Donner Pass Rollover: plus after the fact pictures.

This was not supposed to be released to the general public because I did not want the "faces of death" crowd to get it. Two men died in this accident, they left behind friends and families. I have read the posts others have left on the unathorized posting of my video and decided to post on this myself (I just found the vid on the web today).

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Author Robert Teague (3 months)
Just came up Donner empty three days ago. Went down it loaded six weeks
ago. I ALWAYS shift to a lower gear and go down at a speed I'm comfortable
with. No fucks given about the supertruckers who think I'm going too slow.
Cause they aren't going to take care of my family if something happens to
me because I was going down a mountain too fast. I may get down last but I
get down alive.

Author Andre Pinto (6 months)
was this a swift truck? because they use this video to scare the hell out
of the students before they go on the road, they claim it was a swift
transp of arizona truck and employees in this accident... its a very good
example of foolness

Author Jay Smith (3 months)
Went down it yesterday... some drivers are still taking it too fast.

Author Wayne Warner (4 months)
Jeezus,good driving on your part sir to avoid getting yourself in that

Author Valentino Savea (7 months)
This is crazy. Please drive safely

Author Aaron Schmuck (8 months)
I think it more likely it was an overconfident experienced driver going
downhill too fast than a student. Notice the brakes aren't applied till the
last instant. Novices are always on the brakes at the first hint of a

Author Terry Dusenbury (5 months)
Swift isnt only company to use this video to scare shit out of new drivers.

Author Reese Oneshyne (5 months)
to know that this can happen may go in 1 ear & go out the other. BUT to see
the actual footage like this can send a stream of shockwaves & give every
trucker out there a 2nd look at reality before jumping into the truck
knowing this can happen to them . god bless the 2 drivers of this vehicle
from the report the driver only had his license for 9 days

Author paceta80 (6 months)
Please drive safe out there guys.

Author Chris Brand (7 months)
Waaaay to fast for the curve..RIP

Author Bob Orr (8 months)
Been over Donner countless times. Respect the mountains. Don't let anyone
hurry you. Go as slow as you feel comfortable. Make sure every brake is
adjusted. Learn to brake right and run your jake. Run your hazards if you
have to. The CHP aren't gonna stop you for it on Donner. You're driving
your truck. Don't let fools on the radio drive it by hurrying you. Be
safe out there.

Author Drakkenswitch (2 years)
@MrMud31 I have been a driver now for four years and have been over both
Donner and Cabbage. Just remember to have respect and pay attention to what
your doing. Being a driver is not a game but a responsibility that all to
many take far to lightly. Good Luck and Be Safe..

Author alonearmyranger (4 years)
and thank you for posting this i use it and show the newbies when we get em
what to worry about. I know several of our trainers who use this as well to
train their students so. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family of
both of those men who have departed our trucking brotherhood. May the lord
keep them safe and rest in peace and as for every other trucker be safe out
there we are the professionals

Author TheParamountpirates (3 years)
I went down virgin river on i15 as a rookie driver . trainer a sleep in
bunk. i made it ok but it should have not have happened at all. God bless
them both

Author spankstudios (3 years)
truckerj said to me "do you think accidents just happen on bad stretches of
HELL DO YOU TRAIN SOMEONE WHEN YOURE ASLEEP!" First of all truckerj, don't
yell at me. Secondly, once a student is on my truck, I am dispatched as a
team. A team run can not be completed of both drivers sleep at the same
time. NOT MY RULE. So the way it works is....(to be continued)

Author rvrjr7 (4 years)
i agree i spent 4 years running the small hills east of the big river
before making my first trip to the west coast

Author GordonGriggs (4 years)
I think you did the right thing posting this. Its important for people to
know what can happen.

Author MrMplee (4 years)
rule one: remain awake and in jump seat with student driving in mountains.
rule two: make sure student is in proper gear for grade with jake brake on
BEFORE beginning descent. rule three: DO NOT let student shift gears during
descent. these three simple rules will save you and your students life and
possibly others. not that difficult.

Author Damnatis Sum (1 year)
Yeah, but the idiot said he didn't kill anyone. As if he had the video

Author Drakkenswitch (2 years)
@dubjunkie93 Tell him to think about all the lives that are now being saved
because of this video.. As a Driver I wouldn't wish this kinda of accident
to anyone but I would hope that all the people that do watch it learn that
respecting your truck and watching what your doing is so important.. Safety
is not a choice it is a way of living to see your family again..

Author crazyfox5683 (2 years)
@TxRattPack dont forget lookout pass ID /MT

Author Terry Dusenbury (1 year)
I just started driving 6 months ago. All the companys requirements are you
drive with trainer for 50 hours. The next 100-200 hours you drive as a
team. With the company pushing hard.

Author Michael Steinger (1 year)
This video shows how quickly two people's lives can end. Semi-trailer
drivers are carrying a lot of weight and when they make a sudden change
with their vehicle, it can be deadly.

Author 721transman (2 years)
I have over 1.2 million miles under my belt driving in the 11 western
states. I have covered most of the mt passes in all kinds of weather and
been a trainer. I will never come off of a mt pass unless I have geared
down to my lower gears before starting down the pass. I use my jake level
to control my speed on the down side and only touch my brakes when needed.
I always drop off the pass at 10 under the recommended speed when the
weather is dry and good.

Author Babiboi212001 (1 year)
oh and no matter what you here from your dm, dispatcher and others on the
cb, always drive SAFE! there is no reason to speed even if you are late
with your load.

Author satansmusic2009 (4 years)
at least theyre fixing it now the road work is ridiculous but they fixing
it ...slowly

Author Dean Scholl (1 year)
its not the dispatch that makes you do it.....its the decision that you

Author jem mountainman (2 years)
3 mile grade..deer migration path also..soooo deadly..i do 55 in my all
wheel drive subaru cause of the blind turn..even more deadly on ice huh ?

Author mattr402 (5 years)
trainer was sleeping i bet

Author Andrew Bixby (1 year)
This not a dispatchers fault and trucking is a great way to make a living
your a grown man if your dispatch says run it anyway say fuck you its not
safe hang up then put unsafe to roll on your qualcom problem solved no
buddy controls that truck but you don't think twice about safety if your
gut says don't then ita becuase you know you can't

Author Drakkenswitch (2 years)
God Bless this Trainer and the driver and regardless of the reasons for the
accident As a Driver my heart and love goes out to the families of all
those involved in this accident. I know that words don't help much when
you've lost a love one but know this. They are with God now and looking
down on us. Every time another driver weather it be student,trainer,or
experienced watches this video they are smiling and reminding us that

Author jack bruening (1 year)
I hear you dieselducy be strong

Author rodolfo fernandez (11 months)
R.I.P to these 2 people.....blessings to their families and close
friends.....wth are we to are we to be all of sudden you tube
experts to make negative comments....I AM TALKING in general of all deadly
accidents posted here overall....sad how peeps make stupid comments and
even joke and judge...we all make mistakes....again.. NOT REFERRING
HERE....but in general to all other i get sandblasted and
a courtesy then..LEAVE A R.IP.

Author liberalinthedesertaz (3 years)
@RottyFan1 he hit his brakes when the trailer was already sliding out of

Author JungleListSoldier (2 years)
@SaltyTestes Yeah the same dispatcher that makes you drive all night to get
somewhere he punches out at 5 pm and not second later. Trucking is a
terrible way to make a living.

Author Joe (5 years)
Well I can honestly say this video has scared the hell out of me. There
isn't a curve I go through now that I don't think of it and slow down. I
went through Monteagle TN last week, at 79,000 7th gear with jakes and
never even had to touch the brake pedal. Other trucks were just flying by
me but that's ok cause I know I'm going to make it to the bottom safely and
that's all that counts. Oh they were also cleaning a run-a-way ramp from a
truck taking it earlier that morning.

Author Scott Litchner (3 years)
You know, there is one thing missing from all of your comments here...peer
pressure is a huge thing to deal with. People should not worry about what
they hear on the cb from folks behind them, and likewise, should just drive
and not worry about what they THINK other drivers are thinking about
them... it is just like when someone says "drive safe" ... well, my idea of
safe is different from your idea of safe. and granted, driving the posted
speed limit is not always safe

Author SaltyTestes (2 years)
This is why I stopped driving trucks. My dispatchers wanted me to have the
same attitude. "Gotta get it there! Gotta get it there! Gotta get it there!
Gotta get it there!"

Author rosalind workman (1 year)
donners is tough on a good day, not to be hurried. thank you for the video.
experience is the key and safety first. ALWAYS1

Author mrcarter117 (4 years)
god bless their family's

Author watutman (2 years)
721transman, I want to know what are the worst downhills for truckers.
Donner? Grapevine? Cabbage? Roosevelt? Snoqualmie? Which? I heard Cabbage
Path in Oregon is the worst. TNKS

Author truckerjay1 (3 years)
@wtfmanicanthaveaname i believe it would be a lot better to be jobless than
dead i've told many companies "late freight is better than scattered
freight" !

Author Mike Hinze (2 years)
I commend you for driving at a safe enough speed to bring your truck to a
safe stop. When my father taught me to drive trucks, and something I have
passed down to new drivers, "if you cannot bring the truck to a stop in an
emergency while you are going down a mountain, you are going to fast!" For
for those who thinks this only happens to the "other guy", think about
this, to everyone else YOU are the "OTHER GUY".

Author Drakkenswitch (2 years)
@TxRattPack Amen.. I so agree with you!!!

Author bewjr (5 years)
Hey dude..I was referring to the comment below mine..It is saying something
about I 70.. I know this is Donner Pass in your viedo,

Author anxious2002 (5 years)
Its all about consistency not how fast you go.

Author cabezonsobabas (4 years)
Hey 70Kenny I agree 100% with your comment, you must be one safe
driver...happy trails!!!

Author 70Kenny (3 years)
@liberalinthedesertaz Why don't you do a bit of research on accident rates
in split speed limit states versus states with uniform speed limits? You
will find that the uniform speed limit states have fewer accidents
involving commercial trucks than California. I've seen firsthand fatal
accidents caused by moronic automobile drivers like you, too.

Author jewlove1212 (5 years)
I was always told "you can go down a mountain to slow a million times, but
you only go down it to fast once."

Author wtfmanicanthaveaname (4 years)
IMO even MOST not all mechanical malfunction is driver error. You do a
pre-trip for a reason. If you work for Swift or JB hunt its always driver
lol. every swift truck ive seen trying to back in while im fuleing up cant
do it without 15 mins and 25 pull ups. and 8/10 JB hunt trucks i see on the
grapevine in CA have either smoking trailer brakes or they are just on
fire....and i get next to them and tell them they are smoking....everyone
of them shrugs and keeps going down the hill with no jake.

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