Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Slide show of the construction of my 6 foot scratch built Star Trek Enterprise A.

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Author Jason Ware (11 months)
Thanks everyone for continuing the kind thoughts and words! Check out my
galaxyphoto web site.

Author boringgassess (4 months)
Am I the only one who gets goosebumps when the lights pop on near the
nacelles and around the bridge/saucer sections of the ship? thumbs if you
agree ;)

Author Don Saito (1 month)
Whoa! Amazing!! At 3:27 there are a set of windows to the rear-starboard
side of the saucer section that appear to have rooms visible in them. Is
that what they were? Did you make tiny carpet and furniture and wall
pictures and desks, etc. to show up, or are they pictures, or what? Curious
minds want to know.

Author lancelot1953 (2 months)
What a masterpiece Jason! Outstanding workmanship and excellent detailing,
looking at the number of hours you spent in the planning, design, and
building, it would almost been worth to build a life-size model (just
joking) but it is unbelievable all the work that went into this jewel which
entertained a generation(s) of young men/women. Thank you for taking the
time to share your dedication with the community. Peace be with you, Ciao,

Author ultraman007 (1 day)
this is brilliant and insane. I love it.

Author roblex63 (14 days)
that sir... is a thing of beauty.....

Author ClumzorZ (5 months)
Always loved the refit/A still my favorite version of the Enterprise.

Author Tanner Westmore (17 days)
If there is ever a future with REAL space ships like this, NASA better hire
this guy!!!!

Or I'm cracking some skulls!!!

Author Fremen Warrior (4 months)
Doesn't look at all like the Enterprise A.

Just kidding! You did an incredible job! It looks better than the one they
used for the movies.

Author daniellekingdjk3 (1 month)
the original film series enterprise is still the most beautiful ship in the
franchise .maybe the most beautiful spaceship in sci fi

Author paintur68 (1 month)
I want to play with it. Maybe, set it on fire......Klingon attack! No..I
wouldn't set it on fire...just play with it. :-D

Author David Woods (1 month)
Looks great, do you ever think about making one to be sold, if so I would
like to talk to you about making one 

Author StojaKostajnica (1 month)
You are crazy Jason...
Amazing work. It's for "Hall Of Fame"
Well, you should do now also the Enterprise D in the right scale relation
to your A model ;-)

Author Giordano Bruno (10 months)
Holy shoot, man! Unbelievable! What do you do for a living? Something
related to model building or construction? Or is this just the result of an
incredible secondary talent? Either way, kudos, sir!

(and btw, what's up with the 18 haters that clicked "dislike"? idiots...)

Author BobM925 (2 months)
You know, a few years ago I put one of those Bandai lit models of the
Enterprise together. After several hours of swearing it was done, and I
felt rather pleased with myself. Then I see something like this and...
Well let's just say it makes my Enterprise look like garbage! The only
criticism I can make (and it's a minor one) would be you should have built
the 1701 refit (no bloody A ;) )

Author Steeleyes61 (1 month)
Mind blowing! Incredibly detailed and just fantastic. I can't say enough
about it. As a Star Trek fan since the beginning I tip my hat to you sir
and your creative talent. Thanks for sharing.

Author DOCWHOK9 (3 months)
Gorgeous, thanks for sharing !

Author Rick Grimes (3 months)
Amazing work. This thing is detailed enough to be filmed

Author ShumaiAxeman (1 month)
Sir, this is fantastic. Well done!

Author Pigeaterdlx (2 months)
She's a beauty! The detail is amazing, you can reall tell this was a labor
of love! Cheers!

Author katey1dog (2 months)
Take us out. 

Author SuperBigDog2U (3 months)
Beautiful need to work for a movie studio, you've got real

Author Stephen Comer (2 months)
Simply amazing!!!!!

Author Ricardo Sócio (5 months)
I saw the video before... and keep seeing it again and again from time to
time.... The work you did is absolutely awesome. Do you plan on doing other
models? The Enterprise D maybe? :D Congrats!

Author Adrian Heredia (25 days)
Great work.

Author josejn2007 (2 months)
Congratulations! Hard work and fine talent you got there!

Author Jim Guyer (3 months)
Beautiful!!!!! Awesome!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Would love to see
it in real life. You should put it on loan to a museum.

Author blaknificent09 (1 month)
Nice....kudos to living your dream!

Author Andy B (2 months)
She's a work of art, in every sense :).

Author Brian J (4 months)
OMG! To you Sir I have to bow to your fandom This is absolutely AMAZING and
AWESOME. I have seen Move models that were not of this quality. The U.S.S.
Enterprise A was and is my favorite of all the Enterprises and I actually
got a tingly feeling when I was watching the finished product lighting up.
You are definitely an awesome fan and I tip my hat. Will you be doing any
other of the Enterprises?

Author varanid9 (2 months)
Absolutely magnificent! Must be like having the real thing.

Author Gianni B (1 month)
I'm speachless

Author David Piper (3 months)
Wow... If you build another, I'd suggest naming it "Endeavor" (for all your
hard work). Congrats on the beautiful ship!

Author wakojako49 (4 months)
NEEEERRRDDD!!...(slightly jealous inside)

Author peter8488 (3 months)
Makes me not want to try to build a model of my own cause frankly anything
I could build would be junk in comparison, you got skills.

Author John Lemon (5 months)
Dude, that thing is beautiful. Imagine how much what you built is worth.

Author Michael Clemente (3 months)
Awesome job dude!!! Nice to know the studios aren't the only ones who can
do this.

Author Davey28car (3 months)
ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN that is
awesome! You have one heck of a talent!!!! Dont stop! Make the Reliant,
Excelsior, & Grissom!!!!

Author HD Kanal (2 months)
Wow its so awesome very nice and a great video

Author supremejoseph (10 months)
How many hours of sex did you miss making it LOL

Author Kelly Rayburn (5 months)
Impressive, very impressive. It's clear you put a lot of work into this.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Author Lytton333 (6 months)
Glue-guns on stun..

Author Ram Berto (4 months)

Author ADKdjb (2 months)
Awesome job! You are an artist!

Author Bernd Zimme (1 month)

Author joeguitargod (4 months)
Absolutely stunning! The attention to detail is incredible. Great job!

Author Jim Coleman (23 days)
Absolutely astounding. Jealous of your skills - and your Enterprise!

Author B Mc (4 months)
YouTube needs a Love button. Like doesn't quite get my point across. You
sir are awesome.

Author Gordon Clay (9 months)
Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Jason Ware's Scratch built Enterprise.

Author Ty Carriere (4 months)
OMG!! Dude you are awesome and I bow to you! Thank is gorgeous!

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