Nerd³ Plays... Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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Attention passengers: We're going to die. Thank you for traveling with us today. We hope you have a pleasant horrific accident.

Game link:

End theme by the incredible Dan Bull:

All other music is in game music. It makes me want to land the sodding plane.

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Author Michael Lewis (1 month)
My dad help build the first 747.

Author TechBug2012 (2 months)
10:35 looks fake, like he did it for real off-camera and wanted to record
it so he staged it.

Author radu430 (1 month)
As a virtual pilot i LOL'd at this more than average

Author 2benerdornot2benerd (1 month)
Bingo fuel just means you still have a good amount of fuel for your flight.

Author guitarg0d7007 (23 days)
Are you flying with the mouse? I usually only fly with the arrow keys so I
can use the mouse to cllick buttons around the cabin. But its really hardd,
and you go out of control really easily. 

Author Glen Willmot (16 days)
I totally lost it at "good catch"

Author CaptainJdotJdot (24 days)
"This plane is so much easier to fly than a Boeing!" THE F-18 IS A BOEING

Author S Core (26 days)
i have fsx, but when i install custom planes theres no virtual cockpit
views in there

Author Merrick Brown (1 month)
The first attempt when you were like CATCHMECATCHNECATCHME you sounded like
Wheatley from Portal 2,when he falls of the rail

Author Drummerboy Prince (1 month)
please send me the download link for flight simulator x please

Author Tim Bobjr (17 days)
Revving a Boeings engines xD

Author Arin Carson (1 month)
I can land any plane on fax

Author Damyan Michel (27 days)
im new on this channel so don't hate. why does he call us procrastinators

Author Skylord414 _ (1 month)
Yea land at 600 knots... Your disrespect for planes and aircraft disgusts

Author Captin Scrambels (2 months)
Random question for you people reading this comment. Would you rather have
the sun from this game replace the real sun and have that giant ad int he
sky. Or would you rather have the sun and moon from Soul Eater replace the
real sun and moon.

Author ApeX|RaIn (1 month)
NerdCubed? More like,

Author Nick Fleming (1 month)
Is he using Mouse to steer like the Mouse Yoke or what? 

Author PeacemanNOT (1 month)
"Pull up", "Pull up", "Pull up" do you ever fucking listen, you're going to

Author TheGentleman (3 months)
So here is a scenario.... if both pilots on board a 747 airline where both
dead and we are 36000 feet in the air, and there is nobody with experience
flying a plane except me with 2000 hours playing Flight Simulator X and
thats my only experience, would I be able to successfully fly and land a
plane with help from flight control? you think flight simulator would
at least help? 

Author Jay Stew (2 months)
what a lozer flying a jet with a keyboard. Yeah thats how the real pilots
do it. 

Author TheGoyacast (4 months)
The speed is measured in knots. 400 knots = 460m/h = 740km/h. And 500 knots
= 575m/h = 926km/h. You're basically 621m/h or 1000km/h. Thats quite very
very fast...

Author suspectsn0thing (2 months)
What joystick is he using?

Author Ben Cutter (2 months)
Challenge : write a sentence in the sky using the smoke from a plane :)

Author Darryl Benson (1 month)
You take the most boring games and make me crack up so much. Your
commentary is better than everything you play!

Author MrAri123123 (4 months)
Im a professional Flight Simulator Pilot :D

Author TheCoolChanel (1 month)
I'm epsest with this vid, I watch this all the time

Author JMG787 (2 months)
Nice small plane = Boeing 747?

Author Joe Jones (2 months)
First Nerdcubed video I watched, seems so long now..

Author hunteranddajman2 (2 months)
11:38 it made that alarm because you must have turned on autopilot, then
turned it off.

Author Agustus Bergevin (2 months)
-Nerdcubed 2013

Author PILOT AMARI (2 months)
is that flight simulator x or flight simulator gold edition 

Author RamesGamesLC (3 months)
Shirley you can't be serious...

Author Minecraft guy Rocks (3 months)
Like +marioandpeefan09 said, "It's a small nice plane, a Boeing 747 there".
The 747 is the second biggest passenger jet. xD

Author chuckythesqiurrel (4 months)
I have this game...this is the best flying I have seen in multiplayer

Author Adam Hart (4 months)
Nerd3 challenges: fly the PMDG 737 to Kai Tak

Author marioandpeefan09 (3 months)
"It's a nice small plane, Boeing 747 there"

Do you realize that what you just said..... MAKES NO SENSE?

Author muhammad asyraf azman (3 months)
Dear +OfficialNerdCube. I want to ask you something.. Do you download all
the games or you just bought the CDs??
If you download them, could you give us the link in description??

Author Chef Excellence (1 month)
Step 1 for playing FSX: optimize your graphics settings before getting into
the game. Drop the autogen density and up the texture quality.

Author Racecarlock (5 months)
So this is what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370.

Author Nahid125 (1 month)
Do you even speed brake?

Author bravo3000pirate (11 hours)
This game sucks cocks in shit pants fucktart ass hell

Author Nicholas Tupper (21 hour)
Nerd 3 is an idot! The F-18 is made by Boeing.

Author Cameron Mcmaster (22 hours)
10:28 his left wing just barely skimmed the runway!😁

Author cG BluntSmokeTrauma (1 day)
You are a disgrace. Do you play any fucking game seriously? 

Author Flynn Fraser (1 day)
"That's a bit to hard"

Author simon Young (1 day)
You shoulda done us all a favour and flown into the house of parliament&
killed off all the Tory scum in particular. 

Author Sandra Mathis (2 days)
64 speed oh does it just go 64 times faster oh that's what i thought speed
of an aircraft would be. we've taken off, pleasant... uh uh uuuh what the
hell what the hell what the hell

Author Robin Somers (3 days)
27:30 says microsoft flight simulator x in the sky?

Author Caio Lima (3 days)
Don't take off w/ full power, reduce Thrust so you don't exceed 210 Knots.
Line up with the runway earlier. Press SHIFT + ; to arm the spoilers, F8 to
full flaps, landing gear down, then land with the speed from 160 to 170
knots. That's all you gotta know for a bad, but a landing.

Author FraserMacLellanTV (3 months)
Can anyone recommend a good gaming desktop that I can hook upto 2 TV
screens? Mainly for Simulators such as FSX, Truck sim, Train sim and
sometimes DayZ? (Not over the £900 mark) Thanks :)

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