The Aztec Civilization

The Aztecs

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Author T.B.O (3 months)
Unlike the straightforward conquest of Native Americans/Taínos in what are
now the islands of Cuba , Haiti/Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, ect. The
Aztecs where not going to be an easy defeat. It took Cortes translators,
many casualties to his soldiers, a retreat to what is known as "la noche
triste" , ally with other Native American tribes, an epidemic of smallpox
that nearly wiped out the Aztecs and many more tactics to finally overthrow

Author Vanessa Escobedo (5 months)
The spanish all they did was bring misery and death to thousands of
indigenous people raped murdered and brought there small pox diseases as a
cowerdly weapon of mass destruction is that something to be proud of
columbus and his shameful bloodthristy conquest all for greed the people of
the carribean as well the incas the native american when the conquest
happened in the americas .. You profited of the resources and wealth of
this land I'm not saying the mexica were angels they had there beliefs and
did human sacrafices but they accomplished many things the mexica and
weren't all about human sacrafice like history and white historians love to

Author Vanessa Escobedo (5 months)
What a fool we don't exist anymore we do just cultrally raped and there
still indigenous people in mexico who are of indigenous descent

Author nuttysouthjc (1 year)
Aztec mind that's when evil occurs

Author Brian Griffin (1 year)
He came dancing across the water
With his galleons and guns
Looking for the new world
In that palace in the sun.

On the shore lay Montezuma
With his coca leaves and pearls
In his halls he often wondered
With the secrets of the worlds.

And his subjects
Gathered 'round him
Like the leaves around a tree
In their clothes of many colors
For the angry gods to see.

And the women all were beautiful
And the men stood
Straight and strong
They offered life in sacrifice
So others could go on

Hate was just a legend
And war was never known
The people worked together
And they lifted many stones.

They carried them
To the flatlands
And they died along the way
But they built up
With their bare hands
What we still can't do today.

And I know she's living there
And she loves me to this day
I still can't remember when
Or how I lost my way.

He came dancing across the water
Cortez, Cortez
What a killer.

Author Paulo César Ramírez Silva (3 years)
Conclusión de la Tesis Doctoral del Dr. Phil. Peter Hassler (traducida al
español), titulada: ¿Sacrificios humanos entre los aztecas? Un estudio de
las fuentes y de la ideología, Universidad de Zurich, 1992, 478p: ..."Por
todo esto, mis investigaciones dan por resultado que la probabilidad de la
existencia de los sacrificios humanos institucionalizados entre los MEXICAS
y otros pueblos indios es tan pequeña que no se puede decir otra cosa que
estos sacrificios eran inexistentes." ¡Viva México!

Author NasriTheNewKing (3 years)
@boeffi10 "indian, in all America don't pass 12 million." They were more
dude , the incas were already between 12 and 15 millions lol just the incas

Author Brad Richardson (1 year)
All I see is invaders in my homeland, one day we will deal with you.

Author RaindanceWarrior (4 years)
thx for the vid. my class is doing the aztec and i have a report on them

Author Historygeek13 (5 years)
Wow, you didnt answer my other point, which was then how do you explain
Native Americans with no facial hair. What you are say is pretty much like
saying the holocaust was a joke!

Author Latinlions19 (4 years)
Im glad im mexican! Shows that we got alot of culture! :D

Author pelon213sc (1 year)
What makes you think The Aztec people sacrifice for their own selfish
needs? Your the dumb ass if you think that. Ritual sacrifices were not a
sense of murder but an act of devotion to the gods. That was the Aztec
people's religion, not blood thirsty idiots like yourself. Europeans
religion isn't so innocent either.. don't critic someone else's religion if
yours is just as bad. Still to this day, the concept of their religion
makes more sense than a forged one like yours..

Author fer flo (5 years)
Ok, daddy's child, good!! this cite proves my point: 1."little to none at
all" leaves margin to "little" as I expressed comments ago; thus, some men
in americas had facial hair. 2. genetic evidence suggests that indian
descent is diverse, and not a product of only one Asian "mongolid" wave. 3.
Another two examples: the Olmec "Luchador de Uxpanapa" sculpture, and the
"Lápida de Jonuta" relief, (Maya) depicts bearded personages. 4. You have
not fucking idea with whom you're talking...

Author Richard Flores (1 year)
Read "Human Sacrifice Among The Aztecs" by Dr. Peter Hessler, ethnologist
from the University of Zurich,Germany. wherein he states "After careful and
systematic study of the sources, I find no sign of evidence of
institutionalized mass human sacrifice among the Aztecs. The phenomenon to
be studied, therefore, may be not these supposed sacrifices but the deeply
rooted belief that they occurred"

Author SphynxPawww (2 years)
No, you got it wrong, we fucked you, that bad you don't even exists any
more, and the Aztecs worshiped evil, and sacrificed and forced thousands
and thousands of people to his name, Quetzalcoatl, something to be proud of
eh, then the Spanish came and showed you how the real man does it.

Author NeCacaluXuxultic (5 years)
A lot of the stuff the Spanish said is true but not all..see what I mean??
There are a few lies and misunderstandings.

Author pelon213sc (1 year)
Spaniards have you washed up so bad. Learn your true history because
attacking your ancestors based on what other people say or think doesn't
make it true. True history tells that the Aztecs were the reason why we
have multiple remedies of sickness, variety of food selection, not to
mention our knowledge of the cosmos (Mayans too). Listen to "carsiotto"
he/she are on the right track (applauds). Plz learn your history b4 you go
off on tangents.

Author a Cab (4 years)
@carsiotto little insect, you are the plague in person! you and your filthy
Aztecs me the step by the balls! haha vete a la m... !

Author carsiotto (3 years)
@shwmehvn Dont be so ignorant. You know its not that simple. Almost
everything that you are is a result of a forced changed that occured long
ago. You just have no real idea how successful ur people used to be before
the spaniards. Italian food would be nothing without mesoamerican tomatoes,
thai food would be nothing without mesoamerican chilis, dutch chocolate
would be nothing without Mexica. You should recognize your peoples

Author fer flo (5 years)
What are you? somekind of a fundamentalist guy? are you f... blind? I gave
you concrete examples and you did not see a shit? only necklaces? ha ha ha!
I doubt that you see THAT examples. "There is no worse blind than that one
who doesn't want to see". And "guides" who make the tours are not
professional anthropologists nor historians. I have seen guides talking
about extraterrestrials, Atlantid, and that kind of shit. C'mon dude!

Author shwmehvn (3 years)
I don't understand people hating Spaniards. They were no different than
Aztecs who conquered people, or Romans, Greeks, Egyptians etc. Being Mex I
speak Spanish, am Christian, eat beef, chicken, wheat, dairy, listen to Mex
music played with guitars, harp, trumpets, piano. All these things were
brought over by Spaniards n other Europeans. If u hate it so much don't
speak Spanish, or be a Christian, don't eat the food, don't listen to the
music. It's that simple.

Author Brad Richardson (2 years)
no one wants to rape thos Sand Niggers but maybe Niggers.

Author Uncle Ruckus (3 years)
@boeffi10 The Abrahamic God also encourages people to commit canniblism,
how do you explain jeremiah 19:9?

Author Historygeek13 (5 years)
umm show me this! Did you know the Native Americans do not have any facial
hair what so ever? Same thing goes with the Aztecs, Inkas, and Mayas.

Author Connor Hurrell (2 years)
Hello My 8.6 class, i Hope you Enjoyed my speech, Hey Mr.Brown what's up

Author Ash Rael (4 years)
Fucking Cortes!

Author pelon213sc (1 year)
"I"....a moron? Sad to say but you just made yourself look even more
stupid. This is your homeland? Since when? Last time i checked this land
was robbed not given. Why would you jump in and try to have a say on
something you know nothing about.. Apparently your history started in the
17th century which you probably know nothing about either..Stop talking off
your ass and educate yourself you ignorant animal, your ancestors came from
Europe not in the Americas stupid.

Author a Cab (3 years)
@uncleruckus714 jajaja me cago en uds bola de desadsaptados, hay de chicano
a chicano o mejor dicho de Mexicoamericano los chicanos son una bola de
indios nacidos en EU latinos comunes y corrientes mas corrientes que
comunes o igual pero los Hispanos son distintos auque nascan donde nascan
entiendes, indio!

Author pelon213sc (1 year)
lavar letrinas? haha best you can think of cabass, c'mon man. Don't hate on
what your Spaniards couldn't and will never be able to accomplish. Talk mad
shit all you want about the Aztecs, truth is, deep down you wish we were
still here chillen making everyone awe on our works. No todos son chilangos
en Mexico inepto, fucking ignorant feces.

Author a Cab (4 years)
@danger1asesino jajajaja putete indigena ! mamon de mierda ! vete a limpiar
letrinas, animal ! chilangos asquerosos !

Author Uncle Ruckus (3 years)
@cabassos and that's comming from an internet bad ass who wouldn't say that
shit to a Mexican or a Chicano in person

Author SphynxPawww (2 years)
Evil Murdering sluts

Author Paulo César Ramírez Silva (3 years)
Completion of the doctoral thesis of Dr. Phil. Peter Hassler (translated
into Spanish), entitled: human sacrifice among the Aztecs? A study of
sources and of ideology, University of Zurich, 1992, 478p: ... "For all
this, my research result in the probability of the existence of
institutionalized human sacrifice among the Mexica and other Indian peoples
is so small that you can not say anything but these sacrifices were

Author LeoAnd TheArts (1 year)
Haha its called population control

Author dionusos2 (3 years)
They cut out 55 hearts a day? What kind of sadistic gods were these? hah.
and I'm mexican-american. this was a savage religion (and no, I'm not a

Author ThePitofSidLord (1 year)
The Spaniards were there doing the exact same stuff. They ruled more
people, they were growing fast, developing through the renaissance; they
needed land and resources - the Aztecs were fond of beating people into
submission for those. The Spanish also had schools, art, music, poetry (all
of which was far more developed), and religion. With the added benefit that
they DIDN'T sacrifice people and had developed pants. Far more advanced
than any pretender advanced civilization such as the Aztecs.

Author nick95playa (1 year)
The aztec people where highly advanced. I believe in my own opinion that
some extraterrestrial or either multidimensional culture had to give them
assistance. If you notice that all pyramids around the world connect to
each other and point in all the same directions. Every ancient culture as
well predicted of a golden age. An age which on 12/21/12 had arrived and
our consciousness has shifted to a higher level. The aztecs understood
this. but like i said i believe this theory. Its a very long s

Author NasriTheNewKing (3 years)
@xxskinlikewinterxx Actually most of their deaths were due to the sicks
brought by europeans , of course they killed some native americans but not
70-100 millions by themself lol , most of them died by the brittish and
Americans later . Spanish has nothing to do with north america , the most
friendly to them were the french they even were allied to them against
british during the 7 years war . Many Mayas and Aztecs villages were allied
with Spanish against the big mayas and aztec cities .

Author Jacob Ponce (1 year)
at least they didnt rape thousands like europeans.

Author 99cacahuate (4 years)
how come any video made by white people about mexicas(aztecs) always say WE
DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE AZTECS, white people wish we all had died.

Author Brad Richardson (1 year)
Do you wonder why the Catholics put the sword to your ancestors? Looks
obvious to me. It is good that they did so. They destroyed your temples
slew your priests and took your gold. Too bad they didn't finish the job
then I would not have to deal with your shit. Your people are shit. You are
shit. It is our failure permitting your existence to continue.

Author fer flo (5 years)
Ha ha! I don't know who is teaching you nahuatl, perhaps a "New Age
Shaman". You should learn "Classic Náhuatl" in Mexico. Beard or facial hair
in different places of the face: Tentzontli, Tetzoniztalli,
Yancuictentzontli, Cocotzontli, Camatzontli Moustache: Tatlia.

Author 8bobthebuilder (4 years)
The nahuatl spoken by elderly Mexicans today is NOT the same as the that
spoken by Aztecs of the 16th-Century...theirs was 'classical nahuatl' which
was like a trading language and of course, all languages change over tiem
(500 years) so it cannot be the same.

Author AztecTripleAlliance (4 years)
@cesar300665 sí que debe de se nos para destruir la EMIRE español en lugar
de nosotros conseguir muertos

Author pelon213sc (1 year)
Yet, they were more sophisticated than your ancestors...shitty

Author 1980vince (4 years)
just because your not proud of your ancestors. dont lie about mine.

Author Historygeek13 (5 years)
There we go!

Author NeCacaluXuxultic (5 years)
You're funny..I am learning Nahuatl and we don't even have a word for beard
:P and I don't think Native Americans have RED HAIR as depicted by those
red "beards" beards?....hmmmm

Author Historygeek13 (5 years)
oh yeah I am looking at stela C, and I do not see any beards

Author Brad Richardson (1 year)
You sir are the moron, if you don't like it feel free to get out of my
homeland. Perhaps Mexico City is more befitting for you.

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