Nightcore- I like it Loud!


Ja ich habe pure lw und haue lauter Nightcore versionen raus :)
Hoffe es is nich so schlimm

Das lied hab ich mit Virtual DJ nur ein bisschen Gespeedet und Gepitcht, also ist nicht viel Arbeit daran (ich habe damals mit dem Angefangen xD)
Naja ich werde mich Natürlich Steigern ♥

For the English People ♥:

Yes I have nothing but pure boredom and cut out Nightcore versions :)
Hope it is not so bad.

The song I've only speeds up a bit. And increasing the voice, that is not much work on it (I started my DJ career with the song xD)
Well I will Naturally Increase ♥

Greetz DjDynamite!

All of you wanted to have that pic?
Here we go ;)
Have fun with it :*

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Author MelidieyMSP (5 days)

Author Brieona Bentley (14 days)
Its literally just a pitched version of the original. ALL NIGHTCORE SONGS
ARE. Lame.

Author Cookieshellsonmaifloor (27 days)
This was my first nightcore song....obsessed with nightcore now '-'

Author Shane Sanantonio (25 days)
Awesome nightcore song

Author Joseph Greathouse (25 days)
i like it loud!

Author TheKittysCall (2 months)

Author Stitchy Mc. Pincushion (3 months)
ME on the inside: Its okay?-_-
Me on the outside: IT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! XD

Author NightcoreTheGirl (1 month)
Why does this song remind me of yaoi? ovo

Author kitty lover (1 month)
I dun care if its 5:am at night! ill still listen to this on max~!

Author allie lafountain (3 months)

Author Lex Night (1 month)
I like it loud !!! ...... but video dont have HD :(

Author shane benedict (1 month)
Headphones plus song plus Max volume equalls? 

Author allie lafountain (3 months)

Author nimish gupta (5 days)
Who is the orginal singer of this song?? Can anyone tell me 

Author Shannon Gibson (7 days)
I love this song who ever post a bad comets is lame

Author hope mcdonald (10 days)
i love this song I cant stop listening to it!!!!!

Author Sasa chii (2 months)
i like <3<3<3

Author Glitch (4 months)
This song sounds best on full volume.

Author Sarah Quinette (17 days)
I am very saddened. Was expecting KISS and got......I don't even know what
this is actually....seriously, why does no one Nightcore KISS?

Author partyperson4 (18 days)

Author lynnxx9 (3 months)
Louder, louder, LOUDER!!!!

Author ☆Wonder Studios☆ (3 months)
Sailor moon? SAILOR MOON?!


Author Gone Angel (2 months)
Who's listened to the male version? :D

Author Xenon Gamer (1 month)
I like it Louder

Author nicolay bonilla (3 months)
Me with music lel all be walking to me like whats that song ??

Author Z miner.andrewchance (1 month)
Just LOVE this song thanks!!!!!! :-) ;-)

Author Miriam Zwart (1 month)
i Like it Loud ;)

Author Jenny Rasmussen (3 months)
i like this song its so awesome

Author shannon brentson (2 months)
Put your headphone on and out it full blast. *Ears bleed* eue

Author Ian Logar (1 month)
awesome song good job

Author yunianti arista (28 days)
good music

Author Zoey Chloe (3 months)
Dam I LIKE it LOUD!!!

Author Raven Van Boxtel (27 days)
this was my first nightcore song i've heard!
now im a nightcore freak XD

Author broncosfan (1 month)
like this comment if u like this song :D

Author X (1 month)
Thanks to people who make Nightcores, I found like 20 good songs more ;) 

Author Suicidal Uzumaki (3 months)
I like the bitch part 

Author Kotori Itsuka (2 months)
my dad thought the girl was smoking

Author Shantel Blanco (27 days)
I like it loud
So I turned up cuz this
Song is so freaking

Author Ariana Torres (2 months)
Omg beat headphones are awesome to listen to this song :3

Author Sheridyn Murray (1 month)
Love it!

Author Saira Ramos (2 months)

Author Sims Candy (3 months)
I need it to be louder ;D Its already on 100 on my laptop and full blast
onyoutube :) LOVE IT :D

Author Samantha C (1 month)
I like it loud 

Author Mewmew Power (1 month)
Best song

Author mia gobs (3 months)
I love this!

Author carlos villanueva (2 months)
Who here thinks they should make a 1 hour mix of this? Say I. And yes this
is a request for a 1 hour night core!!!!!!! Love this song

Author Xavier Montgomery (4 months)
if all women were like this then men would die by pelvic crushing.

Author bitemehard109 (6 months)
* she took a cookie and leaned back against the soft bark of the tree
branch behind her* so, if you don't mind, do telling me what you did to
make this anonymous person angry with you.

Author bitemehard109 (6 months)
Damn spell check -_- messed up my sentence. I hope u can understand my words

Author Abraham Espinoza (6 months)
I know it would make lives of people who always wanted to become someone in

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