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Onefish Going East is a NEW spearfishing adventure film from the makers of the best seller 'Onefish'

This time In The Zone Productions has taken a slightly different angle on their movie making style, with strong images, fantastic new heart stopping effects and loads of non stop action. You will see some of the most spectacular filming ever accomplished of spearfishing action and encounter new revolutionary In The Zone Effects.

Going East is an epic tale about Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari, a passionate Spearfisherman from the 'East' who lives and breathes spearfishing. He is fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world looking for that trophy fish.

This film includes 5 years of breathtaking stock footage. Starting the journey deep within the abundant waters of Qatar where Mohammed shoots monster fish like Amberjack, and Cobia. Then to Sounth Africa were Mohammed meets up with Chris Coates and the ITZ team for an adventure of a lifetime in search of that 'Onefish'. This is spearfishing that dreams are made of.

If you liked "Onefish' then this is an absolute must for your collection.


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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 6:53
Comments: 2311

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Author Martin B (1 month)
I hope you are not doing this in Florida because at 1:55 you shoot a
Permit, and that is illegal. Then I saw that you shoot 2 more. Check the
FWC regulations before you go spear fishing. 

Author Angel Canlas (1 month)
Thats harpoon fishing...

Author Ian Haack (2 months)
this guy's accuracy amazes me, he almost always gets a shot directly into
the brain so the fish doesnt move or feel it

Author Joschii (2 months)
what happens to all the killed fish?

Author zephyr Dok (3 months)
Spearfishing is a sport, hobby and for many a way to live. Some say it's
too easy, but when was the last time you held your breathe for 2 minutes!
Yeah, thought so.
I give props to these ppl.

Author Christian Robinson (5 months)
people against hunting are just bitching for the sake of bitching, to make
some noise and piss people off. they know that of all the causes in the
world that require attention and care, protecting "helpless animals from
the cruelty of hunters," it's such bullshit. PETA actually wants to have a
funeral for a bunch of turkeys killed in a trucking accident or something.
PETA tried to sue a woman who defended herself from a bear attack. they are
the epitome of retarded and the fact that they raise animals higher than
humans shows their lack of faith and belief in God

Author Donovan Gionis (3 months)
This is actually more humane than normal fishing. The death is more

Author Peter Xuong (5 months)
It's wrong to kill all the fish just for fun. Stop this madness. 

Author MrFleischery (3 months)
whats the music?

Author djmocok (5 months)
What would you do if you come across a 3M great white?

Author KravaLLT (11 days)
I wonder if it happens when they shoot a huge fish doesnt kill it and a
scared fish drags them into deep waters

Author zandrello (4 months)
How long are they able to stay under usually? Do you guys like, train your
lungs to stay under longer than a minute? Seems like it would be really
difficult to dive that deep over and over. Pretty amazing!! I would love
to try this sometime.

Author boh bah (3 months)
fucking criminals you should be attached by a storm of marine snakes

Author Zakk Young (17 days)
Holy hell that is so cool. I had no idea that this is a thing lol. That guy
has some balls, no way in hell i'd ever go down there. 

Author Katochimoto Sama (1 month)
I had this thought, is it possible to spearfish those big tuna they serve
at sushi restaurants in japan ? Would be so cool to land your own tuna

Author Виктор Покиньборода (1 month)

Author ataist ataist (1 month)
balık bolluğuna bak

Author Vivek Thomas (1 month)
Best Spearfishing Film - One Fish Going East:

Author Petrosilius Zwackelzahn (1 month)
Rich people can do alot...

Author tropickman (1 month)
This is how it should be for everyone; you want to eat fish? Go catch it,
like this.

Author nizz bizz (2 months)
Good shooting.
I would love to try this before I die. 

Author Xie leigh (7 months)
Seems brutal

Author Asperanik (5 months)
But that could be dangerous! when the fish's are bleeding that could
attract sharks!

Author Halifax Boy (2 months)
loved the video....amazing clean shots, most of them sharp shooting in the
brain or spinal cord....quick and easy death very worthy of a grill! Pussys
that whine about this "brutal" way of catching food ar phat biotches that
like their chicken killed by KFC lol! This way of hunting is selective and
unlike fishing nets, does not destroy the surrounding habitat.
OUtstanding!! AAA+++!~

Author Your Mother (5 months)
Song name?

Author Aaron Garrett (4 hours)
Wow all the Youtube comments about how unfair spear fishing is. Can you
hold your breath for three minutes? Do you have the nerve to dive 25 or
more feet down? Do you have the balls to move a few links down the food
chain by getting into the water? How "fare" is it to buy a plastic wrapped
slab of meat from an animal that was raised in a pen?

Author Simon Kolesnikov (3 months)
Boo bah they are not criminals. They are doing a sport it's not like
netting it's like fishing. They are not killing sharks or stingrays

Author Omar J White (3 days)
Amazing sport 

Author Mike Hawk (6 days)
4:55 no-scope headshot. 

Author Yiannis Patanas (2 months)
Darude sandstorm...

Author terranelliott (3 months)
they shoot fish to eat, they dont waste. search stuff before you post

Author Ismael Passos (6 days)

Author Filip Uhnger (3 months)
Whats the musik

Author Jenova Casting (5 months)
Song ?

Author Rutger Wullaert (3 months)

Author ody131313 (18 days)
Do you people even read? In the beginning of the video there is a green
back round with text. Read it, then stop spewing your annoying "killing
fish for fun" spam.

Author Ron Really (3 months)
Guess they are like drunks. Started out stupid and got worse. Hope you

Author Asperanik (5 months)
where is this?

Author coolhalo333 (26 days)
i wonder how long he can hold his breath

Author Darren Swett (1 month)
Can you spear sharks?

Author jbkevin (1 month)
stop killing those fish.

Author Ivan Ugresic (3 months)
Whats the song

Author Perico Jones (28 days)
Un hijo de puta mas por deporte

Author MOKHTAR UNKUT (1 month)

Author chr8me (8 months)
I couldn't do this it's unfair, fish don't know how to fear humans like
most creatures do.

Author rhys mallett (1 month)
+ITZTV This is a quality video, Love the slow motion!

Author Sergio Ugodnikov (1 month)
i hope, you don't kill for fun?

Author Mali Mal (1 month)
I can't call this fishing or hunting or something else it looks like he's
killing the fishes in an aquarium ... just for fun 

Author Владимир Ларионов (1 month)

Author Timber Wolf (1 month)
only watched this for a possible shot dolphin

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