Kawasaki ER-6f / Ninja 650R - Top Speed

Top Speed Kawasaki ER-6F or Ninja 650R 2010 Model. The road was wet on highway and thus only managed to run at 212 km/h, my previous record was 220 km/h on dry and back wind. Bike is stock & standard

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Runtime: 4:50
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Author Ben Ng (4 months)
Org bodo je ckp rr,rxz,lc bole kejar er6..x penah bwk moto besar mcm tu
lah...bangang. otak lembu. 

Author 1974sugarman (2 months)
The top speed of normal er-6n 2007 model, on dry <<Αττική Οδό>> is 234 Km/h.
Belive it...!!!
But this it was only one time.
Usualy the top speed was arount 225 Km/h and never under 220.

Author berok lesnar (3 months)
Kt mne2 video pn mat rr ni msti nk compare dgn rr150 dia...

Author Mohammad Azmeer (2 months)
Bru angkat model ni...mmg sdp. Nk beli yg version 2013 pnye mmg xdpt tp dpt
performance yg same pun xpelah...

Author Aaron Janzen Dy (1 month)
Weak rider..

Author aziq aznil (4 months)
kental giler rider ni.. klau aku 150 pun dh hbes lju dh pegi..

Author Lou Benvignati (4 months)

Author Alif Norman (8 months)
bang.. xde wat review for best sound tuk er6n 2012 model??

Author Jhun D (9 months)
Nice Video upload Fella rider..I'm planning to get one next year. Be safe
when riding on wet roads, keep it safe...

Author Derville Filho (9 months)
bom para uma moto de 02 cilindros

Author lentilsouper (6 months)
I get 140mph where the speedo stops easily on mine, done 3k miles only
maybe thats why

Author MOULEEE BALAZEEE (4 months)
wtf i just saw :O

Author MissMan666 (7 months)
"650R" lol... as if.

Author Syafiq Ikhwan (3 months)
Mmg cool

Author T Muhammad Rasyidi (10 months)
huh.. aku tgk pon sesak nafas... .' power la bro.. dlm town pon tibai
160kmph... gila power..

Author Dani bbox (6 months)
bro staying klebang?

Author we izhe hashim (6 months)
alahai kampung ku

Author Mohd nabil fuhad (10 months)
Urm, tumpang tanya . kalau I angkat 250 ninja or CBR. Either one. Is it
okay kalau nak ikot er6f ? Atau itu akan menyusahkan diorang ?? Sebab
cousin dengan uncle pakai 650. Tapi saya nak pakai tak mampu. Huhu.. 250
pun very tight budget. Ingat nak ambik 650 blade. But takut jadi benda sama
macam saya punya DTM . parts quality is very poor. Bukan nak compare. But I
trust kawa and Honda parts better. But the 390 duke price range is nearly
the same as 250. Soo can you suggest which bike should I take or buy , and
I'm gona use it for a long term and everyday use. Base on parts price and
all. Your suggestions and opinions is very much appreciated. Thank you . 

Author Rishu rishika (1 year)
nice video dude!

Author aravind t.c (6 months)

Author dbauernf (5 months)
My first gen ER-6F ABS always managed to get up to 212, even with the 35l
topcase and sitting up straight, but when I put some better clothes on and
removed the topcase it would usually do 217-218km/h, and I had +1 tooth on
front sprocket so my indicated speed almost matched the GPS speed perfectly
(it was spot on at 100km/h).

Author yenchew kee yen chew (7 months)
In Malaysia, my hometown!!

Author Syahir single (7 months)
nice....ride safe broo

Author Asnawi Soronio (10 months)
you got bad ass buddy nice video

Author MotoMadman (7 months)
Got torque ?

Author Gareth Mcnally (10 months)
ton plus an quick to it.... like them er ones arn,t so
cool....nice vid man

Author uq55555 (6 months)
Rapaz !!! Imaginem esse aí de R1 ou Hayabusa... ele desossa a motinha, isso
sim é um top speed de respeito

Author Walter enyoutube (6 months)
Asqueroso suena ese motor por favor, parece una máquina de coser

Author Adam Beck (9 months)
mantap bro

Author Daniel Lopez (8 months)
how much is 212 km in mph? thanks

Author vimalrockzz (1 year)
nice shifting..nice riding...superb video (y)

Author arvincheech (1 year)
you can do better than time,get at least 750cc...ride safe bro

Author Ahaha Ahohoho (1 year)
Baik beli naza blade 650r efi gtr 2013 rm20ribu je.. Topspeed std 235km lg
power root..hehe

Author selfselfself (1 year)
Is it possible to lower the front forks on the 2012 model? My Dad has
bought one and it seems to high at the front.

Author nabil alif (2 years)
rr potong er6? hahahaha

Author Garuda kuroko (2 years)
haha...meter RR ringan la chor... RR bape cc pon... ER6F lak 650 cc.. tgok
harga pun da byk beza 2 moto ni... er6F ni meter digital, jd kurang berlaku
ralat meter... RR lak meter sticker... la klu org yg x pernah
pakai moto cc besar 'bercakap' pasal meter...

Author mikhailrafiqie (1 year)
Lobomalvado25; damn ur stupid so low... what the hack with z8? Like rafi
said each model has pros and cons.. rafi can maximize the limit of er6f..
but r u dare to show us ur z8 top speed video like rafi did.. we dare u

Author Izuan Iqbal (1 year)
Laju...nak test laju mcm ni lh...mana nak dapat jiwa kering ni?

Author Jetstarboy (2 years)
Great bike n video lah

Author amirul624 (1 year)
haha .. dh nama pun superbike.. mesti la kena bawak laju.. brula enjin
sedap dan tahan lama...

Author Rafi Superbike (2 years)

Author Mier Rempit (2 years)
spoket size brpe?

Author angga perdana (1 year)
rafi A orang malay ke, ku org indo mau komen sikit. boleh tak.

Author ninjavariation (2 years)
i actually am interested in this bike.. need some advice though. is it
actually a better option than a cbr or r6?

Author azhrin77 (1 year)
apa la hang tkda otak kata org bodoh..mgkn dia tk tau rr meter ringan
skit..saya yg pakai rr pn meter ringan..sebenarnya kelajuan rr ni ikut
meter keta dlm 170++kmh standard( tk nk citela meter rr dh tunjuk brapa

Author mini beetle (1 year)
Klu perempuan cm aku sesuai x dgn er6 aku xtinggi sangat

Author awfar kacak (2 years)
owh .. speedometer die lawa , tapi yg 2011 punye tak lawa lngsung ...huhu

Author Herbert Favero (1 year)
Need for Speed real life. Avoyd accident 50 pts

Author Shahrul Anizan (1 year)
Ntg ape mu

Author yynnoopp (2 years)
easy with in-town speeding

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