was

Author Danielle Harris (5 months)
Who ever that girl is she hella thirsty

Author Chris Delport (1 day)
Lil sexy got that shit on lock down

Author UnlistedRX (NO-POST) (6 months)
I thought "Lil sexy" would be a cute ass female. Man, GIMME my fucking view

Author The Purple Miner (2 months)
4:35 Miles low

Author Dominic Oliveros (5 days)
man sighn mre up i got bars for days on me

Author Earnest Williams (5 days)
C'mon now he choked he should had kept going.

Author Ryan Lehane (3 months)
Lil sexy got by with being really young... show is about to be over for him
in a couple years when people realize he's been garbage all along.

Author Cole Rickman (9 days)
I wonder if Pop knows that nigga does not rhyme with nigga.

Author 97makka (7 days)
ice cube junior behind Yung Pop? :D

Author zarek jones (18 days)
bitch just actin like she know wats up thot

Author Helen Rent (4 months)
7:24 what is up with that black dudes eye in the back

Author dhillon satmir (17 days)
Isn't the guy behind lil sexy the guy who wrecked him last time 

Author Ghostboyrocks1234 (13 days)
I don't understand why the fuck white people watching videos full of black
people like wats Y'all reason just to talk shit an Y'all say our life
fucked up fix ya life 

Author Robyn ermeherm (16 days)
sorry and I dont judge but next time can they make that girl stand in the
back.... she aggravates me for some reason

Author Barbara J (16 days)
8:17 the white girl is lookig at his butt

Author aisatou diallo (19 days)
Omg little sexy turned out fine as hell. Lol im js

Author NBB Lover (24 days)
Why he call himself lil sexxy? I mean he cute but he ain't that cute..ijs

Author Sebastian Pastor (19 days)
That guy in the back round though, lmao

Author Nate Higgers (21 day)

Author Samantha Anamasi (24 days)
Did anyone else see Janice from the muppets?

Author Gayle Shahid (28 days)
that one girl was hot. paid more attention to her than the rap battle.

Author riley adams (21 day)
It's funny how Yung pop throws up west side at the beginning then talks
about south side in his second round

Author BrokenVesselof Jaded.Versatility (1 month)
Lol after 2:37 I couldn't go on. That chocolate dude in the back tho lol
the way he lookin too funny 

Author jae hash (1 month)
Both chocked... 

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