Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on review

TechRap host Michael Josh Villanueva is in New York and gets up-close and personal with Samsung's latest flagship smartphone - the Galaxy S4. You can also read the full review here:

During the keynote it was announced that the phone would be available in April 2013. Samsung Asia CEO Gregory Lee tells @michaeljosh in an interview that they are now capable of releasing the device simultaneously globally. During the keynote it was announced that the phone will be rolled out to 327 operators in 155 companies by end of next month.

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Author Teena Duong (1 year)
My S4 signal bar is white and I can't find how to switch it back to green.
It seems to make my apps run slower

Author Raoul Loustaunau (1 year)
wow think i am in love

Author Saurabh Challawar (1 year)

Author aleksander grabowski (1 year)

Author Benjamin Morrison (1 year)
It SHALL be mine!

Author Luis Sierra-Armas (1 year)

Author Stacy de Jesus (1 year)
Watch +Michael Josh Villanueva's review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 here:

Author Samsung Galaxy S4 (1 year)

Author Rodneil Quiteles (1 year)
+Samsung Mobile #GalaxyS4 hands-on video by +Michael Josh Villanueva via +

Author baizid ameur (1 year)

Author joao de deuse (1 year)

Author Hardik Shah (1 year)

Author Subhan Subhan (1 year)

Author huy nguyễn (1 year)

Author Igor Barretto (1 year)

Author Mădălin Oprea (1 year)

Author Raoul Loustaunau (1 year)
wow think i am in love

Author Gregorio Marcano (1 year)
El Review del Samsung Galaxy S4! Qué les parece raza? Viene pisando fuerte

Author joao de deuse (1 year)

Author Richard Georges (1 year)
Samsung Galaxy S4 - 1080P 5 inch Screen Is A Winner. The new S4 is the best
smartphone you can buy. It has a 2 megapixel front camera and a 13
megapixel rear camera. The bright 1080 P HD Screen is the best on the
market. It has a Quad Core chip; but, you can get an Octocore if you want
one. The iPhone 5 looks really weak next to this phone. The new features,
dual shot mode, and eye tracking are game changing. Hover, which allows the
user to navigate without touching the screen, is a killer app.

Author Manish Manish (1 year)
What abt xperia z

Author Ameet Rahane (1 year)
get the s4 mini

Author PortableAppz1 (1 year)
3 way. hmm

Author billysusantobs (1 year)
At least the back panel is removable and you can switch the battery -_-

Author ali imron (1 year)

Author Foysol ahmed (1 year)
any cheap price in UK.

Author Vanesa Ioana (1 year)
You're stupid -.-

Author Jennifer Franco (1 year)
october 1st

Author bahr385 (1 year)
Sick of kids changing words as they want, then other kids hear them and say
them wrong. Ignorance is contagious

Author SeFo Yee (1 year)
of C4 is not my way to move my hand over it and I change the pictures in
which settings have to do .... ?

Author thelebanesehacker111 (1 year)

Author RoGame Review (1 year)
in the late '90ths we tought phones will become smaller and
look at this!

Author Michael G (1 year)
yea but people will hate it because of the plastic back instead of metal.
Meanwhile, i dont care if it is plastic.

Author Monkey D. Luffy (1 year)
apple fanboys, u mad?

Author skidhs (1 year)
yeah if i apply the same theory of your's on web browsers then i can
confidently say: internet explorer is better than chrome

Author ohyestime (1 year)

Author SwordFish (1 year)
is better s4 or xperia z??

Author hysa jærven (1 year)
totally agree ^^

Author Daniel Wright (1 year)
Please understand how to use a phone before doing a hands on!

Author MARSHAL HANSDAH (1 year)
its nice

Author Jordan Jacob (1 year)
Iphone is still better right? Lol nope

Author zToXiCzZv (1 year)

Author Malkion009 (1 year)
There's a octopus inside the galaxy s4 nice

Author KSOMM (1 year)
Scary. As he was going through the features, he said something about french
fries, and I was in the middle of eating some thinking I don't want to
smudge my Note

Author Samsung Galaxy S4 (1 year)
nice reviews

Author jay-r quedado (1 year)
I'm Proud of you po!

Author Chia Fenskyoung (1 year)
my s3 still great. . But s0on will upgrade to s4. .

Author tekke999 (1 year)
619 people are fans of apple

Author 0611Gabo (1 year)
Maybe, maybe I have missed something, but you also failed on some things,
for example: 1080p resolution... -.-

Author ACS402010 (1 year)
Lol...jealous iPhone users say the darndest things.

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