The Five Aikido Steps

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Author David Jarvis (1 year)
A great short Aikido demonstration

Author Ben Blanco (14 days)
very nice. 

Author Alvin Alkuino (1 year)
5 steps

Author kaspersijs (2 months)
Not bad

Author Lily Tan (3 months)
Hi Leon, Well done wow!!! xxx Congratulation

Author KCNARF29 (1 year)
hey , great video my master make me often the last mouvement but i don't
Know how it's called that make me smille to see this technics executed when
I'm not the ukemi , I'm Shodan & worck for Nidan , i'm french , where are
you from ?

Author Toophless1 (1 year)
You have no adult clue do you?

Author ToniMattTony (1 year)
Looks great but as far as self defense useless.

Author Randall Lanier (1 year)
Aikido is about using the body's momentum to put the person where you want
them, in essence. I have used it (Aikido, not this above) in self-defense
before, if you know what to do. It is indeed effective. Though you both are
right, what is shown above is purely for Art. Just thought I'd throw that
out there that I have used Aikido effectively.

Author Gronked (2 years)
@groundpounder35 I am inclined to agree with you, however I think they are
just trying to point out differences in stepping. Like saying stepping
forwards is called 'a', stepping backwards is called 'b', diagonal 'c' etc.
Maybe it's just a fancy of explaining to students "this technique requires
two 'b' steps and a 'c' step. But I think u r right, it promotes a limiting
of thinking about movements.

Author Donald Oberloh (2 years)
I do not know how this was sent to your site, as I have never seen this
video before. Sincerely, Don Oberloh

Author MrBlackjapa (1 year)
U never see aikido used in mma

Author Aikido Amman (2 years)

Author ninjastick419 (1 year)
the music makes me feel like i'm at the dentist. (terrible)

Author MrSitzigorruHD (2 years)
Aikido is one of the most powerful and harmonious martial arts for self
defense. Love the Aikido. :-)

Author staninfire1 (1 year)
Enjoyed the skill.

Author ToniMattTony (1 year)
I agree with you. How ever you have a lot of ass holes in the Aikido world
that do some really stupid things on U Tube that anybody with common sense
can figure out its not real. Why do they do these things they make Aikido
look really bad.

Author Tenor45 (2 years)
oo. di lang yun Kilabot ng mga Chicks sa Makati toh. Aikido Master na
Chickboy. Toinkz

Author Georgi Panov (3 years)
great video clip man :) your awesome, i have just started aikido and i love
it. im only 14 though. it would be very helpful if you post other clips
like this explaining the shiko knee walk and the migi plus the other stance
step :) thanks.

Author tSp289 (1 year)
...or at least hurt a lot and cause soft tissue damage. Often demnstrators
are too polite though. One thing I got from kung fu I did't from Aikido was
that when sparring, you try to land every blow, or the defender won't be
any good at blocking if it happens for real. I think if these
demonstrations were against genuine attackers they'd be more convincing.
Remember Aikido came from Aikijutsu Iaido etc., and those forms were used
to fight and kill. It works, underneath all the fancy movements.

Author silentsense77 (2 years)
what a beautiful dojo

Author senseilance (9 months)
I didnt see any Tsugi ashi ...

Author leonaman (1 year)

Author LagBringer2011 (1 year)
why some wear like Aikido, some wear like Karate? are they both Aikido?

Author Janzer (1 year)
It's always funny reading comments about people saying "it looks like
they're dancing, it looks fake, no one can get thrown that easy, etc."
Please, go try it. The reason the attacker gets thrown easy, rolls, etc. is
because that is part of learning aikido as well, you have to know where the
limits are in order to know where the breaking point is so to speak. If
this was real and happened in real time with real force, joints pop and
bones break. Can't practice if you break all the practioners.

Author Colin Boots (11 months)
dood man aikido man its deadly well non deadly but you will keep any fools
under control

Author Arianerviti (1 year)
the difference between an experienced aikidoka and anyone looking to pick a
fight is that the person looking for a fight will lose control, awareness,
(and often balance) in attempt to land a hit, while the aikidoka will
devastate before you even know it, and they will do it with a smile on
their face, and peace in their heart.

Author Tenor45 (2 years)
Idol ko tong si Kuya Leon Master.

Author chillinkansai (2 years)
Nidan is second degree black belt.

Author leonaman (2 years)
Thank you!

Author Chariziel Escanilla (1 year)
@ToniMattTony did you mean, it HEARS LIKE??? NOT IT LOOKS

Author roxdkzx (11 months)
Yup useless when someone comes at you with a knife try using boxing to
fight him then. Cuz that "useless" Aikido actually helps against someone
wielding a weapon. Oh and if you're gonna talk about how the experienced
boxer can probably win the knife-wielding assailant, the same principle
applies to Aikido. So why does that make Aikido "useless"? Just because
Aikido is about peace and harmony and not about strength and brawn doesn't
mean it's useless for self-defense.

Author Gronked (2 years)
@groundpounder35 I think by "steps" they literally mean 5 different foot
movements... the techniques attached are just demonstrations of where these
5 foot movements may be applied. However I agree with another post which
said it's just too fast and there is no explanation of the steps given.

Author Rubedo (1 year)
No, it's in the defense, so you won't get hurt, when things get fast. IRL
you won't "get thrown", you will fall and break some bones.

Author Tenor45 (2 years)
The dojo is at Makati Aikido Club at the Manila, Philippines

Author leonaman (2 years)
I'm nidan.

Author evasivenose (1 year)
agreed. this is coming from somebody who has practiced krav maga for seven
years and is currently a purple belt in BJJ. this stuff doesnt work in the
real world. the only people who believe it works are the practitioners
themselves. one big hint is that aikido has never been used in UFC because
it simply isnt efficient against real fighters.

Author Vegeta Prince (1 year)
This music frigin kicks butt

Author Tony Simpson (9 months)
such a beautiful dojo.

Author leonaman (2 years)
Thank you for the compliment chillinkansai. :)

Author leonaman (1 year)

Author caviteboy304 (1 year)
aikido isn't about grace and avoiding conflict, it's about flow and
blending with it. this shows how ignorant you are in the topic. you take
bas ruttens words like the guy is an all knowing figure. yea he's awesome
but that does not mean he's always right. you practiced multiple arts yet
you do not see the importance of aiki? you're a fucking joke. you know what
you've been told, an indication of a moron that only does as he's told.

Author leonaman (2 years)
kuya na master pa? :)

Author MrPhillipine (1 year)
im phillipino too!

Author Ako si Jasper (1 year)
galing naman pde mag enrol sa club ninyo salamat po

Author ToniMattTony (1 year)
I don't want to try bullshit.As far as Aikido I don't want to try that

Author Russel Cloud (1 year)
Not everything a martial art teaches is for self-defense.

Author Seikuken (1 year)
great video, great technique,

Author salsalover69laters (1 year)
wow... you really are a troll aren't you... lol You sure watch a lot of
aikido videos just to diss it

Author farista111 (1 year)
well i think a man with a gun does not need any foot works

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