Helicopter Rotor Animation [HD]

Rendered animation of a helicopter rotor's kinematic analysis. This means that the forces acting on the rotor assembly are omitted in this video.

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Runtime: 3:33
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Author livin abox (4 months)
As an engineer i appreciate the vid in its crystal clear view. The music
was just right 

Author Bojan Mladenovski (5 months)

Author juan asanelli (5 months)
Bell system?

Author Puis Sang-soo (6 months)

Author UseTheOilGirl (1 year)
For this kind of stuff (scale models) one uses Solidworks, Inventor,
Pro/E... for the "real thing" one uses Catia...

Author Brad Arnold (2 years)
The realism in that video is amazing.

Author firefly1tube (1 year)
Wow, great work. Any chance you could do one for an actual Bell 205A1++? I
have always wondered how they work when they are turning.

Author Getch As (1 year)
how does the shaft rotate without twisting wires that supply power to the
mechanical structures mounted on the rotor head? is it magnetic?

Author JJ Bookman (2 years)
An amazing contraption!

Author BriSound Share your Talent (1 year)
Wow! Excellent job !

Author YorksOwn (1 year)
How many hours to model/assemble this? Very impressive BTW...

Author YoSupervisor (2 years)

Author CaptDagwood (2 years)
Awesome job!

Author motokid032 (1 year)
That Rotor Head looks dead on like my Dynam E-Razor head..I am looking at
it right now...Blade grips and everything!

Author Raul Levy (3 years)

Author Lucas Choate (3 years)
Wow! Exquisite model and finish. I would have thought it was a video but
the washout arms are just too pretty. Nicely done.

Author Dale Emery (1 year)
Sadly all this is going away in favor of electronics. Flybarless is the
future (even the present), someday we'll miss these good old days! Nice
modeling, well done sir.

Author David Paniermehl (2 years)
PLEASE RENDER IT turning faster ? please!!! , it is made so exactly.
Unbelievably Great work. What computer program is it? Can you implement the
servos and let it turn faster ? Only for 5 or 10 seconds letting the flybar
go all the round and See the servos work ?? You're a genious

Author ZiggeyFreud (1 year)
Microheli premium Vortex 200 head uses phillips head...beautiful animation.

Author DisneyRevolutionHD (3 years)

Author ipadize (2 years)
hey cool animation i will build this in Garrys Mod!

Author 6SIX6Bloodshedded (2 years)

Author Devin Dunn (10 months)
Best thing EVER!¡!¡!

Author uFN (2 years)
Yes, Eric Satie by Anne Queffélec. Also thank you for your worthwhile

Author Gustavo Aptr (2 years)
you have a blueprint for that?

Author Kharmir (2 years)
is the music from yo father's porn collection? lol

Author uFN (2 years)
"I think you got wrong fasteners." No, I didn't. That's what the real
thing's got. "No philips head screws." Wrong, there are 2 socket head worm
screws. Also 3 socket head bolts.(two holdig the blades, one holding the
head) "Should all be socket head screws for all the ball linkages." No,
they shouldn't, but i won't tell you why, because i'm interested why you
think so. Note: IRL the balls and the screws are separate. "Is this
solidworks or inventor?" No, this is Patrick.

Author NoFaithNoPain (2 years)
Beautiful. Which CAD software did you use and please, which rotor system
did you copy?

Author ve2zzz (1 year)
Woooooww !!!! A ferocious debate about the kind of fasteners used... You
have so much time to lose ??!?!?!?! BTW Congratulations Yodosha for that
animation !!! And don't lose time with those screwballs !!!

Author TheL046Kid (10 months)
I think this is a Tarot ;)

Author ZeerosFate (2 years)
Beautiful engineering. Da-Vinci would've given this video a thumbs up.

Author morrissonmm (3 years)
@DisneyRevolutionHD Thanks you very much.

Author uFN (3 years)
@DisneyRevolutionHD Hey man thanks for the suggestion! I could definitely
go for a burrito right now!

Author ROSANOLEITE (2 years)
Mui Belo !!!!!, Genial !!!!!

Author hanh2122011 (2 years)
@morrissonmm thank for question! ;)

Author HexterTheJexter (1 year)
Bloody WELL said. My friend.

Author chopperharly . (1 year)
whats with the ball on the anti rotation bracket??

Author Ned Wards (1 year)
Simply beautiful

Author fastlane59 (2 years)

Author Nate Frost (1 year)
A moving camera view would illustrate the blade dynamic better than a
static camera view. Very nice video either way.

Author Dylan Lennertz (1 year)
Well Done! Did you use 3ds max? or Inventor

Author Dongskie2 (2 years)
very very real!!

Author uFN (3 years)
@zvhdan Creating the parts and then building them together took about five
days (it's basically a copy of the real thing, so it went relatively fast
[especially considering this is my first time creating a mechanism
assembly]). After that rendering took about 4 days. (mostly due to lack of
computing power)

Author dayana2093 (2 years)
cool animation..=)

Author conorchaney (3 years)
The same music is used on a Tv advert for hair implants.

Author HexterTheJexter (1 year)
I think you missed the point YOU TOSSER!!!

Author juopunumies (1 year)
I was sure that YouTube had a no pornography policy. Huh...

Author HexterTheJexter (1 year)
Keep your stupid comments to yourself.

Author trexinvert (2 years)
NIce work. Is this solidworks or inventor?

Author Jim Harvey (1 year)
Yodosha. You modeled this in Pro/E which automatically makes you a
Demi-God. What a beautiful Animation/Rendering. Great Musical Choice and
Excellent use of Phillips Head Screws (had to add that for the numbskulls
who seem to think that's the defining point of this whole video)

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