MLP: FIM Comic Fandub - The Magic of Love by CSImadmax

Another little fandub done for fun. Hope you guys like it. :)

Celestia - IMShadow007
Cadence - Kizame777
Shining Armour - SonicFan39Returns

EDITING/MIXING - SonicFan39Returns

ORIGINAL COMIC - The Magic of Love by CSImadmax

Memories - Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL OST
Yuma's Theme - Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL OST
Bubbles' Dance - Dragon Ball Z Kai OST

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 0:48
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Author Miley Rain (4 months)
....Shining Armor! I am very disappointed in you! Such dirty thoughts

Author Jumaine Watkis (2 months)
0:11 Aha ha ha haha
Armor thinks he's is lucky.

Author Andrea Edwards (20 days)
What I think shining is that to report to Celstia about there sex

Author snowball25860 (1 month)
u are gross u were going to sex with him ???

Author Nyah Mitchell (1 month)
he did wish that he got poon

Author sonicrideer2 (4 months)
HAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY and bro sooooo close 

Author JLo Danielle Sapalo (2 months)
shining thought it was honeymoon in every place in equestria

Author Kurow Ushiwaka (2 months)

Author Cloud Dasher (2 months)
What.. The.. Buck!!!!

*Third time I've had to say this today what is wrong with people!*

Author MelodyPlaysToontown (2 months)
Pervert Alert!!!

Author Christopher Benedict (2 months)

Author JCBro2014 (2 months)
Really Celestia, did you have to say "Making Love"?

Author Dianna Loecher (5 months)
XD WTF?!? Shining Armor, you got a dirty mind 

Author Heather Hagley (3 months)
._. so kinky!

Author Rougamaru (6 months)
Always good for a laugh! XD

Author Gabby Gooden (3 months)
Oh shinning

Author Lucario EclipseFTW (3 months)
LOLDidnt know Shining was a Pervert XD

Author ruby Mauch (3 months)
Lolz!! XD

Author Paige Harris (3 months)

Author Pom Gets Wi-fi (3 months)

Author ana tista (4 months)

Author Angel girl (4 months)
Shining armor ur a bad boy 

Author Jokodi Haynes (5 months)
he thinks it was sex but it was the magic of love shining armor got shot
down lol

Author Rune Creeper (8 months)
there hoes the sex scene ._.

Author Allec Fox (8 months)
Co-co-co-co-cock breaker!!! XD

Author spartan pony (6 months)

Author lucas nathaniel (9 months)

Author Joseph Marrison (7 months)
LOL! Ew Shining Armour you dirty boy!

Author Vinyl Scratch (2 months)
poor shining armor he doesnt get to have sex with cadence


Author Josh Osborne (7 months)

Author Andrew Lopez (7 months)
Shining really wished it was that love

Author kirbylover saylor (3 months)

Author Bella Haddock (10 months) that's all I can say.

Author Victoria Brown (4 months)
Lol, darn poor guy

Author Aliyah Nolasco (3 months)

Author Kathryn Dudley (8 months)
whats with the ohhhhhhhhh p?

Author GeneralSonicBoom (8 months)
That's what she said XD

Author Elizabeth Pryer (3 months)
you have the dirtyest mind dude!

Author Collin Begue' (11 months)
Boner killed lol

Author Bk 51 (11 months)

Author Luna Whitewing (7 months)
wow........ just wow.

Author Leanne Payne (9 months)

Author Donzell Henry (11 months)
My face...

Author Gabriel Maynard (11 months)
I have a dirty mind

Author Eliza Blakeborough (7 months)
Oh shining armour. Y U SO FUNNY

Author 3fatkid (8 months)
"shining and cadance was taped before a live studio audience"

Author Cadence Mia Mora Cadenza (10 months)
Shining your not gonna get that

Author jayden pruden (1 year)
lol that was too funny

Author VlkCZ (1 year)
it happens

Author Conner Kenway (1 year)
Shining atmou: Well there goes my boner

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