Dog doesn't like Obama

My australian shepherd does not like Obama, she refuses to take a treat if its from him :)

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Author Karen Armand (7 months)
As a dog owner, but no offence your dog didn't want the treat because he
doesn't know the name, isn't familiar with the name, never heard of the
name and never saw the person, I've been around dogs, and they know who
they . +EvulettAussie The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan will tell you that,
but nice try honey, you didn't fool anyone.
'Here's one for mommy' *dog eats the treat*
'Here's one for daddy' *dog eats the treat*
'Here's one for sister' *dog eats the treat*
'Here's one for Barack Obama' *lift ears up, because she or he doesn't know
the name, and never heard it, and never saw the person in the first place*
nice logic.

Author EvulettAussie (2 years)
@sethdesade Aw thanks! You have fun with your STD's and illegitimate
children. :)

Author Cherry (1 year)
Amen to that! xD

Author Jose Nivlag (2 years)
Great trick and beautiful dog!

Author sethdesade (2 years)
@13dutchdennis13 bravo, seriously what an amaising point to make. get a

Author sports1364 (3 years)
ur a copier

Author Cassie Scott (1 year)
Actually, they aren't colorblind. They can't see as many colors as we can,
but they can see some colors.

Author foxyness2015 (3 years)

Author freethinker424 (2 years)
I guess the dog only takes treats from the private sector.

Author crucible4silver (1 year)
This is soooo funny!!!!

Author sethdesade (2 years)
@EvulettAussie HAHAA Oh this is pure gold. Yes, people who have a healthy
sexual lifestyle ALL have STDS and illegitimate kids ! Don't masturbate
either, or jesus will be angry and you'll go blind !

Author StevieAndCoryYUMMY (2 years)
Is this dog a republican?

Author theno1katzman (1 year)
dogs have a real sixth sense and can see through the lies

Author 13dutchdennis13 (2 years)
@sethdesade i think its quit good.i wouldn,t eat either from him

Author Svvaggalikemine (3 years)
@nelsonricardocosta there not smart, all you have to do is train them and

Author theloniousMac (11 months)
Good dog! Do government handouts!

Author 13dutchdennis13 (2 years)
@sethdesade :i dont make a point of it,i only sayd that i dont want to eat
either from him and i find it quit good from the dog that he can listen to
the voice and reckonise barack obama.that,s it...i think the only 1 here to
get a life is you mate

Author sethdesade (2 years)
@EvulettAussie LMAO yes, you wait until marriage. Have fun with that.

Author Saraphine S (1 year)
dog has more sense than those that voted for Obama who's claim to fame is
double the price of gas, higher taxes, and expensive vacations

Author suz salter (2 years)
Smart, smart dog!

Author EvulettAussie (2 years)
@sethdesade I'm sorry im not one of your whore girlfriends, and I'd rather
wait till marriage for that. so i do believe you can STFU. :) Have a nice

Author T93Will (3 years)
Dogs cant be racist, they're color blind.

Author fred sims (2 years)
@Svvaggalikemine sad, sad and a waste of time but then folks like her train
thier kids the same way.

Author ddsquared22 (1 year)
Very smart dog. Trained well.

Author ianthespaceguy (1 year)
thats a very good dog,she realizes nothing is without a price.

Author Krissy w (1 year)
Try to be more original!!This was already done and.was.much cuter in the
other video!

Author Jack Maher (3 years)
racist dogs in the world know what the fuck we gonna do

Author sethdesade (2 years)
loser ! seriously this girl needs to get laid. wasting her time with shit

Author IRATE NATE (2 years)

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