Wheat Harvest On A Real Family Farm in Kansas!

Ever wondered what wheat harvest on a family farm really looks like? This video gives you an inside look at everything that goes into harvesting wheat.
Filmed by: Greg Peterson and Laura Peterson
Voiced by: Greg Peterson, Laura Peterson, and Nathan Peterson
All video filmed on location at Peterson Farm and Livestock.

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 7:49
Comments: 334

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Author Paulina West (2 months)
I thought of you all because it is Thanksgiving. I hope you have a good
one! Cheers

Author imdafarmer gamerboy (2 months)
what combines and heads? we had a 7720 and 224 and we just added a 9400
with a 925

Author Dalius (5 months)
What model is that JD with a baler ?

Author Scott Campbell (7 months)
Pheasant Hunter here. Just wondering were there any pheasants seen on this
harvest. Nice video my aunt referred this on her fb page.

Author WickedJesterL (6 months)
The Wheat Harvest wasn't too good around here it seems. A lot of fields
looked pretty thrashed from the hail and isolated flooding. But then again
last year several people were being docked for water content. Not sure how
bad it was this year (2014). Least I didn't have custom cutters try to run
me over on the sand roads up north along Kiowa county and Pratt county this

Author Austin Goecke (3 months)
I'm a Combine driver 

Author Bare36 (6 months)
my favorite part of harvest is making barbecue near field..yesterday we
finished harvesting 1 hour after midnight.also,if is cloudy or wind
blows,we work at night.greetings from balkans.

Author Emily Root (10 months)
I'm from central Kansas as well and I work as a farm hand during harvest.
You have no clue how cool it is to me that you guys are doing this. I love
harvest and the farm; and I'm not even doing it on a daily basis. It's just
nice to see that someone else enjoys it as much as I do and that they are
sharing it.

Author Bryce White (10 months)
I'm a custom cutter from western Kansas. We harvest from Texas to Montana
and it's hectic but I went back for 4 years so I must love it.

Author christina jokerst (9 months)
did you pick your wheat in july

Author douglasnvideo (1 year)
Thanks so much for sharing. I was very blessed by your presentation My
family was originally from the central Nebraska area and know all about
wheat farming (and corn). I am from So Cal coast and just know of it :)
through family stories of the farm days. I have been back to the mid west
many times and enjoy the quieter "community farm life” of neighbors helping
and watching for one another. Blessings! 

Author christina jokerst (9 months)
how much wheat do you get

Author joshua wager (11 months)
How big of a farm does your family have

Author magna59 (1 year)
I would have through the favorite part for all of you would be "the end" ,
not that you did not enjoy it , but that it s "safe", it s money in the
bank and you don't have to look over your shoulder for the storm .
You said that you were 11%,3% below max moisture levels , what is that 1/2
a day to a day, lost . Can you not test on the farm and get started
earlier, or do they have to see it at the elevator ?

Author Gripnok (1 year)
Why do you have to bale so quickly? Why couldn't the baler come by the
next day or something? Does it have something to do with the moisture?

Author N.K. Jakhar (1 year)
harvesting in a farm.........

Author Daniel N. Alexander (1 year)
About Wheat Harvest.

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educate people and share the best effective ways to lose body fat, safely
and naturally!

Author hanif choudhary (1 year)
farming harvesting.......

Author Best Way To Burn Fat (1 year)
About Wheat Harvest.

What's the Best Way to Burn Fat? is a site to
educate people and share the best effective ways to lose body fat, safely
and naturally!

Author N.K. Jakhar (1 year)

Author encounter99 (2 years)
Gotten really interested in farming ever since I started playing a video
game called farming simulator. Sometimes is wish I could live on a farm and
actually do something more productive in my life instead of playing video
games all day. To bad I live in a city. Can't exactly farm I asphalt...

Author William Dodd (2 years)
We usually use a product like Achieve, Attain, or Caramba when we spray our
wheat anyway. If you would like, come to the Ag College at the University
of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and talk to the head
plant breeders there, and see what they have to say about modern plants and
plant genetics.

Author Amanda A'Hern (2 years)
Where are you guys from

Author Elisabeth Hughes (1 year)
I cant wait till we harvest wheat its almost ready!!!!!

Author MichaelTJD60 (2 years)
I do text and I play a few video games nowadays but being outside working
is so much more productive.

Author paul sanders (1 year)
cows dont eat wheat straw

Author Om Bhavsar (1 year)
Can u make an episode about plowing

Author Tim Woodby (1 year)
How is white bread made?

Author Oldgeefus (1 year)
Great video! Thanks to all of you for feeding us!

Author dasupasin (1 year)
What happens if the dog runs into the header while it was running?

Author Austin Goss (2 years)
ur an asshole

Author Prsnsfrms (2 years)
ive had some interest in a semi like that one for our big is the
trailer, what is your loaded and empty weights, bushel capacity and how big
is the truck in horse power..thanks

Author Red Judas (1 year)
I feel slightly retarded for not realizing that the Grain Elevators in
Vancouver, British Columbia are just that. I used to pass them almost every
day. Amazing how I only found out, because of the elevators in this video.

Author Bryce Jones (2 years)
Listen to their Gangnam Style parody,Farmer Style

Author troy adams (1 year)
great video, keep up the good work..... I remember working on our farm when
I was younger, it was a great life... now I'm working in shipping.... funny
how your life changes...:)

Author RonnygoBOOM (1 year)
why does this video have so many views?

Author TheFarmerfitz . (2 years)
oh yeah...We did it in I think 1991,forgot exact year...Everything snowed
down flat.(mostly one way or two way swathing(mostly stopped changing
sections,..our swathers were junk piles when we got through...and you had
to be carful combining too,,,not to pick up a funny looking pile that the
swather left,(it's probably got a rock in it, meaning major concave
damage)Machine shops did well rebuilding cylinders and feeder houses that

Author 844trainman (2 years)

Author Scott Engstrom (2 years)
Great looking family and thanks for posting. I know nothing about farming
but I love my wheaties and wheat bread. It is hard work but looks like you
all really enjoy it. :-)

Author imrr_123 4 (1 year)
Were you guys from

Author MichaelTJD60 (2 years)
Yeah my bad, I should have made myself more clear there. We stopped farming
a good number of years ago so it's starting to leave my mind. We were just
vegetable farmers so there weren't many tasks that had to be done all at
one time.

Author Prsnsfrms (2 years)
Thanks for the reply. i have familiarity with weight restrictions on bigger
trucks and trailers from working on larger farms, going onwheat harvest,
and over the road trucking with hoppers. I wasnt familiar with the little
short trailers on their capacities and weight but i have found some of what
ive been looking for. we have little driveways and narrow roads to access
them from i thought something like a little trailer would be easier for
family members that are not used to big trailers.

Author Dano Speak's (2 years)
keep up good work

Author pricklytthistle (1 year)
You're right.. We should pay more attention to the farmers in our country
:) I'm so appreciative of my own heritage of ancestors who made their way
as either tenant farmers or farmers in their own right. Thanks for sharing
your passion for what you do!

Author ThePossum2001 (2 years)
That's a good video

Author BUFORD MAPPING (2 years)
harvest season is almost over for us my kids love driveing the combines
with us we get our jobs quickly many acres do you harvest a

Author cal19911 (2 years)
Oh and let's not forget to thank the American taxpayer who makes farming

Author TheFarmerfitz . (2 years)
I don't know to much about saw fly so no I don't think so...Maybey to do
with our short growing season and harsh winter..but we have a lot of other
things that can effect yield, such as cutworms,, spring((the
all well known grasshopper)) if conditions are right for is
out biggest it is for you as well...

Author Guevanie Jones (1 year)
How do u get started in the farming buisness

Author Ben Jonker (2 years)
ya need autotrac on that there combine!

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