Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Slide show of the construction of my 6 foot scratch built Star Trek Enterprise A.

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Uploaded by: Jason Ware
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Author wv9mm (2 months)
I buit a model of the USS Voyager, but then I lost it. 

Author supremejoseph1 (3 months)
How many hours of sex did you miss making it LOL

Author responsibleparty (6 months)
Too bad he didn't have a few words about how he built it. Looks like the
skin was wood, is that right? How did you apply it? How did he do the
detail work and pain the different shades of paneling?

Author Giordano Bruno (4 months)
Holy shoot, man! Unbelievable! What do you do for a living? Something
related to model building or construction? Or is this just the result of an
incredible secondary talent? Either way, kudos, sir!

(and btw, what's up with the 18 haters that clicked "dislike"? idiots...)

Author bg20132014 (18 days)

Author Ryder Spearmann (24 days)
My eyes well up every time I watch this :)

Author John East (3 months)
I love the Warp engines. Incredible detail.

Author DARIVS ARCHITECTVS (6 months)
WOW ! ! ! 

Author dimmddr1 (5 months)
"Taargetinnnng asteerooid!"

Author sarrjel (6 months)
That is awesome, obviously your not going t sell it after all the hard work
you've put into it. I think with your talent you should create your own
ships and get together with someone who does screen plays and make a space
odyssey movie. Competition for Star Trek. 

Author Evalala Fales (1 month)
what scale is it , 1/87 ?

Author simon loko (3 months)
unbelievable man incredible detail ....

Author Alexandre (4 months)
Damn! She is gorgeous! I love her! *--*

Author albee1000 (3 months)
Amazing work.

Author Jeffrey dontyouwish (5 months)
I am building a studio scale Klingon Bird Of Prey and would honor any and
all building tips you might have. Ive been building models for over 40
years and this old dog is always eager for new tricks in model building.

Author Mark Rosen (4 months)
Unbelievable ! Fantastic !

Author Steven Blount (2 months)
Well done, Jason! Beautiful ship, beautifully executed. Thanks for the

Author dan Hamakua (5 months)
Amazing model build. Just as good as the one used in the Movie.

Author horace van der klinka (2 months)
Awesome, a real hats off credit to you Sir

Author Jason Ware (5 months)
Thanks everyone for continuing the kind thoughts and words! Check out my
galaxyphoto web site.

Author Ultra Neo (2 years)
Treky fans would love this!!!

Author Francis Orphe (1 year)
This guy is incredible. He scratch-built a model of the 1701-refit
Enterprise. Kudos for following your dream and doing something awesome!

Author Jeffrey dontyouwish (5 months)
Jason by chance do you have any photo's of the Shuttle Bay build for that

Author BakjeLeip (7 months)
Amazing! I am planning to (someday) make the 1701-D with the help of a 3d
printer and some glue. Been working for months now to create all the parts
in Solidworks. Trying to stay as close to the original blueprints as

Author eric susch (2 years)
I built an 8 foot spaceship model from scratch for a movie once, but it
wasn't as good as this one.

Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Author Gordon Clay (3 months)
Star Trek 6 foot scratch built Enterprise A - Construction

Jason Ware's Scratch built Enterprise.

Author Nico Noire (5 months)
Such a beautiful ship... This is absolutely fantastic. Your work is
amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Author MeBeTheDB (5 months)
GREAT WORK! (And I have laid hands on the original made for STTMP too at
ILM during Khan prod.!)

A couple of thoughts ... the SHUTTLES are way too big. Need to be 25% as
big as they are now. The people against the PRIMARY HULL at LIGHT UP of
the DEFLECTOR need to be 25% as they are now. Otherwise, we got us
'Bigfoot In Space-space-space-spaaaa-ce'

Next make the VALLEY FORGE from SILENT RUNNING. I double dog dare ya.


Author Tom Broughton (7 months)
My question is WHY would you build this?

Author DJ Walsh (2 days)
That is one amazing piece of work. From scratch making plans, building it
and doing the finish work, WOW. Looks just about perfect to me.
Congratulations. If it were mine...... I wouldn't let anyone too close to
it, might get scratched. 

Author rbdeeznuts (9 days)
What is star trek ?is it a movie or a tv

Author NicosMind (29 days)
Being the A model I imagine all the ships that came after it, but modelled
on it, were built to a much higher standard. Therefore making the
Enterprise the worse of her class. They don't mention that in Star Trek now
do they!?

Author p3.orion (3 months)
Gorgeous! I've never seen anyone else get the "wash lights" right, but you
nailed it.

Author 33claydog (3 months)
Love it, great work mate.

Author Dwight Rahl (8 days)
Beautiful job - truly an accomplishment to be proud of, sir!

Author David Sartison (3 months)
if he sold them, I would definitely buy one.

Author Dale Fletcher (4 months)
Amazing work! 

Author 3Rayfire (3 months)
Unreal. How do you even acquire that level of skill in model making? I'd
love to do an Enterprise-E but I wouldn't even know where to start.

Author MrDcseltzer (23 days)
Jason, I loved this. Beautiful work.......and appears of the quality
Paramount would have used. Thank you for sharing :)

Author bobby burress (4 months)

Author Aussie Muscle (5 months)
Looks ready to fly out of spacedock. Tried doing some film flybys with it?

Author Reed Brummitt (3 months)
just the hull in general has me geeking out. Awesome attention to detail.

Author Francis Gray (6 months)
Dude, That's nice!!!!!

Author bleeckertb (5 months)
very nice model

Author John Smith (2 months)
The ship didnt warp however

Author floorfillergaz (10 days)
Looks even better than the original...great job!

Author kevingambrell (8 months)
I take my hat off to you, that is one superb example of modeling!

Author Ashley Alvares (6 months)

Author Terry Pierson (3 months)
Beautiful work my friend! I can not imagine any better! Oh, and what type
of scumbag would give this a thumbs down. Romulans! They have no honor!

Author Gary Horsburgh (2 months)
Your enterprise is amazing, you should be very proud. Shes stunning,,,,,,,,

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