Battlefield 3 1000th Knife! Hack Glitch Jumping
Yay 1k knife kills!
Protip: I'm not hacking.
DerkaNDerka: "come guy just glitch and jump on me and knifed me that is why u guys are losing your playing against hackers im outta here"

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Battlefield 4 Knife Hack Master

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Author magirktheone (6 days)
Nice vid, you could invest in some real mic though 

Author Lagometr Traktorist (4 months)
ACB-90 for noobs

Author Cody Raamon (1 month)
I am Rickey Chavez on the XBOX.

Author Zac Lee (4 months)
How come the people I play against are never this blind?

Author alpha taker (1 month)
you steal it

Author Shadow77999 (1 month)
1:15 LOL

Author Mayne OC (3 months)
youre so fucking cool man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just inspired me to try
knifing 20 guys in a game :D thanks :)

Author Like My Comment. (9 days)
Watching him knife makes me cringe because I have 200 knife service stars.

Author Bionicle90s (1 month)
That's not a hack that's skills

Author Igor Andrade (1 month)
Is he using commando perk? lol

Author IcyblueGaming (2 months)
Wow, you are unfunny. Sorry.

Author DeadStopGaming (7 months)
As funny as it was to go around and stab people, turn don't your volume
please. I can hear the game more than your own voice. ^.^

Author ChannelGammer (5 months)
gg dude you are pro 

Author subwayrocks123 (1 month)
Holy crap, i never knew he was speaking in the background till the second
time I've watched this!

Author TheParaducky (7 months)
I like the part where he stabbed that guy.

Author Dark ShadowFox (7 months)
No one takes my tags cause I run default.

Author Hevertton alex da luz (1 month)
bro could you pass me this video muinto bf3 hacker to thank you for sharing

Author UncleDolan (8 months)

Author Oscar Velazquez (1 year)
this guy is a knife master

Author 黄辰旭 (1 year)
interesting knife style

Author Creeperios (7 months)
Man that was so awesome can you do that again in battlefield 4

Author Wakk Dawg (2 months)

Author Bill Gluckner (2 months)
I think I had a seizure at 3:28

Author Adam Ojieda (5 months)
The fuck dude? This guy just put together a bunch of videos, also, annoying
ass commentary

Author TheYamyam97 (5 months)
Well it is funny. But i dont want you in my team. Because i hate vehicle

Author The King (8 months)
hey Ricky if you were a Pokemon your main attack would be KNIFE

Author Saskia Verduin (4 months)
I am better than him im a pro dude

Author Adam Trnka (5 months)
you were spawned on MAV ? How ?

Author Daniel Lebedev (2 days)
lol and that stupid medic bag is healing u btw

Author ทาคุระ มามาโตะ (1 day)

Author theoveraveragegamer (7 days)
your one of the youtubers that are actually funny 

Author Hamel Alexandre (14 days)

Author 420 Blaze it (14 days)
The audio is fucking annoying

Author jd f (8 months)
you are very good at this game. smart bastard :)

Author Jarrett Dreaver (3 months)
You call that a knife? :P

Author sergio sotelo (1 month)
jajajajaj que HDP

Author Glowhyena Paskiewicz (6 months)
How funny of you standing next the sniper and watching what he scopes. XD

Author Mod_Master (24 days)
Dude... Fucking sweet.

Author Ramon Ribeiro (21 day)
wich map is that at 5:08 ?

Author CMDRFandragon (1 month)
Knifing in this game has some pretty extreme range lol. had guys like 8
steps behind me knife me....he like teleports and bam, hes on my head and

Author FilmerGamer Best (1 month)
awesome ;D

Author craig cannon (3 months)
dude i loved it when you where watching what he was scoping out how blind
can they be damn watch the map lol

Author Nugzar Bolkvadze (5 months)
nice video dude! :)

Author Shad0c0nspiracy (3 months)
Battlefield Friends - Knife Bipod

Author AksuPro450 (7 months)
Anyone else thinks that there should be a perk or class for knifing?

Author Gabe Kosicki (4 months)

Author evanmastermind (4 months)
he rebound his lmb to the knife key!

Author Kai v oers (7 months)
u bought bf3 to knife ppl and shoot ppl in cars

Author Adam Miller (4 months)
This isn't a hack 😒😡

Author Supersix141 (3 months)
Holy fucking shit, take your ADD pills and call it a day man.

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