Nerd³ Plays... Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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Attention passengers: We're going to die. Thank you for traveling with us today. We hope you have a pleasant horrific accident.

Game link:

End theme by the incredible Dan Bull:

All other music is in game music. It makes me want to land the sodding plane.

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Author Kayla Burney (1 month)
Plot twist: at 9:04 the view in the corner is actually a facecam and Dan is
a plane.

Author Matthew Lee (1 month)
The reason you can't land was because you were overspeeding for landing.
The landing speed is supposed to be around 140 knots(the speed it knots not
MPH) with flaps completely down and with the landing gear down early. Also,
you get something called a speed brake. Thats a bit like an air brake.
Thats the brake in the air. I fly X Plane 10 which is much better than FSX
so I know that FSX has super unrealistic stopping time. If you can't even
stop in time thanks to the awful FSX physics, you must be heavily over
speeded. The reason it constantly says overspeed is because below 10000
feet, the speed limit is 250 knots.

Author snarwars (1 day)
Is a joystick a must for this game? I want to buy it on steam sale.

Author radu430 (5 months)
As a virtual pilot i LOL'd at this more than average

Author Luke Fisher (13 days)
F/A-18E = Plane

Boeing 747-400 = Whale with rocket strapped to it?

Author Roger Dai (20 days)
favorite. nerdcubed. video. EVAR.

Author agentorange153 (11 hours)
Did you disable crashes? Because the plane would break up into pieces
after flying above V(ne) for so long!

Author EvilMuffin (10 days)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. Together we can
stop this. Please spread the word, thank you for your attention ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author TechBug2012 (6 months)
10:35 looks fake, like he did it for real off-camera and wanted to record
it so he staged it.

Author teun studio (6 days)
Pull up, terrain ahead! Pull up, terrain ahead! Is the only thing you would
hear if he was flying a airbus A320

Author Jorgeyy Boyy (1 month)
How annoying. A fucking noob

Author KatieFrog217 (7 days)
ahhh these videos :)) such nostalgia because this is how I found your

Author Colton Blumhagen (19 days)
20:00 Not true, helicopters are able to glide down similar to an airplane,
and modern ones have 2 engines in case one fails.

Author Pandele Vlad (1 day)
33:05 I LANDED!!!!!

Author Rocksta Fredsta (2 months)

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Sorry, I just dropped my bag of Doritos on the plane.

Author frenak12 (1 day)
It's cheap on steam right now, go get it :D

Author G510Gamer (12 days)
that joystick does he have? thrustmaster not the HOTAS Warthog but that
cheep one 

Author Queycy Guerrero (1 hour)
That crash was anticlimactic!😝😝😝😛😛😄😄😄😄😞

Author Kieran Crowley (19 days)
If a helicopters engine malfunctions, the rotors will continue to rotate
and will land better than a gliding plane.

Author kyth mattew limbaga (12 days)

Author StephenShorts (3 months)
Isn`t that blue one the Blue Angels plane they use for stunts and stuff?

Author RunningFrom Kony (14 days)
Good vid however this game is so terrible its unreal!

Author Wayne Hsu (1 day)
should i get this game??? it's now 5USD

how big is teh map?

Author thomsonfly645k (1 day)
LOL This is hilarious. I've played FS many times
HAHA The Boeing 747 'a nice small plane'

Author SWI0001 (16 days)
I fly better than GTA V

Author Evan White (5 hours)
Anybody know what joystick he uses?

Author SimonhutsGaming (2 days)
This game is back on steam!! WOO HOO!!!

Author THE PARTY CREEPER (1 day)
I have flight sim and it uses google earth with it

Author TurPPu (20 days)
What is this? no hidden comments?

Author haris bari (12 days)
Landing gear down..... Wait it is not down...Speed and pitch up
vertically=certain death+ STALL.

Author Nik Phillips (24 days)
I got the gold edition for ma b-day

Author Spiro Orfanos (21 day)
Your mums a sink rate lol!!!!!

Author Wilfred Jones (2 months)
stop fkin singing and adding your own gay shitty sound effects. get some
gash pls

Author Kushagra Tiwari (13 days)
Bingo fuel means that you do not have enough fuel to get back where you

Author mackdoesgaming yong (5 days)
Yay! It was posted on my birthday!

Author Alejandro Breton (14 days)
by the way I'm gonna download mfsx at my babysitter's house I'm gonna
control it with mouse and keyboard.

Author louis carson (1 month)
And stall means you lifted rhe nose too high

Author -GA- Mancsfinest (1 month)
you talk to much...................

Author CHARLES Rarivi (16 days)
you were flying the 747-400 it is one of the smaller versions of the 747
ranges!!! but really you are a very bad pilot!!!!

Author RobDoesGaming (14 days)
um, your destination airport is MUCH too small to accommodate a plane of
your size

Author DeLorean 1984 (7 days)
I like humor. He talks like Eddie Murphy on an sightseeing tour ;-) Super
;-) He does it only for fun :-)

Author Dante Hoyle (1 day)
just bought this... wish me luck

Author Tyler Nguyen (28 days)
This might sound stupid, but what does FW mean?
(Nerd3 FW...)

Author luke34121 (17 days)
+Matthew Lee He was playing for comedy. Only the default FSX 747 has very
unrealistic stopping time. Take a look at PMDG

Author UK Aviation (6 days)
😂😂 takeoff speed is 155 😂😂 wow

Author F6 Tornado (11 days)

Author TheCanadianWolf1998 (7 days)
at 27:51 doesn't he sound like Elmo lol! 

Author holygamingbc (21 day)
Ladies and gentleman. Please write a letter to your family because I can't
fly for shit , so thee , you may die , thank you for listening . And by the
way there is no escape

Author Ramp10er (23 days)
I would like to try this game and probably land the plane like in the movie
space cowboys....

Author gerd müller (4 days)
i think youre a little to fast to land...

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