Let's Play Resident Evil 6: Part 1

Well here it finally is. You've all been asking for it and who would I be if I turned you down eh? I hope you enjoy my Resi 6 LP and thank you all so much for 18,000 subs!

Let's Play resident evil six 6 "Resident Evil 6"capcom playthrough walkthrough commentary gameplay funny scary 666theheartless666

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Author The Max Gamer (3 months)
Helena is the girl

Author l0rf (7 months)
And what was default american soldier shooting at while you were running?
The wall of fire coming at him?! It's been 15 minutes and this game already
made me scratch my head more than once. Plus I really don't think you are
awful, the game seems to control like an oiled up soap bar.

Author l0rf (7 months)
Bloody what? In what world would I want to invert control during QTE and
Aiming, but not looking so that I get completely confused every time? Was
this made by moon-monkeys that only have a basic understanding of human

Author l0rf (7 months)
Military-grade potted plants. The finest in instant health renewal.

Author skynet091287 (9 months)
I love how Leon casually breaks the glass of a military Humvee with his
elbow! The military version is almost always armored, so the glass would be
nearly impossible to penetrate

Author RenegadeProxy (1 year)
D'is gon' be bad...

Author NormanMatchem (1 year)
Out of curiosity, did anyone else find that they greatly dislike this game?
I loved RE4, it introduced me to the series. I liked RE5, particularly for
the multiplayer and slightly less useless side kick. I then went about
playing through MUCH of the first Resident Evil, which I also greatly
enjoyed. Played a bit of RE2 with a buddy, who touts it as being his
favorite in the series. There is also Code Veronica and the two Outbreak
Files. I would rather play ANY of those, than RE6... My 2 cents.

Author DirtyDandtheCrew (1 year)
I'm going to keep a QuickTime counter. Few rules first: 1) button
interactions don't count. 2) repeated interactions during the same scene
don't count, like the zombie QT one would only be one. 3) anytime a scene
requires any button, counts as one. Count thus far:12

Author Ana Santasia (2 years)
Why would anyone have a problem with you being a brit? >.> ...I think it's
pretttttttty obvious from your voice...

Author Bill Collins (2 years)
Hes awesome. ive been a fan of his for a few years now :P

Author Reilly McEntee (2 years)
who i this man? ive never seen his videos he seems quite funny!

Author Striker Kung (1 year)
where you play resident 6?

Author 2danteclone (2 years)
Dude I watch you "BECAUSE" your english, a mix of your sense of humor and
insane outbursts work together for pure EPICNESS!

Author Nathan Jones (2 years)
Oh god, your comment about the Metapod had me in stitches, especially at
the explosion part. XD You're amazing, Steve.

Author NormanMatchem (1 year)
Still waiting on that essay. I wrote one just a few months ago in College,
mine was titled "Evolution of Firearms" however. Wrote about how they've
changed over the past few hundred years, and ended with a great quote from
Einstein which, well, probably has more to do with nuclear weapons than
firearms, but was none the less a great bit to end on; "I know not what
WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stone."

Author NormanMatchem (1 year)
True, Sheva is pretty bad with ammo and health, that's why I really limit
what I allow her to carry. Usually it's just a shotgun and a pistol,
because I'm not into shotguns, and pistol ammo is plentiful. Then once I
unlock the bow/arrow, she sticks with that. The AI might be slightly
improved in RE6, but the atmosphere and story takes a dive I find. Which is
unbelievable because you start out by killing the President of the United
States! What a great start! It just goes downhill after that IMO.

Author ctuagent247 (2 years)
hey heartless, you ever play with Robbaz at all?

Author Laebra (1 year)
I actually really liked it. :(

Author deatheven13 (2 years)
Comment spammer me ... but you should be able to find a settings in your
Xbox home that defaults everything to inverted controls. I'd have gone mad
long ago without it. Well .. mad"der"

Author PenguinOnDopee (2 years)
4:24 ''This is gonna be...'' Me - while munching a french fry. ''Quick Time
Event City'' Steve - ''Quick Time Event City'' Safe to say i choked on me
french fry

Author blur ReQz (2 years)
One jet crashed then the entire highway spontaneously combusted? Seems

Author Mr.Terra (1 year)
Back for more?

Author todd huggett (1 year)

Author Taylor Martin (1 year)
This is BALLS!

Author Aidan Wade (1 year)

Author Gunnar Konig (2 years)
So you're telling me he completely broke a high resistance window on a
military vehicle with a single hit? Leon must be a mutant.

Author brokenheartedgirl666 (2 years)
i love this !! you make me sooo happy even when im crying ... what does
inverted mean ? <3

Author Razer Fan (2 years)
It's always the tiny ones.

Author AnimexFiendFullmetal (2 years)
I love english accents. they're awesome and sexy :). and i already love
this let's play :)

Author planetofthegapes (2 years)
"Smash the woman through it" - oh lol.

Author Cloud2080 (1 year)
Where is my gruff voice resident evil 6!! Resident evil...6 Ok... standing
elevation for that guy everybody! Got to be honest sir i did clap with you

Author Legoman2652 (2 years)
I love this game and that you're playing it Heartless

Author GibberingMawBeast (1 year)
My opinion: 1. 4 2. 6 3. 5 The rest I haven't played, so no opinion.

Author RPDhata (2 years)
The best part of your LPs are the random British-isms you slip in. Don't
hear things like 'cackamaflag' much across the pond.

Author nobody important (2 years)
i just love your Pokemon reference at the beginning :D !

Author DirtyDandtheCrew (1 year)
lost it the Leon Ashley voice. Also made up for the lack of voice at the
start in the end.

Author WeirdChen (2 years)
Can someone tell me what's the setting? I assume it's somewhere in Asia
'cause the signs are all Chinese.

Author zigzigy (2 years)
they took out the resident evil 6 thing at the beginning because the guy
who did it for all of them died :/

Author omnomstaypuft (2 years)
This is just the 1st video and you're already making my sides hurt. I never
seen so many quick-time events in one setting before... And what the heck
is a "cacka-ma-flahge"? xDDD

Author Rich Boy (2 years)
06:06 Dat Ass.

Author esiuol360girl19 (1 year)
Wow Leon doesn't look like he is 12 :/ doesn't look right, oh well lol

Author samicat93 (2 years)
what? you're english?! I feel so betrayed...

Author Jessy Dupre (1 year)
I'm sitting here yelling at my computer, "Look out! Oh god they're right on
top of you! Holy crap, there's one behind you! Look out! Look out!!" It
seems my Gamer Brain thinks you can hear me...

Author Ian1329 (1 year)
Fuckin trolls! RE6 is awesome and way better than previous REs

Author kegan bean (1 year)
ive already played through resident evil chronicles and that was hard and
really wierd but i just got resident evil 6 wacthing you videos helped a
little but i watched it mainly for the humor factor its pretty funny.

Author camofire096 (2 years)
GTFO ...just testing acronyms...

Author Kitsune Redrock (2 years)
and holy fuck its the marker from dead space!

Author Aztec Moogle (2 years)
So long and goodnight, so long an goodnight!

Author Ragitsu (1 year)
Lol. No, it's not.

Author Alison M. (2 years)
There were like 5 quick time events in the first 5 minutes XD why does
there need to be so many? seems a waste if you ask me.

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