Jon Moxley / Dean Ambrose "I'm Just A Sick Guy" Post-Match Promo (The Shield)

Jon Moxley, or now Dean Ambrose, who's finally graced the screens of the WWE cuts a infamous bloody Cactus Jack/Piper-Esque promo after his match with Drake Younger for IPW at 11/01/2008.

From his DVD "Stories From The Streets: The Jon Moxley Story", available from Smart Mark video. I own none of the rights, copyrights and whatever to this.

Dean Ambrose is the future of pro-wrestling!

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Enjoy this random thing I put together.


Author Jen Mercury (1 month)
So if I go to a bar and there's Dean Ambrose hitting on me, should I be
upset or flattered?

Author Tellthatruth (4 months)
Oh Man, if he would just do this to Renee Young on Raw...just once.

There is no holding this man, back. Even though they've neutered him, Mox
will always be Mox and one day, Mox will unleash on the WWE. And when he
does? A legend will be born. 

Author Ryan Carroll (2 months)
When he tilts her head back, you can tell she's enjoying this a lot. Lol

Author Abel Belay (2 months)
You know my man Jon Moxley fucked her right after this interview!

Author Wrestling Entertainment Cast (3 months)
I wish Dean would have this gimmick in WWE! That would be so awesome! #WWE
#Wrestling #Wrestler #deanambrose #WEC

Jon Moxley / Dean Ambrose "I'm Just A Sick Guy" Post-Match Promo (The

Author JHATDRUMMER1976 (5 days)

Author Ryan Francis (9 days)
Am I the only one that thinks that he sounds a little different here?

Author CrispyTots1 (17 days)
Stabbing people with a dinglehopper, you go Moxley.

Author saraWWE SethRollinsTheShield (14 days)
R.I.P ears... but,i love you Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose i'll do everything for
you baby! <3

Author tina grunow (29 days)
does anyone know who this female is

Author JHATDRUMMER1976 (5 days)
the age of mox is coming and the authority is not going to like it

Author Elise Corbin-Pollard (24 days)
I would totally wanna be her

Author redrider999rr (23 days)
Very unsettling and a bit weird but i loved it....super promo

Author Sushmit Dey (4 months)
Don't Mess With Dean :P He's The Lunatic Frinch

Author Tasha Stidwell (1 month)
Oh okay dean are you oh okay?

Author EVERYTHING VIDEO (1 month)
was he drunk?

Author WWFATTITUDEERA2 (4 months)
When he loses his us title he should cut a promo like this just snap 

Author jdriguez00 (1 month)
Forget danel bryna no dissrespect but this is the man of the future in wwe

Author tony barrasso (1 month)
This was awesome !!!!

Author kimmilovesrayray (2 months)
This is GOLD

Author Ethan Barker (2 months)
My favorite promo of Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose

Author orton streak (8 months)
any of you know the girl' name?

Author Kaitlynn Nicole (5 months)
Wwe really needs to let Dean unleash Moxley. Unfortunately, with this PG
era shit, it'll never happen. 

Author SSJFutureGohan62093 (5 months)
He needs this character in WWE.

Author kirsty mcbride (2 months)
this video is just representing my insanity

Author megan Sueann (2 months)
I love how he goes from blood hitting the canvas to banging ugly chicks at

Author ProfessorAnalogz (26 days)
This guy is a pussy

Author Ethan Barker (2 months)
My favorite promo of Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose

Author Magna Karta (3 months)
Only way WWE would allow Mox to come out is if they get out of their
Hollywood/PG phase, they would NEVER let him do this now.

Author Matt Logan (3 months)
who was the woman classic Moxly !! 

Author Wheels8504 (3 months)
Great promo. This could easily work in WWE right now. Well, if Creative and
Booking were better these days. It's been too Hollywood for a long time as
far as Creative goes.

Author Inigo Gonzales (6 months)
The great wrestler

Author Samurai Heavy (3 months)
This was an awesome but JEEZ he's like a real life joker

Author Lana M (6 months)
I this guy -.-

Author Ryzo (4 months)
Can you imagine in like, 5 or 6 years time if Ambrose became a jobber and
did the exact same thing CM Punk did in 2011?
It would be awesome to have this character in WWE.
Moxley > Ambrose

Author SpiderAnderson (4 months)
I like to go to bars and bamg really ugly girls lmao

Author Teresa Earle (28 days)
The camera man tried to walk away

Author Stephen Cooldude Knight (10 days)
OMG he's losed his mind back then, But that's who he is

Author thewrestlingfan (5 months)
What the shit?!?!?!?!? That timekeeper sure is fucking bell happy!!!!! Good

Author Carolina Gomez (7 months)
He's my kind of man, I also like to bite random persons. I don't know how
to fight (and I don't have strenght for it) so I bite them. Oh, just
waiting for WWE unleash the Moxley!

Author Shadowlit001 (3 months)
Wow, this guy reminds me of the crazy homeless guy who used to live in the
alley way behind my apartment complex...

Author Tierra Ennis (8 months)
Dean Ambrose is a great performer, albeit, in my opinion, kind of crazy. I
don't know if he really acts this way in real life, but I'm pretty sure
he's fun to be around! For a certain amount of time! xD But damn, he's so
sexy and attractive when he's crazy, it's not even funny! O.O I LOVE YOU,
DEAN AMBROSE!!!!!! (A.K.A. Jonathan Good! <3)

Author Jason Robinson (5 months)
So damn good

Author Kylah Clutch (1 month)
My favorite quotes : "You smell like the inside of my moms purse, I kinda
like it, she used to hide tootsie rolls in there." -- "You can relax a
little bit, I kinda like, I kinda like that your shaking a little bit, i"m
kinda, kinda enjoying this, just a little bit." }:

Author Teresa Earle (28 days)
Omg he just all over her!

Author Quergood (6 months)
We want Moxley in WWE. Dean Ambrose is amazing, but Moxley is god.

Author Christina Marcenkus (6 months)
would've been an oscar winner had he gone into acting

Author isidro mora (6 months)
I think he'd make a good joker 

Author shizeninho (6 months)
the girl is really cute, I think her presence really added to the promo

Author Richelle Cline (6 months)
Love Jon Moxley!!! 

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