Polyface: Rabbits

East Coast Trip 2010

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Author Dustin Green (1 year)
I want to see this farm!

Author rykus9 (2 years)
In truth, everything is supposed to die. And happy, organic, egg laying
hens, not grown for eating, make the same noise. Unfortunately, it seems as
though you've never actually been around a chicken. It is insulting to
animals to constantly personify them with human trappings and emotions.
Chickens are pretty much stoked all the time when they are taken care of,
and Im pretty sure they have very little idea of their own mortality until
it comes time... You should maybe go see a farm sometime.

Author jeffdustin (2 years)
"Freeeeeedom!", "I don't want my freedom". - A Braveheart/Chicken Run

Author afrim07073 (2 years)
Go learn to make a video man.

Author Julieaism (1 year)
and how do those rabbits sit up and stretch their backs?

Author himarty (2 years)
It would be nice if you had researched it before stating them as fact.
Whatch this clip. made by the industry, about broiler chickens There is nothing miniature abt them,
except they are killed at a young age simply because they grow much faster
than normal. They are babies that look like adults, not simply midgets. And
about hens, they are actually kept to 12-18 months. Like broilers, if you
keep hens longer like I did they simply fall apart. These are facts.

Author Denise Schulz (1 year)
one of these Rabbits looks like my Jacky. But Jacky had a much better life,
he had a looooot more space to run and do what he wants, although i have
not as much space as the people in the video

Author kastnmagic (2 years)
Chickens make that sound all the time...It's part of their communication.
Obviously you've never seen a live chicken...

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
You are barking up the wrong tree man. Actually acting like a troll now. If
he is showing people using cruel CAFO how to both raise animals more
humanely AND still profit as much or more. Then he is part of the solution,
not part of the problem. Attacking Joel while CAFO exists is counter
productive and frankly makes you sound like an idiot.

Author regardenthare (2 years)
@tippersmami whats shockong about it? compaired to comercial raisers they
have lots of space per cage, they are clean, and they go back out on paster
after a time.

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
Sorry, Still barking up the wrong tree. I don't understand what your major
malfunction is? You can't figure it out? Really that myopic? If 99 cars are
speeding on a hiway at 100 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, and one guy is going 56 in
the same 55 zone. You attack the guy going 56 because he is speeding too?
Sorry dude. You are simply wrong. A trolling idiot. Go find something
important to do. You are wasting your time.

Author Arahantzz (1 year)
Rabbits are lazy and just like to lay down whenever possible, they are
happy laying around most of the day if their needs are met ie, food, water.
The wire floor may be uncomfortable but i doubt its painful, they're feet
are quite long as it is and spread out their weight much more then human
feet. A rabbits foot would be like us wearing snowshoes. They don't hop
around much in most environments, unless they have to forage for their food
or to mate.

Author Joseph Lorusso (1 year)
Harmed internally? you're not a farmer are you??

Author himarty (1 year)
My problem is with selective breeding. I have experience raising chickens
for the eggs and know they are suffering and experienced them die young. My
research and vets confirm this. Their avg life is much shorter today. If
women were selectively bred to give birth more and more often--say every 7
months starting at age 9--the quality and duration of life is not there.
Animals hide their pain so they are not targeted by predators. He can't
claim they are happy chickens--or raised compassionately.

Author Robert Rapo (2 years)
this to me is a very mean way to keep rabbit for any reason

Author himarty (1 year)
Essentially, if people ate fewer/no animal products we can afford to pay
more, making it profitable to raise animals that produce fewer eggs, meat,
etc. It is also much healthier to eat more on the fruits/vegetables/nuts
than animal-derived items. (One example: broccoli contains more protein per
calorie than steak.) All these habits are making us sick, and I have a
feeling this is the animals' payback. What goes around comes around, but it
shouldn't be this way as most people are unaware.

Author Denise Schulz (1 year)
i had a lot of rabbits since i was a little child. they are everything but
not lazy! they need space to run, they sometimes love running, playing with
each other, cleaning each other, burry in the earth, jumping, eating fresh
grass all the day and yes, sometimes lay somewhere, but they always look
for a comfortable place and not like in the video

Author himarty (1 year)
From epa . gov: "At one time, there were many distinct breeds of chicken,
each having particular traits or characteristics. Through selective
breeding, only a few strains of birds dominate the market today. There are
many primary breeding companies of poultry, but only a handful are
responsible for most of the broiler chicken, laying hen, and turkey
production in the world. "

Author jessiewabbit (2 years)
REAL FACTS: Cornish hens are miniature chickens. These chickens were bred
to be big yes, but they were bred to be able to withstand being big. Hens
dont lay eggs until they are like 5 months. Hens are kept until they are 2
or 3, because the older they are the bigger eggs they lay, thats where
jumbo eggs come from. Chickens beaks are made of the same materials your
nails and hair are, does it hurt to cut your nails?

Author himarty (1 year)
I am against selective breeding of animals that makes them suffer. It is
not profitable because consumers have no clue about this+nutrition. Dr.
Fuhrman says we should get 90-100% of our nutrition from plant-based food,
so if we eat egg once a week, meat every few months, we can pay more for
it=Animals are happy, farmer is profitable raising heritage breeds, and
humans will not get sick as often. Our chance of cancer is 44.81%,
overweight/obese is 69.2%, and per WSJ we spend 25% on healthcare.

Author NintendoKitty (3 years)
Do the chickens consume the rabbit feces? Is that why they are penned
together or due to lack of space?

Author himarty (1 year)
There are many conflicting studies meant to confuse people, that is why
health/waistline/cost trends are not reversing. I am trying to be
objective, for the animals and people's health. I suggest getting one of
Dr. Fuhrman's books. One of them is available on plentyofebooks net. Dr.
Fuhrman is unbiased and knows how to digest the studies. Studies are costly
and if sponsored by the industry (study sponsors, magazine ads, etc) then
they are tainted and you need an unbiased person to screen them.

Author himarty (2 years)
I used to eat eggs and meat every day. Yes, I have occasionally seen those
graphic activist videos on the news, but there r bad apples everywhere n
because many of their workers are ex-cons what can you expect? What change
is when my own hens started falling apart and there was nothing anyone can
do except try to extend their life with diet and meds, which didn't last
long. Those chickens were like cats and dogs, chase you, ask for treats,
sit on you, lick you... but were internally messed up.

Author jp3eku (2 years)
whoever filming is horrific! with all of the shaking and quick turns it
makes this video unwatchable!

Author jeffdustin (2 years)
I think my rabbit would pee on a chicken.

Author himarty (2 years)
As far as I know, he kills the egg chickens at an early age, probably 18
months, when production starts to drop. (If you notice, the meat chickens
are cornish, which grow twice as fast twice as big, they suffer just by
being who they are, in their breed.) I should have mentioned heart attacks,
my pet chicken just dropped dead from it n I had no idea until I started
researching breeds. These are standard breeds Polyface n other "humane"
farmers raise. I am not an activist, it is facts. Research.

Author michael tascarini (3 years)
The breed is unique to Daniel Salatin. The caging is temporary. Only used
from the time the doe is almost ready to kindle until the litter is weaned
and put to pasture.

Author christianz2010 (2 years)
dont the rabbits pis on the chickens?

Author himarty (1 year)
I spend hours every day crunching #s. You are no match to my math skills,
so don't even try. I am sorry for attacking your idol. Really didn't mean
it to be personal. It will be nice if you looked outside the box to see,
maybe his animals are suffering. But I understand it is not as profitable
to raise animals both compassionately+commercially--you actually lose
unless you can educate+find enough customers. That is how I first figured
it out: the numbers simply didn't add up Have a great year!

Author Vote4RonPaulLiberty (2 years)
VERY well said!

Author OffWithHerHead88 (2 years)
I agree with what you said 100%. These animals are being well cared for. I
raised rabbits for 13 years and plan on having a few when my husband and I
have children. Not everyone who raises rabbits or other animals are
neglectful. You can see these bunnies are well socialized and loved because
of how friendly they are, especially the ones with new babies. There's
nothing wrong with having these animals as long as you are educated on the
proper and humane care of them.

Author SilverFlame819 (2 years)
WTF? That's chicken talk for curiosity. They're investigating things. Have
you ever been around a chicken in your life?

Author Carol Curtis (1 year)
It is cruel to keep those poor innocent bunnies all caged up. They need to

Author Captain Tim (1 year)
what do you suggest??? A Condo?

Author himarty (1 year)
To conclude: Whether selectively bred as production hens, dual layer (in
your example, to increase spent value) or broilers (which he does raise,
hence he is not altruistic), they are being harmed internally. This is an
industry fact made worst over the last 100 years. Ployface is a marketing
power machine. He talks non-stop portraying himself as someone who answers
to a higher authority. He is not good/altruistic, just "not as bad." His
customers are unaware. They are being fooled.

Author Vomit TidalWave (1 year)
Great vid.... check out my chan... I have day to day updates of the babies
from birth to dinner plate.

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
Again you are wrong. Not hugely wrong, just not quite objective. The actual
numbers (lower is better) from the largest and longest scientific meta
study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition "Mortality in
vegetarians and non-vegetarians: detailed findings from a collaborative
analysis of 5 prospective studies" .82 pescetarian (fish eating semi
vegetarian) .84 ovo lacto vegetarians .84 occasional (< once a week) meat
eaters 1.00 Vegans 1.00 regular meat eaters.

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
You need to simply visit the farm. Then you'll know. And BTW I do have
experience raising chickens and rabbits. PolyFace has their own method,
which is a variation on what is called (multi species) managed intensive
rotational grazing. It's a permaculture technique. Look it up. Or if you
wan't maybe check out my 2 playlists on it.

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
The second part of your post...... You don't attack someone that makes a
huge improvement in the traditional CAFO method because he didn't improve
it as much as you personally would prefer. That's just ridiculous. I am
well aware there are some holes in his model with room for even more
improvement. Actually I am attempting to develop a model myself that does
that. I have been working on it for a while. It is not nearly as easy as
you think though. You have a model that could replace CAFO?

Author Marialla (3 years)
I'm afraid sound quality isn't great, and it's hard to hear what she's
saying. Also, the camera moving so much makes me feel dizzy or sick. I'm
sad for that, because I really did want to learn about the info here.

Author himarty (1 year)
I couldn't tell from this video if they are debeaked but that is besides
the point. It is like saying it is OK to hurt an animal if you are only
doing so part of the time. The fact is that these chickens are suffering,
laying way too many eggs because of selective breeding. I don't care how
this monkey advertises his product--happy chickens, free-range,
pastured--he can't ignore this fact. Ask him: "why not raise chicken that
lay fewer eggs, so that they "work" instead of "slave."

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
AHA I get it. You are against the breeds. I never thought I would meet a
heritage breed purist. I guess now I have. For your information, Salatin is
actually working on developing a market for heritage breeds too. Although
his main production is commercial varieties. Right now they just are not
very profitable commercially. But yes, every year he does raise some in an
experiment to find a heritage breed alternative for his business model.

Author sgrin2300 (3 years)
The guy asks if someone combs the rabbits fur! lol!!

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
That's again where you are wrong. Or did you pay attention to the chickens
in both vids? Not the same breed. Furthermore he chose the breed more
capable of foraging and being a real chicken VS other breeds that are so
inbred they can't even function as a chicken anymore. Sacrificed eggs per
year too. Salatin's average 200 per year instead of the 300+ CAFO produces.
It's a good compromise between good production without sacrificing quality.
His rabbits too are line bred for foraging.

Author himarty (1 year)
He is raising selectively disabled animals. If he makes it obvious to his
customers, then he is "not as bad" as factory farms. That does not make him
special, because his animals still suffer because of the way they were
bred. From what I have seen most/all of his clients are not aware. Everyone
knows CAFO are bad, but how many know about selective breeding? To say or
imply that his animals are happy is a stretch, and simply a marketing ploy.

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
That is a bit too little actually for most people. But it does vary.
However jumping on Salatin for the issue which is actually a CAFO issue is
like being angry at the doctor because you are sick. Salatin is part of the
solution my friend. You are wrong to attack a man that has come up with a
method that is 1,000 times better than conventional, both for the animals
and nutritionally.

Author cubaniton74 (2 years)
I bet you he wears pink panties.

Author countrybabe561 (2 years)
@clydemo59 No no no!!! You don't know anything about farming darling.

Author Red Baron Farm (1 year)
Well you have to start with good numbers! Crunch this: His land produces 5
times the quantity of food per acre that conventional grazing produces.
That means it produces actually MORE food per acre than the disgusting CAFO
factory farming method. Which, if you know anything about the traditional
CAFO model, heavily relies on commercial grain production that destroys
entire ecosystems and causes untold suffering. Meaning 160 million acres of
farmland could be converted to pasture. Crunch that!

Author Captain Tim (1 year)
Of Course, what do you think!!!

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