Stewart Copeland Interview - Part One (1990)

I don't own the rights to any part of this video, including footage and music. I'm only posting as a fan and nothing more. Not for money or any other personal gain.

Stewart Copeland interview from Later With Bob Costas (1990)

This is Part One.
Look at my other videos for Parts Two & Three.

I was going through a big box of old vhs tapes and found this. Sorry for the tracking problem at the top of the video. At least it's not on their faces.

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Author Song Mozart (7 months)
I would pick my favorite, One World (Not Three). 

Author Song Mozart (7 months)
lol Stewart was his own yelp page!

Author c0d3x001 (1 year)
he played in a band that had been famous long before he joined them and
then when he applied for an endorsement from tama he told them: "yeah im in
this band and they sold lots of albums already and they played huge shows
already" and so they gave him the endorsement without him even being famous
and then afterwards he became famous :D so he kinda cheated but i guess
tama doesn't really mind having him as an endorser anymore :D

Author Nigelxman (4 years)
Sorry man. Thought I saw a penis.

Author Pat Boland (4 years)
i hate this host he didnt get any of stewarts awesome puns

Author trainboy94 (4 years)
I cannot believe can't stand losing you was censored, I LOVE THAT SONG,
it's my fave Police track

Author kush king (4 years)
i want to meet him man he seems like such a nce down to earth guy

Author Samuel Marlow (9 months)
Great drummer

Author jasinohio (2 years)
Two articulate people having an informed conversation, I miss Bob Costas
doing interviews.

Author bunny munro (1 year)
he has always been super honest, talented and likeable, but his cynisism
and smug additude is pretty off putting. it takes the magic out of the
growth spurt of questioning and rebelling when you play music and
especially are young. If more kids didnt look at it as a fame and money
game now, we would have better music for the kids of today.

Author john b. (4 years)
I met Stewart back in the early 90's. Very cool guy.

Author JAB5625 (4 years)
@dietergoodbyesvector Peart and Stew Copeland are my all time favorite
drummers. I love music but technically I don't know much more than the
layman about drums. They both just sound better than damn near anyone ever.
That simple.

Author Don1970 (3 years)
@TheTrueHappy That was called "So What" I believe. i've always wanted to
see that.

Author tlonto (5 years)
Oh yeah, well you smell funny =D

Author sherribailey75 (5 years)
he's so smart and well-spoken; i love it.

Author steve conn (1 year)
Wow, he seems like a real no-bullshit, no back-down kind of guy. No wonder
he and Sting butted heads endlessly.

Author Nigelxman (4 years)
Does he know that you're gay Coffee's cup?

Author TheTrueHappy (3 years)
What's the film called where he hangs out with Punks?

Author beau5375 (4 years)
I thut I sawr a puddy cat!!!!

Author DihDin (5 years)
Is he trying to put on a british accent or something? His accent sounds
american with a slight touch of british in it.

Author Eric Sandoval (4 years)
How in the world did BOB COSTAS of all people interview Copeland?

Author Manuel Cassavius (2 years)
its funny how as time goes by copeland reveals himself as the most
interesting mand and artist of the lot, more than sting himself

Author Samuel Marlow (9 months)
Great drummer

Author NotOrdinaryInGames (5 years)
Stewart is my favorite musician(close to Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon)

Author lucan369 (1 year)
were the bathrooms distainfull?

Author adder80 (5 years)
lol, owned.

Author Nigel Detbrenner- Rempel (3 years)
@sherribailey75 yeah i only well spoken person i can think of that would
say"... cause its about a hooka" lol but yes i agree

Author punkrocker1208 (3 years)
i love stewart copeland

Author coffeescup (4 years)
i have such a crush on this guy!!!!!!!

Author tlonto (5 years)
Thank god for your insight, maybe you would have perfered to have not seen
the video peckerhead

Author Fabrizio Delgado (6 years)
thank god for the high quality lol

Author Eric Sandoval (4 years)
ps thanks for uploading!!

Author wasupthere (3 years)
TOP drummer ! unique style and sound !

Author jennifersman (1 year)
Yes, this show was so great back in the day, I wish these shows would come
out on DVD there was never a bad show in the whole time it was on.

Author taylerjmontague (5 years)
He was sent to boarding school in England and he was there forever but he
was born in Alexandria, Virginia

Author Ivan Kapor (1 year)
Thanks for Posting this up. Seems like it was a great show, Too bad im only
finding out about it now.

Author 193614 (3 years)
I want an art print of that album. :D

Author Ben NCM (1 year)
Wish I could understand this.

Author calangodoido (2 years)
So great to see an interviewer (Costas) that does his homework. Really

Author biderz5 (5 years)
i heard that sting hates singing cantstand losing you

Author djhfan38 (4 years)
Me too!

Author PeripheralSenses (5 years)
Stewart Copeland was born in Virginia; his father is American, his mother
is Scottish; and he's lived everywhere from Beirut, to Egypt, to England.
It's quite a unique accent.

Author stevefromPA2 (4 years)
Bob Costas the ageless equivalent to Dick Martin...

Author c0d3x001 (3 years)
man he's a little cheater ... he did the same thing with tama drums.... he
send them all the records of his band that they made before he joined nad
when they were still famous to get an endorsement... but damn that's smart
to do that

Author Woody Wood (1 year)
Wow. It was great that you posted this vid. How wonderful to view it again.

Author NotTheBachelor (2 years)
Me too. I would take Costas any day over Carson Daly.

Author soberek (3 years)
Fucking hell... a true connection with Metallica! Who in the entire
universe would think that existed? I would've flipped seeing jazz/reggae
icon Stu Copeland from The Police playing 'So What' with his 'classical
grip' on one night, and on another see Lars Ulrich thrashing the same song
at 199 beats per minute. Damn, the world is small.

Author plyror (5 years)
Blur is kick ass to

Author Ester Samuels (4 years)
Yeah, I wish he would've done more regular drumming, studio drumming,
playing with other bands and all that. It seems he spent a lot of time
songwriting, maybe producing. A lot of talent went to waste.

Author Scott Alverson (4 years)
I had forgetten what good interviews Bob Costas used to do on this show.

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