Rooted HTC Wildfire S with Wi-Fi Hotspot enabled - Virgin Mobile

This is a demonstration on how the Hotspot capability is enabled by rooting the device. Currently I don't have the firmest signal reception in my area but I assure you that it does the job done.

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Author killeremoii (2 years)
Some one email me how to root it IV tired and tired plzzz help help me plz that's my email

Author NickSwimz (2 years)
Just get FoxFi from the android market you can tether without root!!!

Author MAVENdeNYC (1 year)
HTC Wildfire S or iPhone 3G? I have both, but which is better with a plan

Author 999sian (2 years)
wow you can do that without root

Author 2010speedfighter (2 years)
nice video like it how did you root it and can it be overclocked thnks

Author MAZHAR360 (2 years)
Could you Say how you rooted it please

Author javier ramirez (2 years)
I have this phone I want to know how you rooted it.

Author nickharrisnick (2 years)
Hey guys just search how to s off HTC wildfire s in Google and find the one
with android forms and it.will show you what to do in there its kinda
complicated but you will have s off and you don't need to use a xtc clip if
u need help tell me

Author ig641 (2 years)
Please help me root or wtever u do to get hotspot just bought HTC wildfire

Author MrAVPS (1 year)
Foxfi don't work HTC

Author Jason Jenkins (2 years)
Plz i have the same phone how do i root it plz help

Author Ryan Scoggins (2 years)
How did u root the phone? I need to.

Author yusssi (2 years) the FORUMS part of xda developers......also make sure you do NOT
do the TEMP ROOT but the regular one.....if you need help pm me.......I
just like to help, i don't charge or anything....I have been stuck before
and I have had nice people help me so i figure I should return the

Author Akin Turhan (2 years)
what ROM did you use and if you could send me a link because the ROM I use
ssclasic the mms does not work

Author DanieZebra (2 years)
How do you s-off the wildfire?

Author yusssi (2 years)
for all of you guys asking how to root, the answer is in XDA
DEVELOPERS........I rooted mine following the directions. They are pretty
simple if you read them and understand them before starting to
root......there are several steps, in order to root you have to turn the
s-off......again, just google, read and ENJOY!!!!

Author 2010speedfighter (2 years)
@luggage12345 ok thanks could you make more vids ill subsribe to ya thanks

Author NickSwimz (2 years)
@ig641 just download foxfi from the android market you can tether without

Author luggage12345 (2 years)
@2010speedfighter First you have to S-OFF (Unlock) your device and from
there I used SuperUser to root the device and installed this app. Currently
I don't have a tool for overclocking but I'm keeping my hopes up for a
release in the future.

Author Naveen Kumar (2 years)
@luggage12345 please tell me how to have S-OFF in wildfire s Email me at

Author vieiranessa (2 years)
how root htc wildfire from virgin mobile?

Author boxer4040 (2 years)
do this add charges though? I have wildfire s vigin mobile

Author Vasudev Nambury (2 years)
How did you root it?

Author c4pt1n54n0 (1 year)
same thing on metro pcs version too i assume...right?

Author angels1431 (2 years)
Hi can you make a video on how to root a HTC wildfire S A510e? pleaseeee

Author TwYx2k9 (1 year)

Author Prostreet271 (2 years)
Do you pay extra per month when doing this?

Author xISuNnY (2 years)
I rooted my wildfire s but superuser sux

Author Shortcase (2 years)
hey i rooted my VM LG optimus slider and have this hotspot and was
wondering the cons about this...i heard that though we have unlimited
data...using an unreasonable amount will result in the deletion of your
account and this obviously uses twice the data because you need VM data to
use this app then also whatever device is using it as a hotspot also uses

Author TheBrolly123456 (2 years)
@yussiification I need help on doin this it sais sumthin abt rooted

Author MrAVPS (1 year)
You couldn't have at least talked you suk

Author JayrosBlogSpot (2 years)
@luggage12345 how did you s-off i have the same phone

Author jerry2121619 (1 year)
I have the same phone could some one help me

Author PayasitoxD87 (2 years)
i need to know how yu rooted it! please!

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