Nerd³ Plays... Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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Attention passengers: We're going to die. Thank you for traveling with us today. We hope you have a pleasant horrific accident.

Game link:

End theme by the incredible Dan Bull:

All other music is in game music. It makes me want to land the sodding plane.

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Author Merrick Brown (11 days)
The first attempt when you were like CATCHMECATCHNECATCHME you sounded like
Wheatley from Portal 2,when he falls of the rail

Author TechBug2012 (1 month)
10:35 looks fake, like he did it for real off-camera and wanted to record
it so he staged it.

Author skycombat (7 months)

I can already imagine a real pilot doing that on his regular day at work.

Author 2benerdornot2benerd (22 days)
Bingo fuel just means you still have a good amount of fuel for your flight.

Author PeacemanNOT (1 month)
"Pull up", "Pull up", "Pull up" do you ever fucking listen, you're going to

Author Adam Hart (3 months)
Nerd3 challenges: fly the PMDG 737 to Kai Tak

Author Racecarlock (4 months)
So this is what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370.

Author Drummerboy Prince (13 days)
please send me the download link for flight simulator x please

Author Ben Cutter (1 month)
Challenge : write a sentence in the sky using the smoke from a plane :)

Author PNEFansChannel (3 months)
the only question i have is that, assuming this is quite an old game as I
remember *trying* to play flight simulators back in primary school, and it
had such a large scale world as in you could fly to different countries and
airports and whatnot, why has the scale of that not been applied to an epic
open world game yet?

Author Sollux Captor (6 months)
let2 all be happy dan ii2n't a piilot

Author Agustus Bergevin (2 months)
-Nerdcubed 2013

Author Michael Lewis (18 days)
My dad help build the first 747.

Author TheGoyacast (3 months)
The speed is measured in knots. 400 knots = 460m/h = 740km/h. And 500 knots
= 575m/h = 926km/h. You're basically 621m/h or 1000km/h. Thats quite very
very fast...

Author D r . Manhattan (7 months)
You CAN land a helicopter with engines off - it's called autorotation

Author Steve Jobs (4 months)
He doesn't know what a blue angel is after he read the side of the plane?

Author Hannah Wilcox (5 months)
We took a super old version of Flight Sim for Tech Ed in school :3

Author Captin Scrambels (2 months)
Random question for you people reading this comment. Would you rather have
the sun from this game replace the real sun and have that giant ad int he
sky. Or would you rather have the sun and moon from Soul Eater replace the
real sun and moon.

Author fmlyguyfan222 (4 months)
Play x plane 10 you can explore the aircraft you are in

Author chuckythesqiurrel (3 months)
I have this game...this is the best flying I have seen in multiplayer

Author guguigugu (4 months)
this is the worst flying ever on youtube :)

Author radu430 (22 days)
As a virtual pilot i LOL'd at this more than average

Author Olaf (6 months)
Why the fuck does he disable comments on half of his videos?

Author MrAri123123 (3 months)
Im a professional Flight Simulator Pilot :D

Author TheRealGerov (3 months)
Is this his only 1080p video?

Author TheGentleman (2 months)
So here is a scenario.... if both pilots on board a 747 airline where both
dead and we are 36000 feet in the air, and there is nobody with experience
flying a plane except me with 2000 hours playing Flight Simulator X and
thats my only experience, would I be able to successfully fly and land a
plane with help from flight control? you think flight simulator would
at least help? 

Author Jacquelyn Hutto (3 months)
"Stalled, what do you mean 'stalled'. I'm going quite fast." How about
learning how to fly at all! Stalled means your aiming too high up, so
you're plane goes out of control.

Author Anthony Wade (7 months)
I feel like nothing will be as good now because of the change :(

Author AC3S Music (5 months)

Author FreexNerd (2 months)
Back wheels for landing first

Author hunteranddajman2 (1 month)
11:38 it made that alarm because you must have turned on autopilot, then
turned it off.

Author Owen Bailey-Waltz (3 months)
NerdCubed Challenges: Fly from O'Hare Airport (Chicago) to Kai Tak Airport
(Hong Kong) in a Boeing (747) :D

Author Joe Jones (1 month)
First Nerdcubed video I watched, seems so long now..

Author InsaneCraziness (4 months)

Author FraserMacLellanTV (3 months)
Can anyone recommend a good gaming desktop that I can hook upto 2 TV
screens? Mainly for Simulators such as FSX, Truck sim, Train sim and
sometimes DayZ? (Not over the £900 mark) Thanks :)

Author gamekanaal mexx (4 months)
How do you look around in the cockpit, i have no joystick can i look around
in the cockpit?
And how do you open the atc menu?
Comment it

Author Tammy Palmer (3 months)
One little problem i have, and its when he said when a helicopter stalls it
just plumets to the floor well I doesn't, because the blades are spinning
and it gives you chance to land

Author I.G.S.S. (4 months)
if we all were on a plane driven by nerd3, we'd all be dead before we could
say "well .........shit" XD 

Author marioandpeefan09 (2 months)
"It's a nice small plane, Boeing 747 there"

Do you realize that what you just said..... MAKES NO SENSE?

Author Peter Taylor (4 months)
boringgggggggg !!!!!

Author PILOT AMARI (1 month)
is that flight simulator x or flight simulator gold edition 

Author GlasGaming (3 months)
by the way, the fighter jet you were flying IS a boeing

Author xEPICGODSKULLZx Random Videos All The Time (3 months)
wow nice download link

Author rainbow derp (7 months)
Boeing 747? as in the worlds largest passenger plane Boeing 747? just a
small plane?

Author WaffeDerMacht (4 months)
What percentage was your throttle at when you were landing those planes?

If I remember correctly, most planes you align at about fifty to sixty
percent, then drop it to about twenty to thirty for your final approach and
drop to zero coming to touchdown. Make sure you flair up gently to slow
your fall and hit ground gently.

Author epicchar2001 (3 months)
Cant land on a runway but he can land on a bridge!

Author James Newbold (5 months)

Author JMG787 (1 month)
Nice small plane = Boeing 747?

Author TigranTheMetz (3 months)
Why does London look like a desert?

Author suspectsn0thing (1 month)
What joystick is he using?

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