Slow Jams of the 90's Part 1

New Edition (Boys to Men), Tevin Campbell (Don't say goodbye), 112 (I will be there), Carl Thomas (Emotional), Aaliyah (Age ain't nuthin but a number), Johnny Gill (Lady du jour), Glenn Jones (Show me), Tevin Campbell (Can we talk), Janet Jackson (Let's wait awhile), Keith Washington (When It comes to you), Freddie Jackson (Have you ever loved somebody), Al B. Sure (Ooh This jazz is so), Tevin Campbell (I'm ready)

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 13:38
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Author XxMutilatedxX (6 months)
HAHAHA I fucking love the electric piano, god I love the 90's RnB... was so

Author mckay777 (1 year)
Best days of my life.

Author Movingdifferently (2 years)
why do you feel the need to say thumbs up. allow it, just listen to the
tune.. .

Author L Dawg (2 years)
Carl Thomas shouldnt be counted in the 90's... all the great slow jams
happened between 90-97

Author yestisblessed (2 years)
I am only 19 and I absolutely love slow jams I agree totally with older
people back then that was REAL music.

Author davistvdat (1 year)
Thumbs if you're listening to this in 2013!

Author kendra culmer (1 year)

Author badgiirl21 (2 years)
What's the name of the first song

Author jahdor77 (2 years)
These were the good old days when love songs could touch your soul.

Author DJ DEVINSTATION (2 years)
I know that Carl Thomas song was released in 2000 but it was April or
something, early 2000 but great list. Some underrated classics & the
transition from what song to the next was solid, so great editing as well.

Author Herrmenan (2 years)
@Pmlth - It's Boys to men (title)

Author Christian Bessard (1 year)
yes. but good news though. I'm a musician and just got signed. R&B is about
to get a make over. Its time to get back to this!!

Author Gladys Mungai (2 years)
that sounds interesting :-)

Author luvby1able (2 years)
New Edition - Boys To Men

Author Gremlin2123321 (2 years)
Great Mix, never heard the Glenn Jones song which AZ rapped over. Dope

Author Tishtowns (2 years)
Gotta put this on my favorite list.....

Author Gladys Mungai (2 years)
Nice :-)

Author Pmlth (2 years)
what is the first song?

Author benjamin redclift (1 year)
Yes, its RARE, because most people have forgotten what its all about. This
is a lost Generation.

Author KTFxC (1 year)
Just get a premium account on Spotify! It's only $9.99 and you can add all
of this and anything else your ipod/phone will hold! I think you might need
at least a 4th Gen Ipod touch but it's worth it! I just added most of these
songs to mine =)

Author Jess Blaze (1 year)
THIS is real lovemaking music!!! Dear lil sweet baby Jesus in the manger,
please take us back to this breed of artists sometime in the near future!!!
Amand, Amand, and Amand again!

Author roberto vega (2 years)
i like

Author Luscious Liv (2 years)
These are some sexy songs... yessss!!!! I want to hear these songs all the

Author L Dawg (2 years)
that song shouldnt make a 90's list at all... they were doing good until
that song...smh

Author Demarco Andrews (1 year)
kan we tallllk for a min

Author Herrmenan (2 years)
@iCharmCity07 Done! Glad you like the songs.

Author Tantamani (2 years)
Did you really mean to title this as 90s or is this a list of your
favorites in general? The songs with New Edition, Janet Jackson, and
Freddie Jackson are from the 80s. Carl Thomas is early 2000s.

Author castortroykrb (2 years)
gremlin if u liked Glenn Jones...You'll love David Hollister !

Author anthonsyify (2 years)
by boys 2 man tevin campbell

Author Marcel Govender (1 year)
whats your full song name for freddie jackson...please let me know

Author carmeyl carretas (1 year)
meeeee!~~ am still 20 LOL ^_^ ...hoping for some musics/songs like this...
hate the songs nowadays it's not real music indeed! ;(( no meaning
~~~~swaggin, jeans..blahhh blahhhhh~~~~ etc. etc.. make no sense seriously

Author Julians1223 (2 years)
They're the best songs from the the 90's...... When music was music!!!...
Feel me ppls

Author Frits Schröder (11 months)
righteous mix bro

Author Herrmenan (2 years)
No I don't. The best deal would be to get licensed by the music video
owners to make great video mixes!!!! Too many controlled contents on

Author Gladys Mungai (2 years)
thumbs up if you are listening to this in 2012

Author Atonal War (2 years)
This is my most favorite song..... New edition..

Author Herrmenan (1 year)
Freddie Jackson (Have you ever loved somebody)

Author Luscious Liv (2 years)
Very nice post!!!!all my favorite artists!!!!

Author Herrmenan (2 years)
Hahaha... I belong to a more older generation ;). The one who taped radio
shows and late night mixes on Maxell or Sony Type II cassette or bought CDs
for their music, artwork and printed lyrics!

Author TEMZ muyaki (1 year)
good old days when music really gave massages thubs up

Author jsmooth1ification (2 years)

Author MrSmoothBlack69 (2 years)
Thats what's up! Grown folks music!!!!

Author cold cash (1 year)
2013 good shit

Author Herrmenan (2 years)
I still do... ;)

Author RgxSnowy (1 year)
i agree with you i still listen to 90's slow jams

Author Ricardo Cooper (1 year)
this is a real great mix! love the music of 80's, 90's & early 2000's was
good music. nowadays not as good!

Author SuperGiantdouche (1 year)
still listening in 2013, and will still be listening in 2023...2033......

Author 1meandoubleR600 (2 years)
This is real music Not like DRAKES bitch ass

Author Toronto Kingpin (2 years)
LOL yea i know!!!...i seen that pussy...i see him around in my cousins
neighborhood..i told drake i was gonna kick his ass AHAHAHAHHA

Author jada f (1 year)
I am a afroeuropean woman,and I used to listen to the radio many nights,
when I was a girl,discovering and enjoying with this music. Thanks to Angel
J. Rubio and Kike Supermix in Spain. I love it too much

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