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Young lady gets short cut

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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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stranezze Capelli Super Lunghi ,veniteci a trovare su Facebook...


Author kenga smaily (2 months)
her hair is so good, i mean its silkish! <3 good hearted girl sharing her

Author Marissa Lindley (26 days)
That's a lot of hair!

Author Marissa Lindley (26 days)
Oh my god that's bad!

Author Anze491992 (11 months)
Any tip how to have such shiny and silky looking hair? I would appreciate
it :)

Author HARDRlC (1 year)

Author Carolina Banaggia (1 year)
que cabelo perfeito!

Author ezzy (1 year)
Why does this video have so many dislikes?? O.o

Author katooose (2 years)
Nooooo nooooo nooooooo u break my little hart

Author Singing Star (1 year)
Im eleven and im in forth grade and my friend shaved all her hair and
donated it and it was so long! she came into school bald the next day xD

Author nltslhbc (2 years)

Author 1991alla (3 years)

Author lovmjking58 (1 year)
that hurts

Author LalaGirl499 (2 years)
OMG... why did i watch this?!!!

Author Kajdankka (2 years)

Author Rami Khayat (2 years)
@raghad19911 Hi, I think medium long hair is nice, like this one... the
very short looks boyish and the very long is difficult to handle :)

Author iulia diac (2 years)
fashion, but its pity

Author toddbs98 (2 years)
@MiSScG4life I am jealous of you high level of education and spelling

Author Marii Divine (1 year)
I love my hair too much to cut them off like this girl. It took so long to
grow them to this lenght...

Author Sarah Blasingame (2 years)
goddamn ur hair's thick!:P its so pretty tho!(:

Author owlines (2 years)
??? why? i´m annoyed of these old grandmas which all have short hair...if
you still have beautiful hair in this age, why don´t let it grow?! I think
it´s pretty cool to have for example a braid in grey :D

Author maddie ward-michael (1 year)
I'm my head today i have hair down to my knees

Author maddie ward-michael (1 year)
I'm shaving my head today i have hair down to my knees

Author luana santos (2 years)
ho my god cort beatifull rair

Author Frederica Bimble (2 years)
@MiSScG4life - That's a dumb comment. Gee, in the thinking world, past the
road where you live and outside the one horse town, some people LIKE short
hair if it suits the person. Yea, I lived in one of those backwater towns
when I was younger and all I ever heard was: 'why don't you grow your hair
long?' Er... because I don't want to. Nice effort though. This may be out
there but logic dictates that if those 'jealous' people wanted long hair,
they'd grow it! Duh.

Author مسلمة وافتخر (1 year)
My hair is taller and I think her long hair is better ^_^

Author farishta tariq (1 year)
she has the most beautiful hair I've ever seen!

Author Kitty Kat (2 years)
what a nonsense.

Author Cancerian48 (3 years)
She has beautiful silky hair and how I wish I could have cut it for her. I
would have cut it off from the top of her neck and given her a pixie cut.

Author MiSScG4life (3 years)
those peopel who say she should cut her hair shorter are just the peopel
who are jelouse because they don't have long hair so they encourege other
peopel to cut it short

Author CandieBarr6669 (2 years)
@supersoul2000 If I was homophobic, I wouldn't have ever dated other women.
And I never once said all short haircuts are masculine. I said the majority
of the time they do as the women that get them tend to be androgynous and
very few women can pull off short hair.

Author mandy maus (1 year)

Author Katie (2 years)
@MiSScG4life i agree, i have short hair but i still cringe seeing long
haired people get their hair cut really short and it annoys me when people
tell them they should cut it. Atleast her hair is still long after in this

Author Pixiemel2 (1 year)
Thats some strong shiny healthy hair!

Author belieber4life15 (2 years)
omfg , i would cryy .

Author lorenzo b. (2 years)

Author 166PolarBear (1 year)
I admire the girl for what she's done but why do the people cutting it
always hack it off instead of carefully cutting to preserve what's left,
now more has to be cut off to style it and it's going to be even shorter,
this insults the person donating

Author SarBearAddicted (2 years)
@MiSScG4life *people*

Author SakiWatari (2 years)
I'm so sick of people telling everyone with long hair that they "HAVE" to
donate their hair. I've spent my past few years with a bob to avoid those
comments because my hair is really thick. How many of you know that most of
the hair Locks of Love gets is rejected for stupid reasons so they can sell
it? That they only give the hair to patients who have had specific
treatments? That if you donate blood it will likely go to a cancer patient
because they use a lot of it? Leave these girls alone!

Author brama1969 (3 years)
Might wanna try a sharper scissor.

Author Jennifer Dobbie (3 years)
@sexiiJayne you do realise that they cut the bult off before trmming and
styleing the rest right?? >.>

Author Kendra Perry (2 years)
She has a great hair color!

Author Mocherie123 (2 years)
OMG no no no no no no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Author Kristina Stešova (2 years)
why? ;( it was soo good....

Author meatball0566 (3 years)
cut another 12" - she would look great with short hair!!

Author flitzi52 (1 year)
die haare waren doch v8ll hübsch ich versteh manche Leute einfach nicht

Author mocthegame (2 years)
@LalaGirl499 Because it's a very cool experience to let them grow
longggggg, and cut it. As a 1st time basejump jump.

Author Rebecca Schreur (1 year)
my best friend hasn't gotten a chop since 8 years ago... her hair is longer
than that & just as gorgeous :)

Author Zelda Triforce (2 years)
It's 'people'.

Author Muziclyricz66 (2 years)
That is 10000% true, i agree

Author frank hajzus (2 years)
HELLO! soo much hair cut i cum in my pants

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