ALL-NEW Whirlpool Belt Drive Agitator Washer in Action!!

All new design for 2010 for Whirlpool's agitator washers as they are letting the direct drives die! This will also cover certain Maytag models and certain Kenmore models as well.

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Author Smorf Hound (10 days)
I WISH that the instructions would tell you that the whirr noise is
normal!! I thought mine was broken! Hear it as it agitates?? Whirr WHirr
Whirr Whirr .... like rubbing? Sheeesh!! I have a Roper. Stop scaring
us like that. I thought I had to take it back to the store! 

Author Willie Peck (4 months)
Those direct drives are not stupid! They actually are worth buying. My
grandma has one. 15 years old. Works like new. You will be lucky to get 5
years out of that washer!

Author Winston Elston (26 days)
I had one briefly. I actually put clothes in mine when it ran. The
freewheel pawls driving the screw on the dasher (let William F. Buckley
call it an agitator) slam so loudly that the next door neighbors asked what
I was hammering. Our houses are 20 feet apart and the windows were closed.
Hurlpoop's service company said they're all like that.
I'll never buy another washer like this one!

Author HowsaBowsaYowsa (3 months)
I just got the latest version of this washer. Thanks for the video, I was
wondering what was happening under the locked hood. so far I am really
loving the washer and I agree overall it is quiet....Now I have to take
that thing off the lid like you did so I can watch it wash for myself!!!!!
I hope that won't eventually casue a problem if I do that.

Author Jay Spencer (3 months)
Have you seen the new tub removal tool for Cabrio, Oasis and Bravos
washers. Part# JTP2014B??? It's Awesome!!

Author inmylife10465 (3 months)
Thank you for the info: Question = Is it normal for the noise that it makes
when lightly spinning?I notice ,the larger the wash,the louder it
sounds.Sounds a little like a combination of a duck and a't
know how else to describe it,but i would think it should be much more quiet
than my old 1992 whirlpool.
Answers anyone?
Thank you.

Author 797lou (3 months)
Speedqueen is too astronomically expensive !!

Author B T (4 months)
If you want a good washer go SPEEDQUEEN...I sell these things and they are
amazing! I also sell the Whirlpool and get 5 complaints for every 10 I

Author Poor Person (4 months)
How many yrs, with the belt yield?

Author Ed Weldon (1 year)
I wouldnt want THAT much index on my tub

Author Ford Is Best. (6 months)
Todays washing machines are a joke...

Author Ra's al Ghul (10 months)
very low water level. cannot load too much clothes or else they wont be
cleaned. epa regulation on low water level! very bull shit. there are
videos on YT, which show you how to adjust the water level, to be filled up
all the way to the top, as it should be. very easy! i have done it mysel!
now, i can load more clothes. clothes come out cleaner with full water. i
can hear the washer now runs much much much smoother with full water, less
stress on the motor!

Author Kaustubh Joshi (1 year)
Good One !! Best Of Luck

Author Ryan Holcomb (1 year)
I have an LG front loader direct drive and when you put it on extra high
spin it sounds like a machine gun in the laundry room.

Author Service Servotech (7 months)
Get "Appliance Help" the best app. for Android and iPhone. That will help
you fix your appliances. Get answers and advice for free inside the app.

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@MrFlyguy124 No, actually there is no transmission as the motor does all
the agitation by moving in both directions when it agitates.

Author jmc6000 (2 years)

Author Sharkie626 (3 years)
@jmc6000 I cant give a reason for the water pumps, but I can see why some
people have their coupling or transmission go early. On some of the vids
here, I have seen people overload the washer so bad that the clothes don't
even move, that will indeed put much stress on parts and cause clothing
damage. Did this washer replace your GE?

Author Otávio Augusto (3 years)
@jmc6000 ahh yes .sorry if I wrote something wrong because I am not expert
in English as in Portuguese

Author Kyle Combs (2 years)
@jmc6000 Is the drum freewheeling or being turned by the motor?

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@RobGwisdala This is not the exact same as the South American made
Brastemp/Whirlpool washer. I will admit that the design is very simular but
there are some differences as well. Most of the "world" washers are small
and do not even come close the the 3.5 size the washer has, plus this
washer does not have the cumbersome drum brake and engagment system that
the smaller South American designed, "world", washers have.

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@TheToploaderwasher Stll have the GE hydrowave at the house. I recorded
this video at my work and I work for Rent-A-Center.

Author Randy Hansen (3 years)
I can hardly hear the motor. Is it ultra-quiet?

Author Sharkie626 (3 years)
@SpazChat You REALLY have a grudge against them, don't you?

Author jmc6000 (2 years)
@Organgrinder1010 I never owned this washer it was a demo that was used at
my job.

Author SirtubalotTX (2 years)
Why are they not making direct drive anymore? My parents have a set of
direct drive Whirpools that have been going for almost 20 years. How does a
belt drive help it clean better relative to the direct drive counterparts?
My whicky poo meter is goigng off. I'll keep my direct drives thank you.

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@Skreem2 Well at the time of the video the washer was infact having full
incoming water pressure to it, but it is indeed restricted once it enters
the drum.

Author TheTangent72 (3 years)

Author Brian C (1 year)

Author gregbert2 (1 year)
yes this does have a transmission & yes it does have and can leak oil
Direct drive has plastic gears too look for rebuild vids on youtube

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@JSneaker Acually the ratcheting top is very effective on this model and
you either have a choice of the shower rinse or if you select the fabric
sofner then you get a full basket rinse

Author Ford Is Best. (1 year)
Exactly, I dont think this will wash my blankets pillows and bed sheets
when needed. I need my Direct Drive. We all do.

Author Marshall Hale (1 year)
Whirlpool should bring back the direct drive system.

Author dualactionsurgilator (3 years)
Very interesting. The action looks like it is using the Fisher and Paykel
drive system that the Cabrio uses. Are they the same?

Author Jackson's Mario Kart Channel (1 year)
My family has a 4.7 Cubic ft.LG washer high capacity and we still do 3
loads a day!

Author liz boz (2 years)
@jmc6000 I had live to have DDs. I had an old Whirlpool 1990's over 10
years old, and then our Kenmore 500 4 years old from 2008, and still
working great.

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@JSneaker It sure does!!

Author Sharkie626 (3 years)
@jmc6000 did they by any chance own one of the lower 1-speed models? We do
have some delicate clothing, but thankfully our machine is 3 speed (you can
see it in my vids) and has appropriate agitation for delicate items.

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@JSneaker Hummm? You I have been in both washer inside and out and I really
see the belt drives being just as reliable if not MORE reliable than the
old direct drives. Plus these washer do offer a conventional wash and rinse
and just beacuse you chose the fabric softener option on the control panel
does not mean you have to use it in the washer.

Author Bill Slater (3 years)
Watching this video, I get the feeling Whirlpool is using the Fisher &
Paykell system. It agitates and sounds just like the Fisher & Paykell top
load machines.

Author liz boz (2 years)
@jmc6000 Have you had direct drives (DDs) before?

Author Organgrinder1010 (2 years)
Video very helpful—thanks. How do you like your washer after a year of use?

Author jmc6000 (1 year)

Author Bill Slater (3 years)
@themaytagrepairman I did some digging and found out Whirlpool is buying
the drive system from Fisher & Paykel. The same way they are buying the
drive systems for the Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore ht series, and the KitchenAid
front loaders from Bosh.

Author nova9403 (2 years)
Why do Whirlpool let direct-driven washer die? Because they're too noisy???
I have an Amana washer that is a direct-driven and the loudness don't
bother me anymore.

Author jeffhanson1 (1 year)
The Amana, Admiral, Roper top load agitator models are all made my
Whirlpool now and look the same in many ways. The only difference is on the
Roper, Whirpool decided to put a 1-piece old fashioned-style agitator on
it. That's not necessarily a bad thing (less moving agitator parts in
exchange for less clothing movement).

Author jmc6000 (3 years)
@MustangFanNC Thanks for the info!! So I guess all during the 80s Whrilpool
was going from the belt drive models to the direct drives untill full
conversion happened around 85-87. Good to know. I did know that they were
all direct drives by 1990 but was unsure when the last belt drives were
being offered to the consumers.

Author Randy Dorion (2 years)
I have whirlpool dual action direct drive washer,i have had this machine
from 1991 and only last year i had to have the dogit's replaced on the
agitator.Belt drive loses it strenght as the belt wears down ,direct drive
is more powerful without the need of useless belt's.Direct drive is the
only way to go as far as a good washer that cleans and spin's without
losing it's power.

Author Ed Weldon (2 years)
the water comes out so weak. That is a huge problem.

Author Marshall Hale (1 year)
Well, the direct drives were better.

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