Rolling in the Nexus | Adele x ClariS


"Rolling in the Deep" by Adele
"nexus" by ClariS

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Runtime: 4:30
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Author Jac/k/al (5 months)
Wait is ClariS a duo? Also is it prepared "Clari-S" or "Clarise" like
Rudolph's hoe?

Author Mister Okami (4 months)
Having never heard Rolling in the Deep or Nexus before you could have told
me that this was an actual song and not a mash-up and I would have believed
you, honestly can't tell that this is two songs spliced together.

Author Tom Hamilton (1 month)
I came.

Author Asawin Keo (1 month)
OMG groovy 😍

Author Rollinappler274 (26 days)
This sounds really good wow

Author Nicholas Ruei (28 days)
Does anyone know the genre of this instrumental? I really enjoy that
bass/piano/electronic sound.

Author HT1313 (1 month)
I fucking love this song now!

Author Dave Voyles (4 months)
Great mashup 

Author kofi agyeman (1 month)
schoolboy q man of the year x don't lose your way

Author Joshua Reyes (8 months)

Author Cringe Fest (5 months)
Holy fuck it's decent

Author dark.flame.master1111 (3 months)
how come all the cords so matched, very good! 

Author Sam A. (3 months)
If all of Adele's songs could sound this groovy... :3

Author Azis Amrullah (3 months)
awsome :D

Author citrine ssv (4 months)
"fangirl barometer is broken"

Author Lengy Clib (4 months)
เพราะมาก >3<

Author Homura Akemi (5 months)
mfw Rolling in the Deep sounds smoother now. It's a good thing. =w=

Author lompocus (8 months)
god damnit, those hats don't do anything useful! Why are they worn?!

Author CorazonDeLeon92 (9 months)
You made Adele listenable, sorry if that offends anyone but that's just my
opinion. Great stuff.

Author Jennifer Ashlyn (6 months)
I'm just going to say *sexy = cute*. It's great for a woman to embrace her
sexuality, but it's also great if she's not afraid to show her girly side. 

Author TheTwoWangClan (6 months)
Is it gods will that I continue to stumble into these videos?

Is this a trial of some sort?

Author Tomoko Takahashi (7 months)
+Imanii Lee +Mia Lei Check this out! It's super cute and could be use for
a basic video. The beat is amazing. 

Author Lilly The Creator (11 months)
Guys, I got here by accident and I really like it.

But, what's "ClariS"?

If its anime, can you guys tell me where I can watch it and if its not...
Well, could you guys explain what it is?

Because I really like this.

Author evxz (8 months)
ClariS in image isn't needed I think, it's just the instrumental. :S

Author Luke D (8 months)
holy wow. . . .

Author Assmouth06 (9 months)
This is better than the actual song

Author Diana Jiménez (9 months)
Amazing, I love 

Author Moe Daishuki (1 year)
Adele X ClariS

Rolling in the Deep X Nexus 

Author 시리우스 (10 months)

Author Jinx Jones (8 months)

Author Angelo Skentolnon THE RIDE Garcia (1 year)

Author Mikudancer maker (10 months)
y claris?

Author StaryStarDust (11 months)
That'd be cool if you hear like the lyrics from both parts, like english
and japanese verses xDD but it's just a suggestion, kinda curious of how it
would sound

Author 한성김 (11 months)
i like it

Author Adam Keomanivong (11 months)

Omg godly mashup. Was here for ClariS

Author Beverley Allen (11 months)
ClariS is a japanese pop dual group. The 2 members are called Alice and
Clara (to protect their real identity). They are represented as anime
characters because they haven't posted any real pictures of themselves
online, So they got people draw them. Alice is the one with straight hair
and Clara is the one with curly hair. Hope this helps

Author Febrian Pardamean (11 months)
lovely ^^

Author juan pablo iribarren abarca (11 months)
:D nice me gusto (y)

Author Richard Brown (9 months)

Author 0tterball (1 year)
this is where i disagree with you and if you say anything other than my
opinion it is my duty as an american to riot and protest against obama cute
> sexy

Author Steven Ventro (1 year)

Author tobiuosakana (1 year)
I like this song! :)

Author Raptor12213 (1 year)
Almost as smooth as parov stelar.....

Author ThisIsWEB (1 year)
I like.

Author Kaworu Nagisa (1 year)

Author rotolotto (1 year)
Everything inside me wished the uploader had pasted one of those hats on
Adele too

Author otamegane101 (1 year)
Nexus' instrumental really fits the Adele's song.. LOL.. well.. as expected
from same key.. XDD

Author klimby (1 year)
Where can I find more like that? I mean, more funk-jazzy remixes of popular

Author ElegantSkies (1 year)
She's beautiful in every way.

Author Kaworu Nagisa (1 year)
I think you should re-evaluate your life.

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