BF3 ACR Gameplay (Battlefield ACW-R Gameplay Commentary) BF3 ACW-R

BF3 AUG A3 :
BF3 MTAR-21 :
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BF3 ACWR Gameplay (Battlefield ACW-R Gameplay Commentary) BF3 ACW-R

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Runtime: 5:13
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Author L3ON360Z (2 years)

Author S1d3Sh0w2500 (2 years)
stop fucking advertising your fucking channel

Author Robert Ward (1 year)
Call of Duty= Mexican dropshot tryhards galore

Author emprovise94 (2 years)
dude, you need to slow down when you talk.... or enunciate a bit more.

Author GodSake99 (2 years)
how can i unlock designations

Author Daniel Sutherland (2 years)
since when do russians use acw-r???

Author coolMarcin6745 (2 years)
i like it because i love the m16 in assault but i like engineer more so i
have the m4a1 to be my m16 in engineer. but the acw-r is really good too.
awesome for all ranges (but so is m4a1) but idk acr is becoming my fav
weapon in engineer but i still love that m4a1. i love both :)

Author oxalis71 (2 years)
I have over 15 service stars with the m4a1 and unlocked the acw-r today,
including multiple attachments. The acw-r is definitely better at longer
ranges, but I've noticed it takes more rounds to kill someone, reloading
much more often. The m4a1 doesn't do as well at longer ranges, however it
takes noticeably less rounds to kill. Rate of fire is slightly faster on
acw-r but remember it has less rounds, so the mag empties quicker.

Author USMCkid003 (2 years)
Im subscribing because of u obsession with brownies. Nuff said.

Author YEEZUS (2 years)

Author Jaiden Smith (2 years)
why do u keep jumping

Author jordan connolly (2 years)
Close quarters is out for Xbox 360 now n you don't have to down load

Author EliTheReviewer (2 years)
EA is bad in real life and video games the ACR has 30 rounds because it
uses 30 round Pmags and what in the world is a 27 round Pmag them things
aren't real

Author PCMASTER RACE (2 years)
Meanwhile in cod a ten year old rage quits

Author codkillaish (2 years)
Is this an all kit weapon ?

Author L3ON360Z (2 years)
Calm down bro, it was only a

Author Joel Johnson (2 years)

Author MAXW3LL_68 (2 years)
G36C shoots brownies AND cookies with milk...

Author Juan Carlo (1 year)
nice video man got new sub

Author Zo5RegenShadowhog (1 year)
Acwr is my favorite gun thanks for doing it justice

Author TehLunarPhases (2 years)
just unlcked it kid called me a noob for killing him with the launcher

Author Karthik Ashok (1 year)
acwr is a 6 hit kill even at very close range. this really makes it suck

Author Jordan Benniefield (1 year)
NOOOOO Call of Duty ruins gamers!!! D:

Author Wet Huggies (2 years)
niether on xbox :\

Author coolMarcin6745 (2 years)
this is my fav gun in engineer but ino why it feels weak for u. it does 20
damage not 25. thats means its a 5 shot, not a 4 shot.

Author Avatar Aang (2 years)

Author perseusteehee (2 years)

Author TheAlex8725 (2 years)
right, rpg and smaw.

Author SroEpicness (2 years)
Both brands make it you idiot.

Author coyotefromsouthwoods (2 years)
The G36C shoots out Brownies and Unicorns!

Author ==Vickery== (1 year)
how did you get the HUD size bigger on the PC? i cant see my map its that

Author JustxTrollin (2 years)
0:28 its not good... ITS AMAZING

Author Conor Dooley (2 years)
@ISTP9w8 it doesnt fire 5.56 it fire 6.5 as far as I know

Author MilitaryCompilations (1 year)
Is this a premium weapon

Author Jaclyn Overgaauw (2 years)
that looks more like a watermelon...

Author rockendude203 (2 years)
OMG this is talking alot!

Author Chewy JediMindTricks (2 years)
no it is adaptive combat rifle....

Author PCMASTER RACE (2 years)
I to am a user of the mighty acwr I'm a death dealer whith it no one stands
in my way.

Author GIO29ID (2 years)
jeez soldier on steroids nice job

Author Once upon a time (1 year)
Why don't you play call of duty? You would fit well in that game
considering your a try hard

Author MrXtream123 (2 years)
Where did you get that from? You stupid person.

Author xMistaDawg (2 years)
So how is he gonna review the gun?

Author tman3276 (2 years)
recoil control

Author Mike Rumpleforeskin (2 years)
So all these guns are free?

Author Catalyst Gaming (2 years)
Just wondering are you Belgium?

Author xAfflictor (2 years)
Of course! But you gonna have to buy the Close Quarters DLC ;)

Author GamierGames (2 years)
same on xbox :( but oh well :D

Author SroEpicness (2 years)
No you're wrong. It's a BF3 thing. It has something to do with the name
being copyright. You should really compare the info to real life not other
dumb games. It was a good commentary, just constructive criticism. It's
easy to get facts from the Bushmaster website and Remington website.
Remington would be a better source of information because their weapon
shoots the actual 5.56 rounds and I think is what is used in the military
(if ACR is used). Don't get facts from Wikipedia. Good video :).

Author iTzYoGii (2 years)
FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me M4A1 is the BEST engineer gun

Author Laina NotWalker (2 years)
hate this weapon...take forever to kill even though it's standard 56 x
45mm...and it's not 30 rounds as described in the game...looking forward to
unlock the MTAR

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