1993 Ford F150 SVT Lightning vs Chevrolet Silverado 454ss Bandimere speedway truck fest

454ss 16.71 VS Lightning 16.65 elevation 5880ft above sea level. 100K+ views don't forget to subscribe to see latest videos!!!

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Author Samuel Sanchez (3 months)
The lightening is freaking sexy

Author roxas the rogue (2 months)
Dang I wish ford could still make trucks, there both wonderful trucks, but
the newer fords are as manly as a pink vw beetle 

Author Aaron Billiter (6 months)
Ok, there is only 10 HP difference in the engines... but the big block in
the Chevy is heavier, so it evens it out. And the difference in the times
are 6 hundreds of a second... less than a tenth.The Chevy is also more
front heavy, which also is very bad for weight transfer, which causes
traction problems. These are both 15 second trucks at sea level, which
isn't really that fast. They are probably just slightly faster than the
standard engine trucks. What it comes down to is driver error and the wear
and tear of the vehicle, as these are not new trucks. And technically, the
Chevy won, as it crossed the line first, but the Ford had the faster time.
I'm only 15 and i can't believe how stupid some of the people that posted

Author combatarmsmaniac (4 months)
notice how there's not a bunch of ford guys calling chevys gay on this
video like there would be if the 454 won...

Author Roger Oliver (5 months)
Got to love you ford guys. One yes the Chevy has a big block but puts out
less power then the 351.The torque is what got it to take off quicker.
Stock the lighting came with 4.10 gears. 454 3.73 gears. 351 loves high rev
and with the gears its got its going to catch and pass the chevy. Oh it
doesn't have the supercharger. If you're going to do specs. DO ALL THE

Author hitek9wittafulclip (4 months)
That 454 SS looks hella mean, but overall good race! Actually thought the
Silverado was going to take this one.

Author Aaron Billiter (6 months)
I appreciate it. nice truck btw.

Author ar15freak (8 months)
To all the Chevy guys.

That Small Block ford (351) beat a Big Block Chevy (454)

The Chevy got the lighting off the line but all that counts is who crosses
the line first

Author Marcus Andre (8 months)
For all the Chevy guys out there saying that the Ford Lightning is
supercharged your really wrong and just a tiny bit right because the 1st
gen's like this one came with a 351W. The 2nd gen's came with a 5.4
supercharged engine but still you guys keep on making excuse's for why your
Silverado lost.

Author Nathaniel Risner (5 months)
that ford wouldn't beat my GMC

Author Ryan Bennett (8 months)
Ahh the 2 best brands goin at it, just how it should be.

Author justin brown (6 months)
I have the same lightning and I would have used the bleach pit,warmed my
tires a bit.Different race then..I'm biased,but I've also been stuck back
in my seat from the acceleration.

Author Vinny G. (9 months)
My friggin scooter would bust both your bag of bolts

Author Jake Bennington (8 months)
That race was great, go ford lighting!!! Wish it had done a burn out and
not a peal out...

Author randombk82894 (9 months)
That is a LOT of elevation

Author Erik Anderson (7 months)
Two of my favorite trucks ever and a cute blonde. What's not to like?

Author Grayson Spooner (2 years)
damn good race. But chvy didnt have any answer for some reason to the
lightning when they supercharged it

Author michael neau (2 years)
@saljon8589 who really cares about a 89 iroc? 2 rare modern classics are in
this video not some POS 3rd gen that you see teenagers driving.

Author joe2go16 (3 years)
That was a damn close race. I'm a Ford guy, but I like all fast trucks.

Author MrFishindude (1 year)
You are wrong they had a tuned 5.8 liter V8 that pushed not much more than
245 hp. The 2nd generation had a dual supercharged 5.4 liter v8. It cranked
out almost 365 hp.

Author Cody B. (3 years)
@1971bronco460 Ford always made better transmissions. C4's, e4od's ... chev
has a few decent trannys from the 60's but since then there new shit isnt
anything special to say the least. 454ss's needed overdrive...

Author Outkast1 (2 years)
Don't forget the (NEW) ZR1,ZL1 CTS-V. Ford should be the first to begin
turbo charging v8's instead of superchargers from what I have been

Author Johnny Most (2 years)
@1962Galaxie514ciMPFI huh, might have had somthing done to those mustangs
or they might have been a regular camaro they have beaten because almost
every supercharged and 5.0 mustang i run in to, i waste them. BTW, i know
chavy made 427s what part of any of my comments did i ask if cf chevy made
427s, you are talking to a chevy man.

Author Brandon Napier (2 years)
I'll race you. 95 trans am, 364ci procharged lt1 11psi 175shot.

Author Johnny Most (2 years)
@1962Galaxie514ciMPFI what i mean by supercharged is that shitty 4.6
pustang and 5.0 peace of monkey shit. i agree, a new 5.0 would run all over
a third gen f bod, im man enough to admit that, don't forget theres the new
camaro which can out run that 5.0. as for my car, i have done nothing to
it, except for the shift kit other than that, it is bone stock.

Author JustWatchMedia1 (3 years)
@1971bronco460 I agree!

Author 92TyLA1 (2 years)
see what Im saying. you need all that to be able to run 14s, Syty's do 13s
stock. They are water cooled so constant boost will affect performance a
bit but any SyTy running right will be able to mantain constant numbers. I
did 3 passes in less than 1 hour a few weeks ago all 3 times I did similar
times, my 3rd pass was the best of the night and I didnt iced anything, all
I did after the race was get back in line and wait my turn again

Author SemiDriver81 (3 years)
@AnM8308 whatever dude i have a 95 it's almost stock n i'd tear that piece

Author Jbox17808 (2 years)
I'm a ford fan and I have to say that 454 is a powerfully engine but the
smaller ford always ends up on top..

Author torquemaster3000 (2 years)
@elprimazodemichoacan guess you clearly missed the Chevy cross the line
first hence the win light.

Author wan shah (2 years)
bodo..... panya mat saleh......

Author shavrs07 (3 years)
ok so um am i the only one that noticed the lightning won with almost a
hundred less cubic inches

Author Luke Favreau (1 year)
big block got him off the line, small block gets the top end. totally fair,
chevy=torque ford=RPM's

Author Dieselboy805 (3 years)
@sunday8503 i agree my fathersf150 E40D has 200k+ and still going strong
its pulled so may shit threw out its life that the engine gave out first
then the tranny. keep in mind he was haulin more then a ton which exceeds
the limit in that time but still pulled like a F250 lol

Author countrytillidie93 (3 years)
@sunday8503 i agree with you the 454 is a good engine but they aint very
good for racing if they were gonna go with a big block they shoulda used a
427 but yea i would rather see them with a small block then a big block

Author logut80 (1 year)
That's about a second slower than they should be

Author Ghettoboy067 (2 years)
The chevy is all motor. No supercharger no turbo, non of that. Now look at
the ford. Its supercharged! Not a fair race if you put a supercharger on
that 454, i guarantee it would smoke that ford NO questions asked.

Author deadeyedickification (1 year)
The LS1 F-body Camaro and Trans Am wasn't a factory-produced car? Are you
trolling, or just intellectually challenged?

Author josepho mendez (1 year)
16.651vs16.710........first on race day.

Author bobby Lee (2 years)
Dougiels42 doesnt seem to realize that the pre emissions era 454 Big block
he speaks of was actually overrated from the factory. Really only put down
about 420hp which the pre emissions era Ford 460 Big Block that was
underrated puts down. 427 NA engine made 485HP at its peak. Id love to see
a 454 make that power without a stroker kit, boring it out, or a power
adder. Ford engines are always smaller than the competition but always turn
out the same power.

Author Chris Hale (3 years)
the ss 454 was a marketing ploy more then a real performance truck....stock
for stock it didnt have a chance with the lightning.......mainly because of
weight....the 1st gen lightning was a mild worked over engine too......but
made better use of low end power then the chevy......

Author Johnny Most (2 years)
@1962Galaxie514ciMPFI you do know that some mustangs had superchargers
right out of the factory because they couldn't produce enough power alone,
right ? well thats what i meant. my car IS stock, of course i would lose
against someone with a modded mustang but if the camaro was modded itself,
i would be a different story. i have beaten my fair share of mustgangs and
i lost to them as well.

Author Cody B. (3 years)
@sunday8503 chevy shouldnt have used a small block, they sould have just
put good heads, a rock solid bottom end and a few other things into the 454
and made it run the way it sould have instead of putting down a lame 230 hp
through a non-od tranny

Author dcpmg5 (3 years)
the ss is still slower then the gen 1 L's i no matter what year 454ss

Author Mitchell K (3 years)
@50Dedra you my friend are a retard

Author Grayson Spooner (1 year)
Damn good race but branknight01 is exactly right.

Author chevydodge00 (2 years)
.05 secs really its to close if the chevy would have got even a little more
traction it would have won it could go either way every time its all based
on traction

Author Jerry Brown (1 year)
I wasn't impressed with either truck.But i was glad to see the small block
non-supercharged Ford win.

Author joe92fox (1 year)
Only because Chevy is heavy as fuck lol

Author boredagain5 (1 year)
Another sb ford beating a bb Chevy... Figures

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