Nightcore- I like it Loud!


Ja ich habe pure lw und haue lauter Nightcore versionen raus :)
Hoffe es is nich so schlimm

Das lied hab ich mit Virtual DJ nur ein bisschen Gespeedet und Gepitcht, also ist nicht viel Arbeit daran (ich habe damals mit dem Angefangen xD)
Naja ich werde mich Natürlich Steigern ♥

For the English People ♥:

Yes I have nothing but pure boredom and cut out Nightcore versions :)
Hope it is not so bad.

The song I've only speeds up a bit. And increasing the voice, that is not much work on it (I started my DJ career with the song xD)
Well I will Naturally Increase ♥

Greetz DjDynamite!

All of you wanted to have that pic?
Here we go ;)
Have fun with it :*

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Author bitemehard109 (11 months)
* she took a cookie and leaned back against the soft bark of the tree
branch behind her* so, if you don't mind, do telling me what you did to
make this anonymous person angry with you.

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
Damn spell check -_- messed up my sentence. I hope u can understand my words

Author Abraham Espinoza (10 months)
I know it would make lives of people who always wanted to become someone in

Author Khayyman (11 months)

Author deathwing7734the1st (10 months)
i thought that to for the longest time! I was like: damnit these guys have
the greatest songs!

Author Khayyman (10 months)
Oi! We're just awesome.

Author dalton hatfield (10 months)
hey was up

Author RCGeek1 (10 months)
Your picture is cute. And if someone replies to me, the comment chain will
go on forever! :P

Author bitemehard109 (11 months)
Your welcome. ( That's a good question, yet sadly I have no answer)

Author AlexDuKaNaa (11 months)
Congrats, you just blew off their minds just by wishing you could've turn
into an anime girl xD

Author Black Star (10 months)
-_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- 0_0

Author KungFuAnthony (10 months)
I would make it my life.

Author Izyume (11 months)
*Chews candy** Sweet Thanks. BTW I'm with you on that one. Skype =
unnecessary. So your username, is that a command, or a request.. cause I'm
good either way *cough cough* want a cookie? *Hands bag*

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
My title is Queen of shadows. * she gave a smile as she then took the
cookie from him* I accept your oath of loyalty. ^.\)

Author Yuna Kim (11 months)
To be honest, I don't know the meaning of this song either.

Author Khayyman (11 months)
Yay! Thanks. :) (How the bloody hell did we get here?)

Author Khayyman (11 months)
Hi. May I have some?

Author Rens Smetsers (9 months)
one of the cutest anime pics i've seen but its such a pitty its such low
resolution... <3 the nightcore!

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
*nums on a cookie her face showing the look of boredom as she sat atop her
tree,kicking the leg she had over the side of the tree back and forth*

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
How do you know if I am or not sweets? Why aren't you asking other people
that has an anime girl as their profile pic if they are guys, hm? Now that
made MY day.

Author Ashley alexander (10 months)
.___. aw mai gawsh... REPLAY BUTTON I WANNA MARRY U!!!!! (just kidding got
someone else i love)

Author bitemehard109 (11 months)

Author Jacen Hawk (9 months)
i have listened to maybe 3 of the 100+ nightcore songs i listen to and that
is only because someone around me has it on the radio :) half the time the
originals are shit -.-

Author h8s2makeusernames (10 months)
i bet you're a guy..... and that just made my day

Author Ivan Braginski (11 months)

Author Khayyman (11 months)
(It's "guys not guy's) Have you been up in the tree, spying on me and
bitemehard109 all this time? Cool, wanna join and have a

Author Izyume (11 months)
*cough* your leaving my tree? Truth is, I got some girl mad at me so she
Poxy glued me up here. I have yet to be able to use the washroom for 9
hours.. Wah don't leave my tree. Eat more cookies! *Hands bag* ... I got
lots of snacks.. just don't leave me alone.. T.T (BTW my pic is the
Character Archer from "Fate/Stay Night" But this picture was taken from the
offshoot funny no brain anime adaption "Carnival Phantasm" it's my "Weird
Expression" face)

Author lottypops102 (11 months)
I believe the correct word is term* :L

Author Avalon Skyte (10 months)
If we were animekind then it would be so freaking awesome :D

Author Anita Patton (10 months)
I like pie wait I hate pie

Author Neo Eugene (9 months)
Yay this video totally deserved it ^^

Author Marcs Ortiz (10 months)

Author Izyume (10 months)
Magical appearing Potato chips! Y'oshe! *Ahem* May I have a chip? I wanted
one so bad but it rained last night and mine became slush... So Could you
use your magical Appearing power to create me some "anti-poxy" formula so I
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your hand on the branch behind me and all, leaning near me as you are.. In
fact it's almost relaxing ^.^; just guessing cause your actions are all
subjective. so would you grant me freedom please?

Author momo moto (10 months)
This song is amazing :D

Author NorwegianbunnyROBLOX (10 months)
Click show comment to begin a retarded comment adventure, lmao.

Author Grell Sutcliff (11 months)
it would make your day?!?!?!? that would make my life!! XD

Author Khayyman (11 months)

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
That's pretty much all we are doing at the moment. Just sitting atop tree,
nothing odd about that...... We'll yet. :3

Author bitemehard109 (11 months)
* climbs atop a tree* :3

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
I'm glad to hear that.

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
* she looked to him* yeah! but the main question is are " you" having fun.

Author TwinKittensX3 (10 months)
I can't climb the tree because my unicorn said I can't have a cookie :(
(can you give me a cookie when she looks away?) X3 I will give you gold!!!
Oh f**k she's looking* NOooooooo I just want a cookie ;(

Author Izyume (10 months)
I would love to repay her.. but now that I'm glued to the tree there's no
way I can make it to work... my boss is gonna be ticked...

Author RealSuperCrazyMan567 (11 months)
Who's day WOULDN'T it make to be able to become anime? It would definitely
make mine infinitely better.

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)
No I'm a girl for information sweets, why would I say that in the first
place, hm?

Author Allie Catz (10 months)
Because that made total sense.

Author Crissovalando (10 months)
wer singt es ?????

Author かすたーどぷりん (9 months)

Author Izyume (10 months)
*He climbs back up into the tree after returning from his ''time'' and
carefully kneels down with one foot on the branch and his right knee on the
branch* I Izyume The knight of Justice hereby swear an oath to Protect the
magic maiden of .... Bitemehard-ness? T.T forgive me I don't know your
title.... Please excuse me moment *He teleports away to return right away*
I used my time/space control to Bake you this home made double chocolate
cookie. Please accept it as an oath of my loyalty ^.^;

Author bitemehard109 (10 months)

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