How to get FREE Internet without Roaming Charges

Just a cool trick if you need internet and don't want to get charged

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Author MrGamingEnzo (8 days)
Why people always are making focking fights on almost every video... I
mean, grow up and get back to reality!

Author Ryan Fodor (2 years)

Author 29Promises (2 years)
well, thanks at least for a tutorail for the really dumb

Author muhammad daniel (2 years)
wow! it works! u must be a Freakin Genius.... (THIS IS FREE WIFI DICK) NOT

Author thien tran (2 years)

Author ChuckHydro (2 years)
Be kind! Spam out a Smart guy everywhere you go!

Author ceferinoim (4 years)
Does this make using internete free for real?

Author lawlsocks (2 years)
Because he thought the video was going to be better? dumbass.

Author R.I.P DMAC (2 years)
I hate wasting my time

Author peter romano (1 year)
tnx bro big help for m

Author Jacinta Patel (2 years)
then y are u watching this?

Author someone0000000000000 (4 years)
@chilledkirby 1- learn English 2- wifi is not 3g, wifi is wireless internet
signal which is free 3- 3g is payed for because it is a signal which is
produced by satellites and sent down to Earth to retards like you.

Author hridaya khatri (2 years)
good very good

Author xXEliteNewbieXx (4 years)
@chilledkirby its a joke dude, chill

Author Lea 1 Mercian (2 years)
I did this and now I get laid more often,IT REALLY WORKS! long gone are te
days when I turned off celular data!

Author chilledkirby (4 years)
@someone000000000000 It would appear that you are the idiot. You don't seem
to comprehend sarcasm in it's most basic and blatant form. I know what 3G
is, and what wifi is. I also type with proper punctuation and grammar, so I
believe I already know the English language. My previous comment was
showing that this is a video of him using someone's wifi network, NOT 3G.

Author Slaiby Mallah (2 years)
only on apple devices \

Author Ghafmocro (3 years)
fuck off

Author chilledkirby (4 years)
Because Wifi totally is the same thing as 3g, right? And obviously if you
use some local's Wifi it costs you 3g data, right? You are an idiot.

Author RejectedVidz (2 years)
i have linksys too!

Author MrSosa15 (3 years)
Hows this a trick? -___-

Author Salvy234 (4 years)
Does this work on touch?

Author Salvy234 (3 years)
@desenagratorsiPhone thank you because this guy is confusing me of the tags
i mean be specific and already found the best way to get internet almost
everywhere theres a wireless receiver

Author abdel marin (2 years)
i want my 1 35 minuts back asshole

Author TheLagginPotato (1 year)
or u can just turn data roaming off, like a normal person!

Author Kairu Adriano (2 years)

Author Mario Gharbi (3 years)
hhhhhhh f u ass hole !!!!!!!!!!

Author lieudustin (3 years)

Author M.Anas Noorzai (2 years)
Please someone help me with Data roaming this video didn't work I would be
very glad if someone help me my email

Author uaboob (2 years)
The trick was wasting my time

Author someone0000000000000 (4 years)
reading most of the comments i assume that the video-maker is about 10-12
years old and the rest of you r like 8-10?

Author GreatDavid Kim (2 years)
U could just turn off c data roaming...

Author fsmaario1 (2 years)
********ing hell talk it in the description as well idiots these days

Author Sydney Wible (3 years)
does this work on the ipod

Author The0kk (5 years)
bull shit :S LOL

Author Vinny D (2 years)
this does not work. but it might work on others

Author Anthony Cetrulo (3 years)
Thats not a trick rtard

Author Mike B (1 year)

Author Uber Star (2 years)
me: THIS THING IS AWESOME DUDE CHECK IT OUT!!! friend: thats actually the
dislike button me: oh... can i press it? or is it hard? friend: yh sure
press it me pressed the dislike button

Author Jordan Villamar (2 years)
It worked

Author cnbecanada (4 years)

Author TheDarktav (2 years)
Coooooool Awesoomeee

Author coccar47 (5 years)
Nice and simple for us idiots ! Thanks Traveling to Paris in October !

Author byddiorry noel (2 years)

Author allsongshere (5 years)
Were not retarded a baby knows how to do this!

Author Pica Veidas (1 year)
well my router is in my house and it doesnt go anywhere you think
it'll still work?

Author demented (2 years)
This is as good as his trick on how to play YouTube videos (use this thing
called a browser). Awesome trick!!!!

Author Salvy234 (4 years)
I tried it and i did what he said but just wont work

Author jokerszb (2 years)
you dnt deserve 90000 views

Author Shirley Gonzalez (1 year)
It works

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