Turnigy 9X modifications

FRSKY DIY module (Hobbycity)
LED-mod (Hobbycity)
Beeper mod (DIY)
LED backlight on/off (DIY)

This is my mods so far to my brand new Turnigy 9X radio. I will also solder a programming interface directly to the pcb but it has not yet arrived in my mailbox

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Uploaded by: Niclas Öberg
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Author Frank Mayo (1 year)
I hate videos posted that are meaning less garbage....this is one of them.
Click on with your toys may the toggles always be your friend.

Author Niclas Öberg (3 years)
@jaywonser I have written about it on my webpage

Author perf59 (2 years)
excellent switching, you have a real talent there

Author Greywolf74 (1 year)
I like you mods.

Author james wonser (3 years)
Sorry I meant toggle switches.

Author james wonser (3 years)
Do you have video on how you did dip

Author james wonser (3 years)

Author Niclas Öberg (2 years)
@perf59 Thanks - the video is kinda crappy but I can tell you it sure
works. check my site for all mods

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