Battlefield 3 1000th Knife! Hack Glitch Jumping
Yay 1k knife kills!
Protip: I'm not hacking.
DerkaNDerka: "come guy just glitch and jump on me and knifed me that is why u guys are losing your playing against hackers im outta here"

Battlefield 4 Playlist:

Battlefield 4 Knife Hack Master

DayZ - The Best of 200+ Episodes

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Author RickyChavez (1 month)
+Marco Del Real I'm pretty much all pc and old consoles.

Author magirktheone (2 months)
Nice vid, you could invest in some real mic though 

Author TheUglyBarnacle (3 months)
I am Rickey Chavez on the XBOX.

Author NathanPCGamer (5 hours)
none of your anotations work properly...

Author jafar mahir (2 days)

Author Gonzalo Pérez (2 months)
do you smoke weeeeed?

Author Yushiro Gowa (17 days)
Step 1: Approach the enemy sniper Step 2: ??? Step 3: PROFIT!

Author Daniel Sperlich (23 days)
I love this Glitchy Animation with Knife Kill :D

Author danman041292 (9 days)
Your one of those faggots who waste choppers for a knife kill wow you are
so gay!

Author Teal Dragon (1 month)
0:31 i've done that before

Author Like My Comment. (2 months)
Watching him knife makes me cringe because I have 200 knife service stars.

Author Lagometr Traktorist (5 months)
ACB-90 for noobs

Author Shadow77999 (3 months)
1:15 LOL

Author subwayrocks123 (2 months)
Holy crap, i never knew he was speaking in the background till the second
time I've watched this!

Author awesomeaspossum (8 days)
Guys? Can you please tell me where you usually buy games?:)

Author Anzani HUN (3 months)
very noob player

Author zazafer051 (5 days)
YEAH ! Pwn dem campers !!

Author Nikolay Tihonskcoy (5 days)
3.28 omg hahaha good

Author Tommy Vercetti (6 days)
colonel from bffs spotted :O

Author Jareth Vandiveer (18 days)
its like old caboose playing

Author Zac Lee (6 months)
How come the people I play against are never this blind?

Author Ja Ka (15 days)
COD bias: I can't possibly be bad, everyone else must be hacking.

Author Bionicle90s (3 months)
That's not a hack that's skills

Author alpha taker (3 months)
you steal it

Author Igor Andrade (3 months)
Is he using commando perk? lol

Author eltroller LTG (1 month)

Author Yuri Raskalov (24 days)
What happened to the awesome commentary that was there before??

Author Hevertton alex da luz (3 months)
bro could you pass me this video muinto bf3 hacker to thank you for sharing

Author awesomeaspossum (8 days)
Guys? Can you please tell me where you usually buy games?:)

Author Bill Gluckner (3 months)
I think I had a seizure at 3:28

Author William Benjamin Cornelius (1 month)
his knife is not master this hack is a mix of video if I get all the videos
of different games played on the same map and then join the guys will think
"Wow you are very good at knife" but it is actually just a mix of various

Author Brodc Gaming (1 month)
You added me to your circles?
Thanks, by the ways, you're hilarious, keep up the good work. :)

Author Jake Price (1 month)
5:28 xD I laughed way more than I should

Author Wakk Dawg (4 months)

Author Jaxon Diamond (1 month)
I took your tags before

Author External Gaming (1 month)
Not a hack but nice

Author Greyson Mills (2 months)
The only thing I dont like about the knifing is that you have to wait for,
like, 6 seconds before you can knife someone again.

Author Daniel Lebedev (1 month)
lol and that stupid medic bag is healing u btw

Author Marco Del Real (1 month)
You are cool do you have a xbox 360

Author theoveraveragegamer (2 months)
your one of the youtubers that are actually funny 

Author ทาคุระ มามาโตะ (1 month)

Author Hamel Alexandre (2 months)

Author Ramon Ribeiro (2 months)
wich map is that at 5:08 ?

Author 4Gamers (2 months)
give this man a machete

Author Mod_Master (2 months)
Dude... Fucking sweet.

Author The343freak (2 months)
What the fuck why are these enemies so inept my enemies always shoot back.

Author Mayne OC (5 months)
youre so fucking cool man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just inspired me to try
knifing 20 guys in a game :D thanks :)

Author H4ND80N3 (2 months)
XD best battlefield video

Author Tcheco Lee (3 months)
Defaut dog tags = noobs (or people too lazy to change they dt)

Author Redo Blaak (3 months)
The Sniper on 6:30 xD

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