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Turnigy 9X V2 Radio Module Mod
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Showing how I modified the Turnigy 9X V2 radio so that I could use other transmitter modules but also be able to use the stock Turnigy system.
The Hyper Honeybee "No Tail Rotor" Heli
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The ETRM "electric tail rotor motor" on my honeybee helicopter burned out recently so I decided to try and fly it like a Hyperfly helicopter. The...
DX6i Backlight install using the $5 Turnigy 9X Kit
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Installing an EL panel as backlight in DX6i Transmitter. I followed the excellent directions posted here -...
T9X - TH9x - Er9x - Cable Installation
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Views: 45622 - switch on english by click on english flag in top right corner of...
Turnigy T9x - Function Settings - part 2
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2. část popisu menu Function Settings, more on / více na:
HobbyKing - Quick Guide: Install Back Light on Turnigy 9X
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This is a video review of the Turnigy 9X DYI Back light kit. The current price is $4.99 at the posting of this video. Hobbyking website:...
Turnigy T9x - CZ - Ailerons, flaperons.
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Návod, jak nastavit dvouservové křídlo s použitím Custom (vlastního) mixu, s použitím mixu FLAPERON, jak nastavíme Flaperony s využitím mixu...
HobbyKing 2.3M Ventus Glider V1 Kit Mods and Dusk Maiden
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HobbyKing 2.3M Ventus V1 Kit with flaps and landing gear. CF reinforced fuselage and wings. Removable elevator (important for the space challenged)...
RC HobbyKing Bind Addtional Turnigy 9X 2.4 GHz 8Ch Receiver (V2)
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Bind Addtional Turnigy 9X 2.4 GHz 8Ch Receiver (V2) with Turnigy 9X transmitter (V2) by HobbyKing.
Modified Turnigy 9X transmitter (Jeti)
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Hardwareumbau einer Turnigy 9X Funkfernsteuerrung auf Jeti mit modifizierter Firmware. Die Firmware wurde ersetzt duch eine Open Source Variante...
Turnigy 9X Aux Channel Setup.Tutorial in HD

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Short Video.Tutorial in HD on how to set up the auxilary Channels 5-9 on a Turnigy 9X V2. Recorded using my Aiptek Full HD Camcorder in Macro-Modus
Turnigy 9X FlightMode Switch on AUX
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have alle the setting done to use the Switch with the help of Mixer Settings here the complete Howto:...
turnigy 9x Modifications summary
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This is a summary to date of what I have done to modify my Turnigy 9x Remote Control Radio
Turnigy 9x FrSky DHT 8ch DIY TX Module Installation 2 Way Telemetry Receivers - HobbyKing Kit
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This is a quick run down on installing the a FrSky Module upgrade for the Turnigy 9x Radio. This kit also works with 2 way telemetry Receivers....
Turnigy 9x flash upgrade wiring how to-part 2
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Views: 16015
This is part 2 of 3 that shows you how to wire and upgrade your Turnigy or Eargle or Flysky 9x or TH9x Tramsitter to accept a USB programmer for...
Lipo conversion for flysky th9x
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Convert your TH9X to lipo
Turnigy 9x - Flaperons using 3 position switch
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Most of the information available online relates to flaps - not flaperons - using the 3 position switch. Flaperons can also be programmed using 2...
RC Plane landing light from 9 LED Flashlight
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Views: 6693
***NOTE*** I had to add a 4.7 ohms 1/4watt resistor to keep the voltage down. While the voltage is only 4.2 volts, it was burning out the LEDS....
RC Bind the Turnigy 9X V2 tx with the HK-GT-2 3Ch rx
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Views: 17456
The video shows how to bind the Turnigy 9X V2 2.4GHz tx with the HK-GT-2 3ch 2,4GHz rx. It is suitable for small applications.
g9x Telemetry Test Code Demonstration
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 5186
The gruinv9x Open Source Project Hosted by Fr-Sky Telemetry, Custom PCB and other cool stuff - - -...
Moded (Mode 1 to 2) HobbyKing FlySky Turnigy 9x V2 2.4 GHz Radio

Views: 29893
Dislikes from US 1, Spain 1, France 1, Canada 1, UK 1, Italy 2, Serbia 1. YouTube does not reveal who you are but this might be of interest to...
flysky th9x Turnigy 9x how repair battery polarity shortage.
Rating RatingRatingRatingRating
Views: 4211
th9x using 3 voltage regulators big midi-am and small size 7805 and 22uf 25v capacitor i change regulators and capacitor Well now radio is working...
Turnigy 9x how to set up failsafe.wmv
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
Views: 20940
To many products coming from Asia these days missing the instruction manuals, or if they do come with the manual the interpretation sucks! In any...
Flite Test - Turnigy 9X - REVIEW
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating 
Views: 141904
Flite Test - REVIEW Turnigy 9X The new and improved Turnigy 9x controler from Hobby King is hard to get a hold of, but well worth it for the...
Turnigy 9x Sound Mod
Rating Rating Rating RatingRating
Views: 8878
This mod working only with alternative firmvare that can generate musical tones. PC speaker from Dell PC installed with small amplifier.


Author Frank Mayo (9 months)
I hate videos posted that are meaning less garbage....this is one of them.
Click on with your toys may the toggles always be your friend.

Author Niclas Öberg (2 years)
@jaywonser I have written about it on my webpage

Author perf59 (2 years)
excellent switching, you have a real talent there

Author Greywolf74 (9 months)
I like you mods.

Author james wonser (2 years)
Sorry I meant toggle switches.

Author james wonser (2 years)
Do you have video on how you did dip

Author james wonser (2 years)

Author Niclas Öberg (2 years)
@perf59 Thanks - the video is kinda crappy but I can tell you it sure
works. check my site for all mods

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