Nerd³ Plays... Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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Attention passengers: We're going to die. Thank you for traveling with us today. We hope you have a pleasant horrific accident.

Game link:

End theme by the incredible Dan Bull:

All other music is in game music. It makes me want to land the sodding plane.

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Author EvilMuffin (1 month)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. Together we can
stop this. Please spread the word, thank you for your attention ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author Matthew Lee (2 months)
The reason you can't land was because you were overspeeding for landing.
The landing speed is supposed to be around 140 knots(the speed it knots not
MPH) with flaps completely down and with the landing gear down early. Also,
you get something called a speed brake. Thats a bit like an air brake.
Thats the brake in the air. I fly X Plane 10 which is much better than FSX
so I know that FSX has super unrealistic stopping time. If you can't even
stop in time thanks to the awful FSX physics, you must be heavily over
speeded. The reason it constantly says overspeed is because below 10000
feet, the speed limit is 250 knots.

Author Jonathan Thomas (21 day)

Author Kayla Burney (2 months)
Plot twist: at 9:04 the view in the corner is actually a facecam and Dan is
a plane.

Author Dylan Allen (13 days)
Back when simulator games were good......

Now we have the wonderful goat simulator and the thrilling rock

Author Baconuniverse (12 days)
'Bingo fuel' means your gonna die

Author DaDonkey Lets Plays (12 days)
Dan, you should do another vid on this with the oculus rift :P

Author Michael Lewis (6 months)
My dad help build the first 747.

Author D-Licious (1 month)
Nerd³ Challenge: Land a fighter on a carrier! (Properly)

Author Luke Fisher (1 month)
F/A-18E = Plane

Boeing 747-400 = Whale with rocket strapped to it?

Author snarwars (1 month)
Is a joystick a must for this game? I want to buy it on steam sale.

Author blastdude89 (2 days)
Are you playing on full sim settings ? Great video anyway.

Author Rocksta Fredsta (3 months)

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Sorry, I just dropped my bag of Doritos on the plane.

Author Sexual Toast (3 months)
So why is this the most popular video n his channel?

Author James Stephens (3 days)
around 12:00 when you hear a sound it was the auto pilot disengaging. it
sounds a warning in case the pilots didn't know that they accidently
disengaged the autopilot

Author Nahid125 (12 days)
I remember buying FSX and it looked like this. Now, with the add-ons I
have, it looks like a PS4 game. If you want to practice landing, try any
other airport other than LCY because of it's steep approach.

Author Burning Treant (1 hour)
Exactly what happened to me when i first tried the game (yes FSX is a game)

Author Liam Smith (4 days)
25:06 Oops, I've killed the tories. **And nothing of value was lost**

Author Michael Gambin (6 days)
You know There is a big difference between a game and a simulator -_-

Author joshua potter (11 days)

Author Bran04don13 (27 days)
In the final attempt he had collisions off! Thats why he passed through
those buildings and bounced of the ground.

Author Perry Kilsby (10 days)
You know nothing I am 12 and have X-Plane 10 and FSX. When you are taking
of your pull up speed fully loaded your speed should be 155 knots not MPH.
Wouldn't you think when it says over speed someone smart enough would
reduce the speed. You would also thing of a runway approach you would do
it correctly. Maintain 140 knots and for a starter you should first
do missions slowly reduce the flaps and arm the spoilers and after you
touchdown press F2 to apply reverse thrust. With the FSX package you get a
quick reference guide read that if you are smart enough. Instead of looking
all over the place you should get to know the program and the aircraft.
Your lucky you made landings on both X-Plane and FSX with the way you fly
you could kill your self and the passengers. I would say more but I think
I've mad my point.

Author Robert Weber (11 days)
omg this is one of the funniest things i have seen in months 

Author Benyamin Zafarr (6 days)
Now I see why people dislike this video I disliked it too

Author Jorgeyy Boyy (2 months)
How annoying. A fucking noob

Author rasheed gregory (9 days)
See...this is why im terrified of flying lmao

Author Somiih (14 days)
4:07 Hahaha, i had to laugh so hard :'D

Author justme man (19 days)
"its heathrow... you can tell because everyone's unhappy"

gawd DAMN thats funny.

Author Ali Yasiri (1 day)
hahahaha nice video the voice in attempt 4 was because you turned off the

Author Mike Tseytlin (18 days)
20:56 is that the 5 hour energy talking?

Author pschroeter1 (4 days)
I took about 20 hours of flying lessons before running out of money. It was
easier to land a real plane than the one in Flight Simulator.

Author Ricardo Arosemena (2 days)
I did what nerdcubed tryed to do. I landed with boeing 747 at london

Author Dafaria (17 days)
Just do an ILS approach

Author trollarkband (11 hours)
what airport?????

Author Salem Algaroe (6 days)
If you want to become a pilot you have to learn that when your stalling you
have to dive down then go back up again

Author Jack Hughes (11 days)
Actually, if a helicopters engine fails, it spins rapidly to slow itself
down. It's called "Auto-Rotate"

Author Blomm11 (10 days)
Yeah... That was just painful to watch. I've been a sim geek for 20 years,
and this.... This is just sad.

Author TEKNO640 (9 days)
after watching this i google images searched "whale with a rocket strapped
to it".... will you?

Author Krags47 (2 days)
"stalling like 7 to 8 times to land" Yup thats landing.

Author Big Cricket Basher (4 days)
I'm guessing you have the logitech extreme 3D pro joysick.

Author reddeckpickar (13 days)
In UK, when someone turns the car key, the car starts, please help this
dangerous catastrophe!

Inspired by evil muffin

Author louis carson (2 months)
And stall means you lifted rhe nose too high

Author X3nonAng3l (1 month)
Always loved the 744

Author Bad Wolf (16 days)
wouw i got my subtitels on and it says "have found Obama top of my joystick
do they seem to make the plans to go out"...

Author jaron lesonen (6 hours)
More this!

Author Norman Byrne (15 days)
I have to say that was quite entertaining and God help me if I'm ever on an
airplane being piloted by you.

Author Blingst8r (6 days)
Can you do a British airways one pls

Author cancerman50 (13 days)
Do you EVER know what you're doing?

Author TheMopardude (20 days)
Those warning sign voices on the plane are legit...

Author CreatorOfBricks (20 days)
Anyone remember when this was under a million views? No? Not even 2
million? Fuck, people have a short term memory.

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