Nerd³ Plays... Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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Attention passengers: We're going to die. Thank you for traveling with us today. We hope you have a pleasant horrific accident.

Game link:

End theme by the incredible Dan Bull:

All other music is in game music. It makes me want to land the sodding plane.

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Author Sidharth Bhaduri (1 month)
You call a Boeing 747 a "nice small plane?"........ok.

Author Sexual Toast (17 days)
So why is this the most popular video n his channel?

Author Michael Lewis (3 months)
My dad help build the first 747.

Author louis thompson (25 days)
Oh my god everybody get a fucking life!! He was being sarcastic about the
small plane. Stop posting worthless comment to get attention 

Author Lel Wyane (2 months)
Where did You learn to fly?

Author Drummerboy Prince (3 months)
please send me the download link for flight simulator x please

Author TechBug2012 (4 months)
10:35 looks fake, like he did it for real off-camera and wanted to record
it so he staged it.

Author radu430 (3 months)
As a virtual pilot i LOL'd at this more than average

Author Thewelshshooters (2 months)
at 11:40 he nearly hit something the collision alarm sounded 

Author Ryan Waters (3 days)
Look at all these people that take this game so seriously.

Author JMG787 (4 months)
Nice small plane = Boeing 747?

Author StephenShorts (2 months)
Isn`t that blue one the Blue Angels plane they use for stunts and stuff?

Author Merrick Brown (3 months)
The first attempt when you were like CATCHMECATCHNECATCHME you sounded like
Wheatley from Portal 2,when he falls of the rail

Author Kurts Lee (2 months)
8:50 Press the "]" key to cancel that view stupid dick

Author KBUL productions (1 month)
Why did he turn off the comments?

Author 2benerdornot2benerd (3 months)
Bingo fuel just means you still have a good amount of fuel for your flight.

Author Hoojikee (4 days)

Author matt ardebili (1 month)
small plane? 

Author Keith Edwards (15 days)
Cant land a Boeing so lets use a f18 ........ mind blown......

Author PeacemanNOT (4 months)
"Pull up", "Pull up", "Pull up" do you ever fucking listen, you're going to

Author Wilfred Jones (18 days)
stop fkin singing and adding your own gay shitty sound effects. get some
gash pls

Author Mark Verheul (19 days)
I'm currently at Heatrow lmao

Author Ignacy Rivers (22 days)
The 4 white mean that your to high and the 4 red lights mean that your to
low but you need two white and two red

Author TheGoyacast (7 months)
The speed is measured in knots. 400 knots = 460m/h = 740km/h. And 500 knots
= 575m/h = 926km/h. You're basically 621m/h or 1000km/h. Thats quite very
very fast...

Author GxAxV (22 days)
auto rotation

Author suspectsn0thing (4 months)
What joystick is he using?

Author Lesse Frost (2 months)
really, a landing in a plane is really just a controlled stall, only about
6-10 inches off the ground.

Author thejaykid34 (2 months)
would this work for windows 7 64bit

Author Bravo's Gaming (2 months)
This game sucks cocks in shit pants fucktart ass hell

Author Ashkan Khani (2 months)
this is simulator not game ... simulator isn't for fun ! go play another
game ( leave flight simulator alone :D )
I dislike this video

Author cG BluntSmokeTrauma (2 months)
You are a disgrace. Do you play any fucking game seriously? 

Author Roman Proctor (1 month)

Author ElectricGamePlayer58 (2 months)
A 747 isn't a "nice small plane". It's among the biggest of the Boeings. 

Author guitarg0d7007 (3 months)
Are you flying with the mouse? I usually only fly with the arrow keys so I
can use the mouse to cllick buttons around the cabin. But its really hardd,
and you go out of control really easily. 

Author Glen Willmot (2 months)
I totally lost it at "good catch"

Author Skylord414 _ (3 months)
Yea land at 600 knots... Your disrespect for planes and aircraft disgusts

Author pogo markette (1 day)
Why do you have comments on this video?

Author CaptainJdotJdot (3 months)
"This plane is so much easier to fly than a Boeing!" THE F-18 IS A BOEING

Author HighlightsCubed (17 hours)
"64x speed" Clip - Watch it now on the HighlightsCubed channel! :D

...or don't... it's a free world. or free website. Whatever...

Author Damyan Michel (3 months)
im new on this channel so don't hate. why does he call us procrastinators

Author Ashoka Jake Zylstra (2 months)
use da deng flaps when taking off.

Author haris bari (1 day)
Make another one

Author Tim Bobjr (2 months)
Revving a Boeings engines xD

Author Justin Brochure (3 days)
"Yes it's imbedded in the ground but it's landed"

Author Tom Bailey (2 days)
mods for this r good

Author Arcticius Blizzard (2 months)
Its a nice small plane...

Author RakuziGaming (2 days)
The flaps Increases lift,drag and It slows the plane down!

Author adnarine (8 days)
ahh re watching my first nerd 3 video, The memories

Author Rafael Cabrera (8 days)
idk this is true but this is the most realistic flight simulator ever even
pilots use this for training

Author ApeX|RaIn (3 months)
NerdCubed? More like,

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