The Godfather: All Deleted Scenes (1)

Exept the one with Genco which I uploaded in separate video.
Missing a scene when Bonasera is going to meet Don in the morgue.

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Author Lily Ezuma (5 months)
I wish they hadn't taken out the scene of Michael with kay. They lacked
intimacy in the movie idek would've been a nice touch..

Author bodsnvimto (9 months)
That last scene should definitely have been included.

Author joe jones (4 months)
I think the scene with the girl in Wolz' bedroom and Tom telling Vito about
it was edited out because it makes the famous horsehead scene look too
justified, with the Godfather looking like the good guy. He was after all a
gangster, and they had to depict him as ruthless. The scene with Sonny,
Tesio, and Michael discussing who to "knock off" was edited out because it
makes Sonny's decision to execute Paulie look too rational, and they wanted
to portray Sonny as impulsive and impetuous.

Author brah ket (7 months)
I can't believe Wolz, that old fck, ruined and defiled that little
girl...what a degenerate old puke......

Author Kyle Laney (3 months)
DId they reveal the "little" girls age? She didnt look that young to me.

Author Robert C. (6 months)
Who am I to question FFC, but I think the deleted scene featuring Michael
and Kay was a real loss for the film. That ability to express and show love
makes that Michael an almost unrecognizable character from the one we see
after his return from Italy. Would have gone even further to demonstrate
the descent Michael takes during the course of the trilogy. 

Author 7beers (7 months)
Good call to delete these scenes.

Author Phil Bazan (4 months)
These scenes should have been kept in, especially the scene where Sonny,
initially, voices his distrust of Clemenza. It adds more impact to the end
of the movie when it's revealed that Tessio is the traitor, not Clemenza.
It'd be nice to have a version that has all of the scenes included. I'd
pay for that even though I already have the trilogy on DVD.

Author manwomanboogie (4 months)
My heart sank when I saw that little girl silently crying out for help from
that sleaze Woltz and that bitch that forces her back in the room who is
just as abusive sickens me too

Author Nick Pagano (10 months)
hope they remake the godfather. They could have deniro as the godfather
and have ryan gosling as Michael. that would be so cool!

Author winstonsmith116 (10 months)
all those phones-scenes... it would be so gay with iphones instead

Author Joshua Ratz (1 year)
James Caan was born for the role of "Sonny." I can't remember the last
time I saw the Godfather Saga, but I forgot the scene where here near the
end where Michael decides to listen to family business and Sonny cautions
him about the consequences. Michael shrugs and so Sonny gets really direct
and straight to the point: "Okay, whose head do we want to blow up,
Clemenza's or Paulie's?" A graphic tasteless detail and he suggests it
like a psychopath on a Sunday afternoon. My God in heaven.

Author Willie Finn (8 months)
godfather 1 shows how michael changed from fresh faced all american war
hero to calculating, cool killer. amazing performance from pacino.
godfather 1 also had brando and caan but godfather 2 had de niro. godfather
1 had such a tight plot with marvellous suspense and characterization.
godfather 2 showed the evil and immorality of the mafia. at the end of
godfather 1 you were cheering when the corleones wiped out their enemies.
in godfather 2 you were disgusted when michael had his brother killed. all

Author Steven Marler (10 months)
The woman in the background, never saying anything, says a lot.

Author Monica Evely (8 months)
Michael and Kay's seen was so cute💜

Author Angel Deville (8 months)

Author halvaman3 (8 months)
These are deleted scenes? These are some of the best scenes in the entire
movie!? I remember these well.

Author srb9 (4 months)
All of these should have been kept in.

Author Ron Dorin (5 months)
fucken awesome scene when santino tells mike his war plan.

Author cold burn (5 months)
whats going on in the second scene ?

Author Wesley Cox (7 months)
Normally I understand why scenes are cut from movies, but can we get an
edition of this movie with the scenes thrown back in? I think these scenes
add more to the movie that the crew gave them credit for.

Author Rab carn (11 months)
omg i am so grateful for these scenes i have never seen before. its adds
more pleasure

Author David Myers (10 months)
There is a little scene I like that was in the saga of Vito near the start
doing a strong whistle to raise Santino out of his daydream. For me it is
showing the doubts that Vito has about Sonny

Author ziran liu (7 months)
sunny was a cool kid but with bad temper in the novel, with so much scenes
deleted, sunny turned out to be a total loser had nothing but bad temper.

Author Daniel Matalon (8 months)
@NickPagano remake is an interesting idea, big gamble. Interesting casting

Author David Goodridge (7 months)
wheres the scene when the went to see boaserra when they came up the
elevator......also woltz an the stable seen when woltzsays he "hould have a
ock like that" reffering tothe horse

Author PaulThePuppeteer (10 months)
At least half of them are with Sonny

Author MrJoedonbaker1 (7 months)
6:24 Good thing they Deleted It: Who could eat after telling your Mom that
your Dad was shot 4 times?

Author marumarusensei1 (1 year)
I really wish that they had produced when the family was strong. Godfather
1 is the beginning of losing their influence. Solozzo said 10 years ago,
would I have attempted kill Don? Yes, that is the moment, I wanted to see.
I have seen it in my mind but it would I been a good movie that would have
been a great foundation to other Godfather films as one more great layer.
The part 2 shows the details how Don started his family. I wanted to see
the moment they reached their peak moment and when Sonny was really wild
and active. 

Author Rose GM (1 year)
Don Vito was already a terrific anti-hero but I honestly felt the whole
Woltz-pedophile thing strengthened it tenfold because it was so early in
the film and made you question what is morally acceptable to do another
human being and it steered one very much toward Don Vito's side before such
an extreme act that took place in the horse head scene right after.

Author spewgilist (8 months)
Christ, speak the fuck up.

Author polako256 (1 year)
Fuggedabauded! Tom Hagen fucking said! I love The Godfather and Donnie

Author Ice Bird (9 months)
Why are those scenes deleted ??

Author Hymie Grier (10 months)
They'd added them into a "Godfather" mini-series, which they'd aired about
a year ago on cable. I'm still mad that I didn't get to view it. They'd
also did one for "Godfather 2".

Author paul pisano (6 months)
i wish they would have left the sonny scenes in the movie.

Author Sincere Echevarria (1 year)
I'm guessing they didn't use the scene where Santino told his mother his
dad was shot was because he was eating. Even though his character was a
tough guy him eating bread and worrying about his father at the same time
just seemed off.

If you've lost someone very close to you or think they might die, it's hard
to eat. When my grandmother died I couldn't eat for days.

Author effortlessGFX (11 months)
Notice in Sonny and his Mother's scene that just before he uses the phone,
he looks at his father's chair, but chooses to pull another one over to sit
in. That was improvised by James Caan, brilliant acting.

Author guardian08527 (1 year)

I forget which version it was, it might of been the chronological Godfather
saga edition, but 2 or 3 years ago AMC had all the cut scenes added to Part
1 and 2 but at the same time they cut some of the original scenes out.

Once I just want to see all three movies in chronological order with every
last bit of footage added in. No flashbacks, just one gigantic chunk of
Mafia drama in the order the events happened.

Author Charlie McTruth (1 year)

Author Aramdeo Quin (1 year)
Quality upload. Best scene for me is Michael with his father and he gets
to the point about Sonny and Sicily....then the smile from the Godfather.
The change in Michael is immense.....

They shot his father 5 times and wanted to finish him off at the hospital,
They machined gun his older brother multiple and left him the the street
after kicking his face when dead. They car bombed his wife when it was also
aimed at him. I think these incidents pushed him beyond the edge which led
to the dramatic change in his character.

I am looking for the deleted scenes from PART II - Michael orders the bomb
on the Sicilian bodyguard who is in Italy working in a pizza
also see this actual scene. There is also another one where VITO - De Niro
kills the men who worked for Don Cicco and would shout in the neighborhood,
"whoever is hiding Vito must bring him will be a rich man" or
something like that.

Anyone have those three scenes in particular from PART II?

Author buffalo bison (9 months)
They need to make The Family Corleone into a movie it was a great book.
Awesome to read and see in my mind Vito in his element as the Don of New

Author jeffs1000 (1 year)
Whenever I see deleted scenes from any movie, I always say, yeah, I can see
why they deleted that scene.

Author laminage (11 months)
ohwell94, I thought I was the only one who felt like that. There are
certain scenes in which you know never to step. Sonny never sitting in his
Father's Office Chair, Lance deluding himself he could sit in Angela
Channing's Chair on Falcon Crest, even Hart The Law Student going to the
podium in The Paper Chase only after Professor Kingsfield allows him to.

Author toonsis (9 months)
these scenes sucked, good idea to cut them

Author roquefortfiles (1 year)
Talia Shire was the weakest actor in the Godfather. Her scene when she
goes hysterical at Michael asking if he killed Carlo was horrible. Very
amateur looking stuff.

Author Malo Perverso (1 year)
How about a semi-serious question!? Is Marlon Brando doing a Slight Italian
Accent (since his character originally came from Italy) or is that just his
normal voice/accent that is affected for dramatic purposes!? Can anyone
tell??? English is my second language....

Author smarterthananyone (11 months)
I've never seen these scenes but I feel I know them so well as they are
largely taken directly from the magnificent novel.

Author smarterthananyone (11 months)
IMHO: the implied sexual relationship between Woltz and the young girl is
an important part of the novel and useful in defining Woltz as an evil
person, helpful in justifying his fall.

Author davisthegamelord (1 year)
why did they cut these

Author Idealno Loša (5 months)
Pacino is the definition of a true actor. Besides, he has the same eyes and
smile as my ex the love of my life. These two are my guys <3

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