Drake & Josh - Megan's pranks

A lot of hilarious pranks by Megan Parker!!! :D Enjoy!
P.S. I don't own anything!!

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Author NickResurrection (2 years)
Great ending to a great video.

Author GMmaster99 (2 years)
0:53-0:55 my favorite one but where's the beginning of the part where Josh
is a triangle and Drake's rectangle was too big

Author Imperial Dalek (2 years)
wat episode was 0:18 where josh leans out the window

Author TheGirlyDiva (2 years)
LOL i love 1:32

Author Nourah Alflayyeh (2 years)
Megan's pranks are soooo funny 😄

Author KarlyKom (2 years)
Icarly copied 1:32 with freddie and sam :p

Author Gareth 17 and Minnie 14 (2 years)
i like the song its awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome! XD

Author jackie m (2 years)
some people don't have Teen Nick.

Author Alastair McDonald (2 years)
what episode is 0:48 ?

Author Noah Mathe (2 years)
REALLY i nevr knew

Author loveleii10 (2 years)
Omg I loved when Miranda played Megan. Miranda is so funny, but I don't
like the character of Carly too much

Author jasminejefferson0710 (2 years)
I love meagan !!!!!!!!!

Author ej tan (2 years)
who dosen't

Author anthony diccicco (2 years)

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
Who doesn't...?

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
She's never kissed Drake!!!

Author zendayaluver07 (2 years)
She is growing older each time!!

Author mileycyrusfannetje (2 years)
Little Carly grew up for the camera from Drake&Josh and now she plays even
better in Icarly , Thumps up for this girl , she's amazing.

Author Cobalt Dragon (2 years)
What episode is at 0:41

Author 33doglover1 (2 years)
shes so evil that its funny and calm down its a show

Author metamaster5469 (2 years)
Am I the only one here who despises Megan?

Author naoiseniceoin (2 years)
It must b so much fun playing Megan

Author Zeemanhuismerk (2 years)
I had a crush on her when I was little lol, still she turned out to be
pretty acttractive.

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
Season 4, "Megan's revenge"

Author brandon moore (2 years)
Kendallpgirl that's what she said

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
Yeah....but u know...she does something to bother Drake!! :P

Author MultiGlory13 (2 years)
Miranda as Megan is better than Carly I mean seriously duh I used to like
Carly till she ruined Sam and Freddie's relationship like saying I'm going
to kill Sam and Freddie and taking their lasagna

Author ej tan (2 years)
meagan is sooo funny

Author Bridgit Mendler (2 years)
i love Miranda Cosgrove! She always good doing bad girls roles :)

Author Bob The Hun (2 years)
While I agree Megan had better acting, I don't find her likable at all.

Author George Gangstarropoulos (2 years)
whats this episode called at 0:42

Author Lauren Davis (2 years)
its just for some enjoyment, its called acting. settle down

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
Thank u so much!!!! :) Oh! And the episode ( 1:10 ) is "Foam Finger",
Season 3!!!

Author 1DLov3r123 (2 years)
Megan was so cool. 😃😝😜😏

Author ej tan (2 years)
heck yeah

Author Gao (2 years)
Now she's in iCarly...

Author eva brown (2 years)
like if you watch this in 2012

Author Justin Casha (2 years)
freddie drake and josh would be in major trouble!!! LOL

Author SelenaGomezFan1300 (2 years)
That was awesome! :) Drake & Josh was a FUNNY and a good show! :) I wonder
what was meagans first prank? Or was it in the beginning of your video?

Author YouHasANiceFace (2 years)
and to think she was little sweet summer on school of rock.....bossy but

Author Elise Baumann (2 years)
whats the episode at 2:20?

Author Çağdaş Arslan (2 years)
Mirandaaa <3

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
0:55---> Season 2, "The Gary grills" 1:44---> Season 3, "Megan's new
teacher" :)

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
Season 2, "Driver's license"

Author rebellowe (2 years)
oooooo magans

Author Μαρκέλλα Ζαγάκου (2 years)
Thanks :)

Author EmilyDancer12345 (2 years)
OMG I miss these days. Megan (or Miranda) is SOO lucky, because she got to
kiss Drake Bell Ahhhhhhhh. Megan beats Carly by far.

Author Noah Bourdouane (2 years)

Author xxzombieslayer2012xx (2 years)
2:18 what episode is that

Author Gianna Nicole (2 years)
I love this show

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