Arnav & Khushi - Love Scene 450

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 15th October 2012 pt1 - Arnav doesn´t wants a Birthday Wish/Party - Arnav & Khushi (Arshi) Love Scene 450 - Episode 364 - Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani - HQ HD

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Author Faz Ali (6 months)
Plz make your videos available in the UK!!!!!!

Author usha manduri (1 year)
Do u remenber this scene from #ipkknd
then hit like and post a comment what u know about this scene...

Author sunshinesuny25 (1 year)
5:14 haha how she is looking omgggg hahahahha.luv that epi!!!

Author vani (2 years)
sanaya is sucha n awsome actor..loved the way she walkwd with tht coat..

Author Michelle S. (2 years)
This is like officially my new favorite scene ever. Everything about it is
just so PERFECT! <3 <3 <3

Author zaina zam (1 year)
luvd barun's expressions from 3:18

Author Iam Aehr (1 year)
he hugs the air!!!!

Author coltsrus55 (2 years)
It's not available in my country.. Lets change that please

Author sunisure (2 years)
Poor ASR, his "c'mon here now" was the best, the way she touched him he was
super excited to spend some "quality" time with his new bride

Author gaauryy (2 years)
title suggestion" suit measurements (khushi estyle)"

Author sunisure (2 years)
Ok watching this scene again, how on earth could a girl not like to spend
some time with a super hot husband like him, gosh one would have never
thought of getting out of the room the rest of her life

Author gaauryy (2 years)
Khushi(angry) : Ok heres the deal Arnavji... I realllly hate that brown
suit of urs ... nw instead of recognisinn u by ur face or "feeling u" when
ur around(u knw that wind blowing..heart racing.. fast breathing) nw i
recognise u by ur ancient brown suit...n its smell... n thats vy i breathe
faster (4 fresh air).... that stinky suits been keepin me away frm
u...(otherwise u knw hw irresistable u r) so thaats vy i wanna gift u a new
suiit... why wont u let me?why ?why? LOL......

Author surendra kumaran (1 year)
plllllllllease please come season2

Author mell. mellow (2 years)
The look at arnavs face at 3.17. .its like he got to knw dat she is upto
sumthing :-P

Author Rubab Mubashar (1 year)
khushi behave like child and arnav start with her . they look soooooooooooo

Author dimpledesouza (1 year)
Wow the way she does the measurement of his chest.... Lol

Author ashlee silwal (1 year)
Still watching in 2013

Author Mehak Gupta (2 years)
Hahahaha dat was damn hillarious.. Loved it so much.. nd sply d expressions
of arnav... wen he wanted to hug her lol... i am still laughing...

Author Kimnana Raizada (2 years)
soooooooooooooooooooooo HOT DAMN HOT at 6.25

Author zeenat ali (1 year)
love arnav

Author simran hans (1 year)
Finally, some romance afta the wedding....or not, they were so busy wit
anjali n her stupid prblm, there was notng betwn them like before the

Author sweety soni (2 years)
yaar ek saadi si janamdin ki badhai to banti hai jaisa ki khushi ne apne
b'day pe arnav se kaha tha

Author Aditi Verma (1 year)
Hillarious!!! :D

Author simran hans (1 year)
I cld ssoooooo watch this if my parents wld just lv me alone jst a

Author Kashwini Naidu (1 year)
Why is everyone saying she doesnt want to spend time with him.. she had to
remember all the measurements so she could send it to the tailor for his
present ASAP

Author afreen naaz (1 year)
I love ipkknd:)

Author arshibiggestfan (2 years)
how damn hot he looks in the morning..........and his morning
expectations.........cutingly NON-ASR like

Author Sarika shrivastav (2 years)
C'mon it's not a new T-shirt; has been worn several times...

Author Tanula Arshi (1 year)
Missin ipkknd so much.....

Author amookerji (2 years)
god!!! this was so funny, ryt from k's "jalebi ni chaiye, aap kahe to hum 1
kilo bhijwa dete hai" 2 "dkha kitne pyar se bulaya hai" 2 d room scene-ryt
4rm her entring d room, taking his suit for "drycleaning", d entire
measuring-tape convo-wid all her measuring n sweet talks n A's turning
on!!!!-"hume sharm aa rahi hai", khubsoorat pati n odr phrases" n the
BEST-"OK U CMON HERE NOW"," suhaana tha" to mrning scene-A's "there she
goes" (btw lukin so HOT barun!!!) n his disappointed n confused face

Author Arnav Barun (2 years)
K: ' apna jahan dhoond rahe hain'....haha unbelievable.

Author Aishwarya Kumar (2 years)
Holy s***! This guy looks so hot @6:35!

Author Tangira Mofiz (2 years)

Author AnU RoB (1 year)
tha..suhana tha..omg...khushi u misd d chance.. i mean y is she reluctant
now.. ?? aftr all arnav is her hubby...

Author amookerji (2 years)
dnt thank yet... its an old one only :(

Author deekshaa uday (1 year)
He has a little American accent I wonder were he gets it from

Author Shreya Kathuriya (1 year)

Author Coverlucky21 (2 years)
That's Barun 6.26 fresh and handsome !!! Don't know what happen to him !!
Har waqt looking tired and oily. Kahi nazar to nahi laggi ? Waise bhi ho
sakta h many people are jealous of him.

Author aruni50218 (2 years)
ABF, sri, Kriti, can anyone translate "khoobsoorat pathi" segment? PLEEEZ

Author simran hans (1 year)
I want that tape......NOW!..... Ut went all over him.

Author vhday1 (2 years)
These two r really so cute together! Measurement OMG had never seen such a
tailor master

Author lisa narine (1 year)
i can look at this all day

Author iru arshi (2 years)
Omg... i'm gonna die laughing!! Sanaya is a really good actor

Author Rohit Kinjal (1 year)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love u so
much my ARSHI,i'm always thinking about u, i miss u a lot&love u so,so

Author cassythw (1 year)
the one of the hottest scenes

Author Sarika shrivastav (2 years)

Author lisa narine (1 year)

Author kushisakthi (1 year)
Kushi ur looking gorgeous im rly big fan of u...

Author shabz24 (2 years)
TM 786GHU I am in the same boat blocked scenes :( blooming annoying....

Author Gumdropz786 (2 years)

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