Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Slide show of the construction of my 6 foot scratch built Star Trek Enterprise A.

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Uploaded by: Jason Ware
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Author Jason Ware (6 months)
Thanks everyone for continuing the kind thoughts and words! Check out my
galaxyphoto web site.

Author Slappy Milktoast (12 hours)
Supremo Job !

Author SlightlyWarpedTube (1 day)
What's it like? Having talent, I mean.

Author John Lemon (3 days)
Dude, that thing is beautiful. Imagine how much what you built is worth.

Author Stacked High (5 days)
Stellar job... if you don't do this for a living... I think you should...
beatiful! bravo 

Author alaurel81 (10 days)
amazing job!

Author ClumzorZ (11 days)
Always loved the refit/A still my favorite version of the Enterprise.

Author wv9mm (3 months)
I buit a model of the USS Voyager, but then I lost it. 

Author Miguel MK (13 days)
This is amazing 

Author Kelly Rayburn (16 days)
Impressive, very impressive. It's clear you put a lot of work into this.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Author Chris Manning (19 days)
Freakin' sweet!!!!

Author Tom Tate (22 days)
Magnificent work my man. Unbelievable! What do you do for a living? You
should be doing this!

Author diGritz1 (27 days)
Impressive..... But no way is the crew gonna fit in that thing.

Author Lytton333 (28 days)
Glue-guns on stun..

Author DJ Walsh (1 month)
That is one amazing piece of work. From scratch making plans, building it
and doing the finish work, WOW. Looks just about perfect to me.
Congratulations. If it were mine...... I wouldn't let anyone too close to
it, might get scratched. 

Author Gordon Clay (4 months)
Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Jason Ware's Scratch built Enterprise.

Author supremejoseph1 (4 months)
How many hours of sex did you miss making it LOL

Author Dwight Rahl (1 month)
Beautiful job - truly an accomplishment to be proud of, sir!

Author Leaf ScareCrow (1 month)
Genial :)

Author rbdeeznuts (1 month)
What is star trek ?is it a movie or a tv

Author floorfillergaz (1 month)
Looks even better than the original...great job!

Author DarthRevanLaw (1 month)
wow just wow

Author Robert Khoe (4 months)
Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Author bg20132014 (1 month)

Author MrDcseltzer (1 month)
Jason, I loved this. Beautiful work.......and appears of the quality
Paramount would have used. Thank you for sharing :)

Author Ryder Spearmann (1 month)
My eyes well up every time I watch this :)

Author StellarBlue1 (1 month)
Absolutely love your model of the Enterprise "A". Detail is wonderful and
exact. Our whole family (me, my Wife and 2 teen kids) wound up being
totally speechless after seeing what you accomplished. Great, great job.
Thanks for sharing!

Author James Y (1 month)
Cool as hell! Great Job!

Author NicosMind (2 months)
Being the A model I imagine all the ships that came after it, but modelled
on it, were built to a much higher standard. Therefore making the
Enterprise the worse of her class. They don't mention that in Star Trek now
do they!?

Author nick sykes (2 months)
i all most cry'd seeing her she a epic star ship good job 

Author 76TomD (2 months)
You rock!

Author Evalala Fales (2 months)
what scale is it , 1/87 ?

Author Ted W (2 months)
You do amazing work, Jason! I personally would have left the -A off but
other than that it looks perfect.

Author Richard D. Hawley (2 months)

Author David Howell (2 months)
3:37 = The light that shines out on Kirk's impeccable arse.

Author Atomank68 (2 months)
...You see, the problem with depicting the demensions of the starship was
in applying the proportions of the structure to the action sequences in 3-D
space\time seqiences. When compared to the size of the shuttle, or people,
the structutre's stated measurements of 1200 feet ( a little more than
one-fifth of a mile,) doesn't hold together. It has always been
disapointing. That's why Roddenberry never allowed absolute imaging where
proportion was concerned, unlike ST:TNG, which went out of its way to show
the flaws of imaging Enterprise, especially the Shuttle Bay, and shuttle to
the nearly thirty decks of the Enterprise-D (in height, it would be
comparable to a skyscraper; and the "saucer super structure should be the
width of aprroxiamately five football fields!!!

Of the measurements, of course I'm referring to enterprise "A"!

Author Just Me (2 months)
It would be so cool if someone made something that like to buy, But not
the whole ship, Cut it down the middle from Front to end, so you can
hang it on the wall, and have the 1 side showing.

Author Giordano Bruno (5 months)
Holy shoot, man! Unbelievable! What do you do for a living? Something
related to model building or construction? Or is this just the result of an
incredible secondary talent? Either way, kudos, sir!

(and btw, what's up with the 18 haters that clicked "dislike"? idiots...)

Author NicosMind (2 months)
The day the first bulb blows. I don't want to witness that. And since I
don't know the man I wont. What a relief!

Author richard brunning (2 months)
any offers from anyone yet to buy it from you?

Author Vomit Chunks (2 months)
How much? I'll take it

Author Rodney Spartan (3 months)
My friend actually worked on the Motion picture model during filming this
gur should work for ILM :)

Author Chris Thorton (3 months)

Author Nico Noire (6 months)
Such a beautiful ship... This is absolutely fantastic. Your work is
amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Author jamescurrycounty (3 months)
Fantastic workmanship

Author Gene Headley (3 months)
Well done, Jason! Beautiful ship, beautifully executed. Thanks for the

Author Atomank68 (2 months)
I prefer the original Enterprise construct from ST:TOS. It was sleeker;
more Art Deco, and strickly followed the "Golden Mean" proportion-"Rococo"

Author Alex Everett (3 months)
A sunrise is Beautiful, A child eating Ice Cream is Beautiful. Your
favorite actress is Beautiful, This.... THIS is FREAKING SPECTACULAR

Author Clayton Cordeiro Barão (3 months)
Very Professional . great Work

Author test drive (3 months)
Nice! Now lets see the "Bird of Prey"

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