Sword Art Online - Kiss Scene [Kirito x Asuna]

Sword Art Online the kissing scene
The best anime ever
Best moment of Sword art online

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Author Abigail Chorley (9 months)
I'm new to anime and manga but my brother got me hooked on this show and I
sort of got obsessed. SAO is honestly the only anime I've seen unless you
count movies and then I've seen Howls Moving Castle and Secret World of
Arrietty. I started another anime show but it didn't really hook me so if
anyone has suggestions that would be awesome. :)

Author Yagami Light (9 months)
Аниме Супер 

Author OTAKU-Misaki Kaito (10 months)
*Anime-Sword Art Online (SAO)*
*The Kissing Scene*

Author Jiffy (10 months)
I feel like kirito kinda has a sup dawg voice

Author Baka Monogatari (10 months)
classic guy's mind going from first kiss to sex within a split second...
well, that erected quickly :D

Author alfonso rangel (11 months)
Uhhhhh love this part so heart warming!!

Author loka lita (11 months)
Howw. Como la besa
Debió ser en español pero hua

Author Xavaria (11 months)
All of you are extremely fucking stupid. You act as if this anime is your
god and its like im spitting in its face. Calm your fucking titties, get
your panties out of that bunch and learn that someone can have a different
fucking opinion as you 

Author sam dong (10 months)

Author gy8604Black (9 months)
So did he speak, yet Kirito went on to have a harem in later stories... :v

Author Infer Animations (1 year)
what episode

Author MZNO San (1 year)
Anime kiss are the best

Author Rena Ryuuguu (1 year)
What episode?????

Author ufcmania127 (1 year)
am i the only guy that watches this anime with a constant smile and
whenever the glasses cunt shows up i want to jump into my screen and make
him feed on his balls

Author Roy Argota (1 year)
love this anime dont know why it has alot of hates

Author udbovong (1 year)
I think episode 10

Author Aron Knifström (1 year)
I just read about the extra episode, it will air at the end of 2013 :( so
there is a long wait.

Author heatburner1 (1 year)
10 years later Kirito: ...and that kids is how I met your mother XD

Author Rikudo Sennin Uzumaki (1 year)
hasent brushed her teeth in 2 years EWWW

Author Aron Knifström (1 year)
All 25 episodes are done. They are based on light novels, much text and few
images. There are some "offline" episodes but thats not much to see,
everyone waiting for more episodes like GGO. If you haven't seen all 25
episodes do it.

Author supernaturalgirl1010 (1 year)
I just love confusing love story inside video games

Author AnimeFan99jaerppa12 (1 year)
hmm i wonder how much does kirito's Elucidator sword weight?

Author Darija9909 (1 year)
Happy: They liiiiiiiiike eachother :3

Author Mittsuhide Ishida (1 year)
9 ppl are from laughing coffin guild

Author Ayberk Tiras (1 year)
Why I can not find a girl like Asuna? T_T Kirito lucky bastard....

Author yasminamay13 (1 year)
NYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA omg that killed me. Seriously, sword art online is
one of the best anime's I've seen in a long long time. It was so well made
and beautifully plotted out, honestly such magnificent work was out in, I
can't wait for season 2!

Author Xavaria (1 year)
haha no. Anime chick fucking suck

Author Kyouki Tsuki-sha (1 year)
Well, I agree that it's just unneccesary to hate on someone just because
they have a different opinion, but please be aware that the INTERNETZ are
full of fans that will flame you to peices if you as much as HINT at the
fact that you dislike someone/soemhing they like. Of course, I think this
started with the first insult; you stated your opinion, someone craved
reasons (no insults), you gave them. Next guy comes with the first insult.

Author TheGaming Edge (1 year)
For all who are wondering. . the sound track in the background is "A tiny
love" ^_^ this is the best anime show ever! I LOVED THE SHOW!

Author NinjaCookieHD (1 year)
They wanted the anime for SAO to be short. But it's a lot longer in the
light novels. Also you have to remember the duration was 2 years in like 10
episodes so yeah.

Author KnightStar Dragoon (1 year)
Kiss scene leads to 13.5.

Author Tasnia Crow (1 year)
I love SAO a lot, but to be honest I think they're relationship escalated
too quickly, it ends up just kissing then getting married, it's like " 10
episodes ago I was a rookie, now I fuck all them bitches "

Author The Notorious B.R.Y.A.N. (1 year)
I don't really understand why, but this anime has touched me. touched my
dick :o no just kidding

Author crazymnky99 (1 year)
ive seen this anime like 3 times already and i still get all exited when i
see them together

Author typezerotwo (1 year)
I have question to ask what episode is that

Author Meta9871 (1 year)
YES. How can you hate her??

Author Jason Trollzor (1 year)
I know what you mean

Author Kim Nguyen (1 year)
I'm on this episode.......... Cried........

Author rex exequiel (1 year)

Author Blanc Erman (1 year)
Thank god they actually liked eachother unlike the other animes where they
used eachother for their own selfish reason to survive damnnn

Author kong Thao (1 year)
This is my best anime show,i watched this over and over again like 14
times? Imma FAN!

Author ufcmania127 (1 year)
actualy they had sex between kissing and getting marrid

Author Yo Baka Gamer (11 months)
awwwww :3

Author TheRainbowBroX (1 year)
if i were kirito i would have just gone with it :3

Author MaryMiinah (1 year)
awwwwwwwwwwwww kawaiiiiiiiiiii *o*

Author Krista Corner (1 year)
is this when they meet in real life?

Author Noah D. (1 year)
well there was a ova or 2 but 4 the most part i believe the story is over

Author LelouchCG (1 year)
Dumb ass. It's "Chestnut"

Author James Kid (1 year)
This anime's first 14 episodes I enjoyed it loved it.Then it kind of
slacked out.I still love this anime and am so obsessed with it.Has the
anime even ended?Or is it still going?Does it have a manga?

Author Rex8483 (1 year)
"A Tiny Love"

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