GTA San Andreas - Tips & Tricks - Special Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition


Special Vehicles - In GTA San Andreas there are special vehicles found in some missions that result immune to fire, explosions, bullets, etc.

In this guide we will show you some of these vehicles, explaining how to get them.
It is not a complete list but only a selection of the most interesting or useful.

For many of these vehicles we advise using a Towtruck or a Tractor, both can tow another means of transport making it much easier to bring special vehicles inside the garage.
The Tractor is easily found in the contryside, while there is always a Towtruck available in the junkyard north of Mt. Chiliad.

NOTE: After parking your vehicle in the garage, always enter the house and save otherwise the vehicle could disappear from the garage.

List of the vehicles shown in this video:

- 1:16 - Forklift [Bulletproof] (Robbing Uncle Sam)
- 1:53 - Tampa [Bullet, Fire and Damage proof] (Nines and AKs)
- 2:54 - Tahoma [Bulletproof] (House Party)
- 3:47 - Admiral [Bullet, Fire, Explosion and Damage proof] (Los Sepulcros)
- 5:17 - Savannah [Bulletproof] (High Stakes, Low Rider)
- 6:39 - Sabre [Bullet, Fire, Explosion and Damage proof] (Tanker Commander)
- 8:20 - Tanker [Bulletproof] (Tanker Commander)
- 9:38 - Patriot [Bullet, Fire and Explosion proof] (Big Smoke couriers)
- 11:00 - Maverick [Bullet, Fire, Explosion and Damage proof] (Misappropriation)
- 12:46 - Walton [Bullet, Fire, Explosion and Damage proof] (Madd Dogg)

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Author matescz2 (6 months)
I have an problem with Mission Mad Dogg he jump down too soon and he dies
then game writes me Mission Failed.

Author MickMoney Money (3 months)
I can't save during a mission

Author AdamBlackHat (3 months)
Easier way for the All-proof admiral: Get a tow truck or a tractor in the
Grove street garage, start the mission, ignore the sweet and ride to the
cementery, and when you have admiral on sight, shoot at the ballas to fail
the mission. Now you can easily tow the admiral anywhere.

Author kyle apap (15 days)
there's a fully bulletproof rancher after the mission "LURE" all you have
to do is complete the misson.

Author Nox Vayne (7 months)
Can someone tell me if the Savannah (Cesar's car) in that Villa on the hill
(The same villa/house you get Truth's van) has the same properties? or it
has to be from the race and there's no way else of geting it. Thanks, keep
up the good work.

Author kajus jakovlevas (1 month)
06:52 Easter egg Max pane resembling Max payne 

Author jordy minten (1 month)
The second you can get in a carshop to

Author xXrafaMasterXx (3 months)
Omg what is the name of this song????

Author Bass Brababiru (5 months)
You can drive the cars after? Or it still locked forever?

Author Official Geek² (7 months)
you know it's easier to get a trainer and spawn these cars with all there
special properties. I reccomend GTA SA crazy trainer.

Author ali suleiman (6 months)
why dont he just drive it in

Author Blaze Knight (4 months)
I have some trouble at the tampa when i go inside the safe house the
diskette isn't there i am using the AO version of the game on pc

Author Matt Smith (6 months)
why push the cars

Author Little UZI (2 months)
The Tampa dissapears no matter what I do I just don't get it! :(

Author Aniket Manoj Dubey (3 months)
when i went there i saw a ghost car but it didnt attacked me

Author Ur Afail (8 months)
I tried getting the tampa, but after putting it in the garage, the diskette
was not there in the house. I am using PC version

Author Stephen Bamberg (10 days)
Why take the cars if they are locked and you can't drive them?

Author KittehMeko (16 days)
7:13 "bleh..." idk why I found that sound funny

Author Epure Filip (7 months)
Nice video! But the hardest vehicle to obtain is Infernus from Beat down on
B Dup because you must park the tractor perfect near that sidewalks. And
another vehicle hard to obtain is the bufallo from mission High Noon
because if you don't destroy it after Pulaski get in to the car this thing
make happen to loose all immune properties. Of course that bufallo can be
obtained easy from the mission Missapropiation without failed the mission.

Author horacio figueroa (13 days)
At 6:50 theres something that says max pane which is supposed to be max

Author amr2313 (4 months)
why you can drive the cars to your garage cause i onily played it for a
lilbit but a play the onily played gta iv tbogt and tlad and gta iv and
gta5 and gta online those are the grand theft auto games i have and i play
all day gta online is fun 

Author YUNO dipketchup (8 months)
1:08 was that the desert ranger myth?

Author Frederik Boesen (2 months)
Easier way to ''All-proof'' your vehicle: Enter the vehicle, type in the
''Smash-N'-Boom'' cheat code, exit the vehicle, enter the vehicle again,
and deactivate the ''Smash-N'-Boom'' cheat code.
Now your vehicle is invinsible, and it still won't blow up everything it

Author the-byg-bossss (7 months)
wath is the first song of the video????? ITS COOL

Author H S DHINSA (5 months)
what's a raining cheat .

Author Shahid Ahmed (3 months)
Instead of doin so much.. Download crazy virus trainer.. And the jobs
dobe.. U activte heavy car n even the cycle becomes strong.. Activate
infinite car health also.. Then your ride is invincible

Author sk8awsomex24 (6 months)
WRAAAAAH! all these rare cars i could have owned!

Author Default :D (8 months)
07:11 Welcome to america. LOLZ

Author Bildad Joute (24 days)
I love it

Author Carter James (2 months)
Towtruck is everywhere in south Los Santos

Author Salikala Rj (3 months)
Hey do you want to get
Proof cars just cheat i jcnruad

Author franky leon (5 months)
For some reason I feel happy listening to those sounds you put

Author btrdangerdan2010 (6 months)
@GTA Series Videos: can you show a video on how can you obtain a rare Black
bobcat from the the mission Stowaway in this game?

Author DLRKillerkiwi (8 months)
sadly ballers did take the street

Author Adrian Kwok (4 months)
i got some problems on Nine's and AK's after i push the car into the
garage and finish the mission, the car disappears. but if i did not
complete the mission, i can't save the game. i tried to kill emmet to fail
the mission, the car loss its properties. What should i do?

Author Valerie Abend (4 months)
what button do we push to tow with the tractor?

Author lam clement (8 months)
the tampa doesnt work

Author Aniket Manoj Dubey (3 months)
i will get a tow truck from your shown location amd collect the vehicles

Author Grainne Rafferty (7 months)
easter egg at 6:56 max pane

Author Aniket Manoj Dubey (3 months)
i thank you to make this video

Author Mohammed Abdelmageed (2 months)
because should take the car in the parking and make him jump on the car
when he jump on the car you should not to crash any thing and go to the
the game said to you

Author Samy Jones (2 months)
there is a fucking reason why its called GRAND THEFT AUTO . 

Author MoldyMooseTeeth (7 months)
I found another Tampa in a Parking Lot in Las Colinas, I believe.

Author Obi Pittomvils (4 months)
Usefull are whit two L not one!

Author Mohammed Abdelmageed (2 months)

Author Frank Llesha (1 month)
You can tow a helicopter with a tow truck...seems legit to me!

Author Erdal Ersin Elbet (6 months)
1:08 ghost ranger WTF ?

Author baz laighterz (6 months)
oh yea!..............

Author Rouvin Josef Quirimit (8 months)
The one in tge Courier were they Grove Street members?

Author Trenton Gladu (12 days)
I dont see how these are special you can easily get them

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