Jessi Colter Sings 'I Thought I Heard You Call My Name.'

I uploaded the Don Gibson version so I thought it only fair to put Jessi Colter's great version on as well.

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Author Bob Harris (10 days)
This song was out in 1964 by Porter Wagner. It was a medley with another
song. Don't know the name, but it was beautiful and I've never heard that
version since. I don't think Jess Colter was recording in 1964

Author walter meakins (1 day)
she is the best. thay dont hve any good music like this no more.

Author Gordon Woodward (1 month)
Woody Woodward: Jessi: "I still feel the same." Truer words were never
spoken, You never get over a true love, Never!

Author Glen Saunders (4 months)
Slow dancing in the dark.....

Author joze gorisek (1 month)
to je pesem ki ti zmehča vse,kar imaš trdega in te pomiri..

Author Barbra Bishop (8 days)
beautiful version of a beautiful song

Author Cynthia Flanagan (4 months)
My favorite country singer, so nice when her and Waylon used to be a duet.

Author paacer (6 months)
Brilliant version of such a lovely song . Jessi has such a beautiful voice
. Many thanks tarquin for uploading .

Author 79harleyen (6 months)
Waylon would of never made it to the age of 73 without this woman they
truly loved each other my wife died at 29 years old, man we have 12
wonderful years together I miss her everyday

Author Maggie Mae (1 month)
Beautiful lady, beautiful song

Author Cheryl Taylor (1 month)
beautiful song to dance to.

Author Bob Bell (1 month)
Beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful lady

Author Wendell Duff (18 days)

Author Gary Vuorela (3 months)
HI Jessie Colter,nice song,well done,I subbed you can you do the

Author Stuart Stevenson (5 months)
Beautiful lady, beautiful song - Jessi rocks!

Author Sandy Miller (3 months)
Aw Jessi, you just took that beautiful old song and made it yours. Now,
everytime I hear it I will think of Jessi's version.

Author buckonews (6 months)
voice and looks. i bet a personality to match.

Author sheba1960 (4 months)
lovely song

Author Leo Mayer (2 months)
Sends shivers down my spine....God what a voice

Author Yvonne Seewald (8 months)
Lovely Jessi and what a beautiful song, she sing's it with so much heart
and soul.
Fantastic voice..Thank's to tarquin45 for posting. 

Author mosrite60 (3 months)
The steel work can only and only be Ralph Mooney. he mainly backed up
Waylon. But other studio work various artists. R.I.P. mosrite60

Author Lee Moore (4 months)
an outlaw and a lady? what????

Author trevor stevenson (2 months)
Fav Jessi song.

Author joze gorisek (2 months)
me očara ta pesem..

Author mike mccarron (8 months)
To My dear Sister Marie on your birthday 8 April happy birthday my love

Author merlinshat007 (5 months)
I always loved her ! but I don't think they gave her enough reign cos she
could do more than was given her ! she is my ultimate!!

Author anthony diodati (8 months)
wonder if that is her on piano, I'll bet it is.

Author elizabeth barbour (6 months)

Author Gerrit Prins (9 months)
very nice

Author Shirley Mcdaniel (9 months)

Author D Storm (4 months)
Big-time talent right there.

Author Cassy Carter (10 months)
I loved dancing with my X to music like this, We called it "Bellie Rubbin"
music. Ohh those good old days, bring them back please

Author peggy lane ,bishop (7 months)
Jessi always puts the best in all she 's ever sang...feelings...!!!!!

Author Wiggele Bosma (3 months)

Author Tom O'Rourke (1 year)
real music :)

Author Sonny B (6 months)
There's only one Jesse.

Author antonio pastore (5 months)
SUPERBA, grande Jessi,in un'esecuzione impeccabile. !!!!!

Author Oddbjørn Fjelde (10 months)
What a great voice, Love it

Author MrSandRune (5 months)
Too far from Home,in The Cold Winter Star-Dome

Author antoninus43 (6 months)
Great song and delivery! Thank you.

Author mike mccarron (10 months)

Author Drema Cooper (7 months)

Author Barbara Maclean (1 year)

Author roadwarrior3 (3 years)
When God felt a need to listen to the Oulaw part of Country and Western
music, he gave us Waylon Jennings. And HE realized immediately, the Outlaw
was constantly getting wild and out of control. So HE gave WJ Jessi
Coulter, .... what a Blessing. And this Angel has never stopped
"delivering" the sweetest songs with WJ and by herself.

Author Shylo Stone (2 years)
Really enjoyed this song. Beautifully done. Does anyone know who is playing
the piano(s) on this sound tract? Would love to hear more of this type of
music. Thanks for posting...

Author Thesea44 (3 years)
What a great voice, Love it

Author tiretracts1 (1 year)
Only someone that has lived this could write a song this true. Sad :( ...
Jessi did a great job singing this song

Author Danny Brooks (1 year)
Such haunting beautiful soul. You got to live it to sing it like this.

Author Wayne Skinner (1 year)
all ways thought jessie was a beautiful lady and is one great singer.

Author KentuckyLady (4 years)
@1150ram I totally agree. I miss Waylon bad too! :( She is so gorgeous and
they loved each other to the extreme, and it is like that here with my dear
husband me. Been married 44 years now and sure hope for a few more. :) (The
only thing is we can't sing LOL)

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