Runescape - ULTIMATE 1-99 Divination Guide 2013 - Fastest XP Rates, In-depth Methods!

Hey Guys Welcome to my ultimate Divination 1-99 skill guide.
Starting out: 0:17
Methods: 1:42
Locations: 6:22
Rewards: 8:22

Thanks for watching and for all the support from all of you, I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't from you legends! I also want to thank a few friends and fellow video-makers that helped out and made this guide possible. It took me ages to make so drop me a like or even a comment! I also want to take the time to thank a few friends who helped make this possible. They all helped me in different ways but they all contributed some to the guide :)

Dung Zombie - I know i don't say it enough but your support for my channel is amazing and I probably wouldn't have the motivation that I do if you weren't helping me and such :D Thanks for the tips on the guide as well! Cya on rs 2gud.

5amuel - Before you go back to editing dem sexy videos I wanna thank you for supporting me and such and giving me a few tips that I was going to miss in my guide :D cya in rs

The Experts - Well, well. I haven't known you for long but you're a boss! You've helped me test the xp rates, saving me like an hour on this guide :P And you've been sharing my channel around. Thanks man! Cya on rs :)

Muhaidi - Like 5amuel, your vids are amazing and you need to keep 'em coming :P I really enjoy em. Also you helped me in the beginning and kept me going, thanks bunches. cya on dat rs.

IWantTurtles - You trained with me in the early levels and made it fun ;P. You also told me some useful information that I later put into my guide. You're fun to talk to as well :D cya on rs.

Stewkat - Sup clannie :p You did the timer for enriched for like ever and gave me dat good xp so thx, Helped a bunch of other too :D so yeah cya on rs.

Katsuo666 - Even tho you're an 07 n33b thanks for skyping with me cuz it kept me going. At one point it was so boring but i skyped with you and i got more motivation to finish it. thx kbai. cya on rs and irl.

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Author Navid Nouri (24 days)
The Signs of the porter dont bank certain things (like dragon bones)

Author Gooorooo's Gaming (3 months)
what layout are you using on the interface?

Author LucidHD (1 month)
what do you record your screen with ?

Author Este Duenas (3 months)
With the chronicle fragments you can just destroy them once you get 10

Author waffles (2 days)
where is the first location? u didn't say 

Author David Wells (5 days)
Good guide

Author OheyBro (4 days)

Author Jareth Vodegel (6 days)
The Guy who use the dislikebot is nooobbbb

Author CDellamarca (2 months)
Just started RS3 last week from quitting in 2012. I'm starting to like EOC
:) But thanks for the guide, you earned a sub xD

Author Bob Marlee (3 months)
Just renewing my membership today and this was a very informative guide.
Thank you very much!

Author Corey Ellis (1 month)
25 hours of perfection (:
Subscribed and thank you!

Author TheRabbitFear (3 months)
its 220 hours for 1-99 just doing the harvest convert then second option
with the boon at each milestone thats 1 month doing 8 hours a day

Author omgshayomg (1 month)
what is the point in divination? 

Author Taylor Farr (5 months)
25 hours? lol I did lvl 1-60 in 18 hours

Author noxehhh (2 months)
how long did 99 take you

Author stickfiguresmaster (5 months)
HeavensNooblet, you do NOT have to catch only 10 chronicles, most people
dont trade them in for the divination xp because after they "destroy" them
their easily ready all over to keep collecting multiple 10s of the
chronicle fragments, in the case the fastest way to getting hunter xp and
still enjoying divination and secondly ive made 10M and a little over from
the start of when divination was released after like 2 weeks of fooling
with the skill

Author Everett Roberts (16 days)
is there a div world or chat?

Author kingcainjr (1 month)
this skill actually sucks

Author EliteWraith (3 months)
Good guide, learned a lot! Thank you! :D

Author M1 11 (1 month)
No way i just saw you somwhere wearing a green max cape rofl

Author Angel Perez (1 month)
What's the point of this skill?

Author Clinton Johnson (3 months)
I liked it only because you asked nicely

Author foosbabaganoosh1 (1 month)
Thanks for the great guide! Really helpful for someone totally new to this
skill that didn't get it at all haha, makes much more sense now

Author Sylvan Smits (3 months)
can any1 explain me the utility of divination 

Author Jarazay (3 months)
are you hyperactive?

Author andercart (2 months)
make guides when you are know what you are doing xD

Author Anax Axe (4 months)
This has to be the most pointless skill ever.

Author Dave Aliano (1 month)
good job on this video, i subbed 

Author Enrique Palacios (1 month)
Your vid is way to long for divination, wow

Author William Noll (4 months)

Author Kyler Butler (2 months)
Thanks for the guide! helps a lot!

Author Aaron Pavlichek (5 months)
The first thing i thought was: People need a guide for this skill?!?!?!?!

Author slave eel (2 months)
it gives more % extra per enriched memory (exactly 2x as much) but it uses
2x more energy, which means its equally as efficient to use the energy on
normal memories

Author Brain Slavic (1 month)
why is it so slowwwww

Author Terry Tibs (2 months)
Shit guide

Author Tederick Williams (3 months)
Competitive Runespan ...

Author Dylan Lindsey (3 months)
what to u use the chronicle fragments for after u have got them?

Author Menno Zuidmulder (4 months)
subbed bro

Author DeckDesignsHD (1 month)
For those of you questioning the point of divination it is actually a sub
skill for the skill inventor which shoulld be out at the end of spring
2014, also it is extremely quick to do and when I got 99 I made over 155mil
from this skill and ittook very little time at all

Author 3boys3girls1 (1 month)
You can't make a 1-99 guide if you don't have 99.

Author Timothy Coston (2 months)
I think you should look at the Runescape Wikia page on Divination and make
another video, some things you got wrong in this one.

Author Jeff Gooda (3 months)
nice guide

Author zTaZeRHD (5 months)
where is that place? Like right at the start?

Author korasis sword (4 months)
whats N/A

Author slave eel (2 months)
when you released this guide, it was more xp/hr to hand them in

Author gezim ferizi (3 months)
thanks man keep on with more guides in future :)

Author 1234EMix (4 months)
this guide is very helpful heavens. thank you for uploading your guide and
information of the rewards and memories. keep it up.

Author markusmardh (5 months)
nice video, new sub here!

Author rare O.O (6 months)
very good man

Author Tristan Antoski (7 months)

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