DayZ - Meeting FRANKIEonPCin1080p at his gunshop!

Server was the EUK server if i am right

I met Frankie at his gunshop he had setup on a DayZ server. He had a bus full of people.

Intro Gunshot sound from:

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no his i 6 deee

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (1 year)
i think it was EUK

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (9 months)
read the description before asking.

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (1 year)
the name of the server,

Author mydakotablue (1 year)
make that 32 people

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (1 year)
Rhymed perfectly!

Author hexahydrat (10 months)
damn lol what did he do i never saw something. Sent me his Video please ^^

Author Timothy Depasquale (1 year)
lol and at 9:45

Author atzin guru (9 months)
dude it is so obvious u where trying to get people into ur channel when u
said its just like me, he makes game play that you enjoy, nice try thou.

Author Dylan Renaud (10 months)
You mother fucker

Author DylanChaseTV (11 months)
He killed me on dayz before

Author Sean Cartwright (10 months)

Author Michael Nelson (11 months)
well several others stated they survived as well... just saying

Author Meyer VALDEZ (10 months)
Franki is not a hacker he is just cool

Author Brock lacey (1 year)
I was laughing so hard at 30:00, look for a guy called Nyghtfang Nyghtfang:
IM ALIVE! 2 seconds later Dead

Author PoliteWerewolf (1 year)
If a group of well armed people opened fire on the bus, there would be a
massacre. Although, it would be pretty funny if one person opened fire on
the bus, it pulled over, and 20-something people poured out of it and
returned fire.

Author Robert Dalton (11 months)
He found all those weapons in tents that were filled with weapons he even
has the episode were ge finds them all

Author Alex Matherson (11 months)
have you not watched frankie's video? this is real xD

Author Apocalyth Greek (10 months)
Cannot go*

Author Ryan Miller (1 year)
What that mean... EUK?

Author turtletowers (1 year)
frankie's fun bus!

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (1 year)
Yeah, awesome mate :)

Author woodsy2223 (10 months)
you can see it in his videos if you look at the small things like the debug
alot of the times it would change there are two different sides of it and
two different debugs

Author aarongama24 (1 year)
Im pretty sure by the XD face after that was a sign that it was a joke.

Author nukeclears (10 months)
people are jealous of frankie. even if he hacked, he's hacking in a way of
helping people (i guess)

Author minecrafterxd234 (1 year)
it was not ment to be a joke

Author SerfinBird (11 months)
and running with a broken leg

Author Supa Sand (11 months)
Yea the guy that says that dies after a few seconds...just saying

Author XiiBIOHAZARD (1 year)
no he had the same skin though

Author Arvect (10 months)
You do realize that he did just say "ignorance... try it some say".

Author shadowfanjj (1 year)
wasnt a derp and keep sending me out of dayz not letting me play :(

Author Tobie Moorrees (11 months)
its not

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (9 months)
haha yeah it was pretty cool

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (1 year)
i was just stating that, no need to get cocky

Author Supa Sand (1 year)
"I survived " lol Frankie you had God mode on, even the creator of this
video that was a greater distance than you from the blast died, you just
came out with 12k blood had the nerve to post it on youtube.

Author L3THALXFOX . (10 months)
if u killed frankie u would have been amazing!!

Author Sean Cartwright (9 months)
Who like cake and xbox and dayz

Author xTheHypn0tic (1 year)
and then a random grenade...

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (11 months)
In all fairness some items from arma 2 are buggy... take the quad bike for
example and try and drive it over a bridge or train tracks. Arma 2 is still
a buggy game

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (10 months)
Also. i checked out your amnesia commentary, got to say, that aint much
better to be honest.

Author Steve .k. (1 year)
Can you give the server name that frankie play at..?

Author Pandawand (10 months)
his not hacker he found these weapons from tent it is in his episode

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (1 year)
You might of :)

Author arkanto24 (9 months)
Good videos dude! must be the best feeling meeting frankie

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (1 year)

Author Alex Matherson (11 months)
you reall never heard frankie...he was talking on this bus if you didnt
realize -.-

Author Tom DaOne (11 months)
You can't really use that as proof that Frankie is a hacker though
considering how glitchy and buggy the game is.

Author TN Gaming | russlenerds (11 months)

Author Pat mcevoy (1 year)

Author petemk1966 (11 months)
ring and ride special day out

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