Passover to Pentecost - Mark Biltz

Passover to Pentecost - Mark Biltz

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Author Renegade Rebel (4 months)
We are to avoid the traditions and commands of men and follow the path of
righteousness....just because 'they' do it doesn't mean 'we' do it....I had
a blessed Passover celebration without the egg....didn't need it didn't
miss it....

Author tom my (2 months)
If such a thing as what we think of as a "god" exists, it would be very
interesting and perhaps useful to identify it. The pursuit of it is a fun
pastime itself. Have attempts thus far come up with anything plausible?
Is there a common thread weaving through the thousands of gods and beliefs
thought up so far that may indicate humans have been able to sense the
presence of this god?

Author doug sullivan (5 months)
Totally awesome to this gentile. 

Author Renegade Rebel (4 months)
I enjoy Mark"s teachings they are all pretty good, BUT get the eggs OFF
and out of the picture period! There is no reason the sign of FERTILITY
should have anything to do with passover celebration....this is closely
associated with EASTER. :God does not even want to hear the name of other
gods out of our mouths so why would you even think it's ok to have the egg
in the picture at all. You might check out Michael Roods passover
celebration. It appears to me this is closely associated with the
Pharisee's commands. All in all the teachings are great but the egg really
is disappointing....that's what this battle has been all about....the fight
against the evil of the sun worshipping....sun
worship....fertility....Tammuz....understand?....eggs defeasts the whole
purpose of purity.

Author GodDefinsing With BaldBobEagle (6 months)

Author Joseph Xie (5 months)
Praise the Lord!

Author airbrushbill (6 months)
Mark Nicely done. the last supper was the last supper and not the feast of
unleavened bread or Passover. Why? it was the day before the Passover, the
preparation day. Yeshua sent Judas out of the room with the last bit of
leaven and immediately it was night or after 6:00. look at it logically
Yeshua was the passover lamb how could he eat it if he did not sacrifice it
yet? luke22: 15And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat
this passover with you before I suffer: 16For I say unto you, I will not
any more eat thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God. in this
Yeshua said ... I will not any more eat thereof, until it be fulfilled ( he
has not fulfilled it at this time for he has not been to the cross or risen
from the grave. 

Author Belinda smith (6 months)
Thank you for sharing this message and God Bless YOU! Shalom!

Author Leslie Ann (6 months)

Author Des Russouw (9 months)
YESHUA was crucified on the day of preparation, the day before Passover and
had to be down before the Passover started at dusk that night, the Passover
and all feasts days are also Sabbath days and can occur on any day of the
week and historical evidence shows that YESHUA was crucified on a day that
was a Wednesday in our Gregorian calender, HE rose on the weekly Sabbath
before sunset, which gives you the full 3 night and 3 days, YHVH'S day
ALWAYS STARTS at dusk, dusk -dusk, SHALOM

Author leroy jackson (6 months)

Author Karen Snyder (11 months)
I do want to ask, How did He die on the 14th & buried on the 15th, when
they took Him off the cross & buried Him before the sun set, because at sun
set was Sabbath? They did this all before the 15th

Author Karen Snyder (11 months)
This was a very, Good video! Thank u for teaching us!

Author Anthony Robinson (3 years)
I'm glad I came across this. I feel blessed. I will bring many of these
things around the world as I minister. God be with you =D

Author Star Rider (2 years)
Why do you call HIM God my brother when you know HIS name is YahuWah and
HIS sons name is Yahushua (our Messiah).

Author Benjamin S (2 years)
You Sacred Name folks are really giving a bad name to the Messianic
movement. You miss the entire point of the message by only focusing on the
fact that he doesn't pronounce the Creator's name the way that you believe
it should be pronounced. What you are promoting is not only pure legalism,
but it is downright erroneous teaching. Yeshua was the Savior's name, for
one, and 2nd, be respectful of others in regards to the use of The Name. -

Author Joyce Obeys (3 years)
Get the sin out of your house, Tabenacle, the sin is burned. We need to
stop sinning. Amen!

Author jay bay (1 year)
please check out aroodawakening video on sodom and gomorrah!

Author AllBellsPalsyInfo (3 years)
YET AGAIN - ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT !!! I took notes with this one, lol. You
are teaching me so much - keep them coming !!! God Bless You Brother Robert

Author Tom Goffnett (1 year)
Tha tis awesome! I hope all is going well in your ministry.

Author Walk in The Shem (1 year)
Good information but whats up with the Rapture Mumbo Jumbo??

Author cutler1862 (2 years)
To him who has an ear, let him hear. The Father's richest blessings to you
for accurately dividing The Word of Truth.

Author WWYD78 (1 year)
You are right

Author Walk in The Shem (1 year)
Umm He was just asking Why the Pagan Name G-d (Gawd) was used instead of
the Shem (Name) of our creator..

Author kevdclo7 (1 year)
Excellent teaching Pastor Mark. I really appreciate your obedience and
insight into the Scriptures. Shalom--

Author Karen Snyder (11 months)
I agree we should not be focusing on all the other stuff right now. This is
the first time I have found a video that shows the feast day, the food &
how we should observe it, & the meaning of it. Very Good video!

Author goffnett (3 years)
@goffnett Get r dun! :) No doubt! :)

Author Joyce Obeys (3 years)
Note: Also the law which exposes sin and shows death and the Holy Spirit
means Salvation, it's a showing of what it means. This doesn't mean people
could only get the Holy Spirit in the new Testament and all the people of
the OT was under the law, this is untrue. Salvation was in the OT as well
as the NT. The 2 greatest commands and having a circumcised heart started
in the beginning and first given in the OT.

Author JJ Mc (1 year)
This is so good! Thanks Pastor Mark!!!

Author Lucian Bradley (1 year)
So much truth i wood add Ba'al meaning "L--D" as in a PROPER NAME. (See any
good dictionary and look up Baal. It means "L--D", plain and simple. When
you say "L--D" outloud you cannot distinguish between all capital letters
or all small letter, it hears the same in your ears and יהוה's ears.

Author goffnett (3 years)
@AllBellsPalsyInfo Hear! Hear! Amen :) God bless you!

Author Tabbouful (2 years)
So much truth, such a good teacher but why stop there. Why not use, preach,
proclaim, pronounce, QARA His name, always! Joel 2:32 and it is all who
call [QARA] the name of YaHuWaH to escape narrowly. HalleluYaH

Author James Reder (1 year)
Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, worshipping under a steeple and doing
it on Sunday morning are Babylonian sun god feasts! Yashua is slandered by
mixing Him with such WICKED WAYS (2nd Chronicles 7:14) and trading His real
names for the titles, God and Lord, (Jeremiah 12:16 & 23:27) so he cursed
us just like Israel. (2nd Corinthians 6:14-18) Renounce them. Our prayers
are not heard! We’ll be destroyed! The English root of wicked is Wicca. In
Hebrew it’s twisted/witchcraft.

Author MAIREAD B HUSSEY (1 year)

Author MAIREAD B HUSSEY (1 year)

Author MAIREAD B HUSSEY (1 year)

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