The Dillards W/ Maggie Peterson aka The Darlin Boys w/ Charlene "Salty Dog Blues"

The Dilliards with Maggie Peterson, known as The Darlin Boys with sister Charlene sing" Salty Dog Blues" These three are well known for being on the Andy Griffith show over 40 years ago and they are as fun to watch now as they were then. The Dillards were just inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of fame.
If you love bluegrass music and great performers like these, you can see them perform at The James Garner Center in Troy, N.C. Check out and see what great bluegrass group you can see next by promoter Jeff Branch and First Bank of N.C.

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Author George Jetson (2 months)
Charlene still looks like Charlene!
And Rodney's huge....

Author Michael Carla (5 months)
I don't know why I never thought about looking this group up as I'm such a
fan. Born in 1970, I was an avid watcher of AG in what would have been, I
assume, the first round of reruns on station KPHO TV 5 out of Phoenix in
rural central Arizona (Verde Valley). This show was then,my favorite show
hands down. AG maintains this place even after nearly 44 years on planet
earth and lots of TV viewing. It is also my wife's favorite completely
independent of my choice made sometime before we met in high school. I give
you this info not to brag or make a narcissistic connection to celebrity.
Rather, this information illustrates how, incredible music, small town
life, faith in God, clean living, humility, humor and kindness can touch
people so profoundly as to seemingly break or render nonexistent
sociological or geographic barriers. Good people living happy in faith,
friendship, and sincere caring for one another are what will deliver us as
both a nation and as inhabitants of a diverse world.

Author bobdroidx (12 days)
Great video! Thank you for sharing it.

Author CriticalListener (1 month)
Don't forget that final 'g'--DARLING was the family name!

Author TheShizue777 (1 year)
I'm with you on "classic TV." It wasn't that we were prudes back in the
1950s and 1960s. We enjoyed true humor performed by real actors. A few
years back I saw Andy Griffith on Ralph Emery's show. They highlighted the
episode which makers me laugh big time every time it's on: Barney
"reciting" the preamble to the Constitution. There isn't a word that Andy
doesn't have to feed to Barney. This was after Barney had bragged that the
preamble is something you never forget, "like riding a bike."

Author Fred Pilcher (3 years)
Not their finest perfomance, but still brilliant!

Author Jerry (2 years)
TAGS and the Darlings (dillards) introduced the united stated to a style of
music that most had never heard before. It allowed bluegrass to spread and
be heard and loved all over the country. Rest in peace, Mitch! I always
thought that you "spoke" the loudest with your facial expressions and body
language even though your characters were mute!!!

Author Mandolin1944 (2 years)
I see that thanks -- I don't think it was there earlier.

Author Michael Friedman (1 year)
Excellent musical performance !

Author kevinjconroy (3 years)
just saw this on andy griffith last night....all these years later, they
did an excellent job singin' that....still got the spirit

Author Newburyport Troubador (2 years)
@Sunburst64 Mitch passed away on August 2, 2010, a month after his 82nd
birthday. I'm sure it was a tremendous loss for the group, as he was a fine
bass player.

Author merry2 (3 years)
timeless classic. i just got done watching several andy griffith show
episodes with my 11 year old daughter. i loved the darlins music.

Author Sunburst64 (3 years)
@marcosmyros Thanks!

Author uselessjoe (2 years)
"best band in the land?" r u kiddin Maggie?

Author Cameron9242008 (1 year)
This is true but, in Return to Mayberry, Charlene was still living with the
Dillards a single woman. That "Nut" as Barney referred to him Earnest T was
still persuing her. I often wonder what the story was on that. Perhaps
Earnest T threw a rock and hit ol Dud in the head, he ran away and never
returned. just a guess.

Author Mike Hydro (9 months)
well done thank you for the upload I love these guys and im 27 :)

Author Nina Davis (3 years)
After all these years The Darling boys talk. I guess their all keyed up

Author lancetop (1 year)
wow Charlene looks AWESOME!!!!!!

Author Sunburst64 (4 years)
Wheres Dean and Mitch? Missouri banjo picker wanys to know.

Author TheShizue777 (2 years)
Beautiful! Just watched an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" with Maggie
Peterson singing with the Dillards. What memories and what talent! God
bless them all.

Author TheShizue777 (10 months)
Howard McNear Was one of those actors who could do so much in a seemingly
effortless way. His character, Floyd the Barber, was wonderful. It's nice
to hear that he was just as funny in real life. One of the things I did not
realize until just recently was that Howard played Doc on Gunsmoke on the
radio along with William Conrad and Parley Baer, Marshal Dillon and Chester
respectively. Can you imagine those three rich, distinctive voices coming
at you over the radio? Heaven!

Author desertswo (1 year)
The Dillards weren't the only bluegrass act to appear with Andy. Clarence &
Roland White, with the Kentucky Colonels, also appeared a couple of times.
Clarence put the "country" in country-rock with the last iteration of the
Byrds in their "Sweethearts of the Rodeo" phase. Sadly, he was killed by a
hit & run driver at 29 just as he was acquiring a much wider audience. He &
Byrds drummer Gene Parsons built the first "B-bender" Telecaster. A gimmick
highly prized by the young guns of Nashville.

Author Augest West (2 years)
Gotta Love It, Most TV shows, movies would have music not played by the
people you would see, The actors. Even John Wane was shown playing guitar
and singing in an old movie. BUT the dilliards were the real deal. As were
who else in the 60's TV Era???? I'll give you a hint. The people they would
visit lived next door to the banker.

Author MrLolingoutloud (9 months)
Flatt&Scruggs on the Beverly Hillbillies.

Author carltn (2 years)
GOSH ,Folks I loved this ,At 50 this was one of my favorite Griffth
show(with the darlins and denver pyle),,I cried listening too these folks
,Seein Charlene(Maggie) with the boys(Dillards) againJust brought the tears
forward ,,Thats for this post

Author Sore Sitter (4 years)
she still looks good.still has a real good voice.and enthusiasm super loved
the show ansd her singing.

Author jim g (4 years)
They have retired several years ago,

Author Michael Friedman (2 years)
Excellent musical performance!

Author boomerlesterok (1 year)
I remember the Dilliards would not say a word on the Andy Griffith show.

Author banjoscott (3 years)
@46r11,..they are in key

Author 46r11 (4 years)
Would help if they were in key

Author 82abnbob1 (10 months)
Barney was a stitch for sure, but Andy Griffith said that Floyd the barber
was the one that killed them on the set.

Author Mandolin1944 (2 years)
Great video. I wish someone could post the original version the Dillards
and Maggie doing this song on the Andy Griffith show back in 1965 or so.

Author Sunniest Moon (1 year)
loved won

Author Augest West (2 years)
It's right here on this page!

Author Mark Myers (3 years)
@Sunburst64 Dean Plays with a local Missouri band called The Missouri Boat
Ride Bluegrass Band

Author kdegru (1 year)
The Andy Griffith show has timeless values and talent all rolled up into a
show that has never left syndication and for very good reason. Griffith and
Knotts were pure magic together in that show. I could spend all of my TV
viewing hours on just classic TV.

Author Michele Reino (1 year)
Dei simpatici attempati ...molto divertenti!!

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