English Pointer Puppies

A litter of English Pointer puppies, born March 24, 2007.

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Uploaded by: McKenzie Disselhorst
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Our GSP when she was only a few months old


Author Matt Hennessey (2 years)

Author wrmlm37 (1 year)
We have our 2nd and 3rd pointers. Incredibly affectinate, absolutely
beautiful. However be prepared to give LOTS of exercise

Author McKenzie Disselhorst (7 years)
Their mom, Jill, is a great pheasant and quail hunter; we think they'll be
good hunters as well!

Author Ashley Albert (4 years)
Love the Vizsla too!

Author ToyStudioFilms (4 years)
Aren't they just the best breed?

Author ffwife2317 (2 years)
We have a 10 month old pointer and he is very very very CAZRY !!!

Author annnabanana313 (6 years)
they are great. they make great family dogs\hunting dogs. i love my dog.

Author ThePerfectDrug206 (6 years)
thats so cute i wont one my mom see ded i cud git one sone

Author rbiro77 (6 years)
as I see there is a hungarian vizsla involved in the rumbling. In hungary
we call pointers english vizsla. Hungarian vizsla is a very agile ,almost
hyperactive dog,so needs constant work or some activity. Good,inquisitive

Author englishpointer100 (5 years)
I have an english pointer puppy and she was abanded by her mother at 3
weeks old so i had to hand raise her because somthing went wrong with the
mother but now she is 10 weeks and very healthy.

Author Heeeineee (5 years)
sooooooo cute! : D

Author xaethe81 (4 years)
my aunts english pointer cooper is soooooo hyper

Author fatony26 (6 years)
how are english pointers as dogs? all aspects considered that is.

Author xxlivbivxx (6 years)
Love pointers! I had one. They have the best personalities.!

Author horsegirl07 (2 years)
Such cuties!! Miss the pointer I had when I was younger. She was a great

Author hippiegirl666 (2 years)
i love pointers!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're so sweet

Author Lordi888 (7 years)
It's so Sweet!!

Author RockstarDude13 (5 years)
dude i have a pointer, her name is Freckels. i got her at the pound, very
good girl. i love her so much. she filled up an empy space in my heart that
i didn't know i had. :) i wouldn't trade her for the world at all. she's my
very first pointer dog too, and it's so cool to watch her chase birds. she
is 8 years old though, will be 8 1/2 on August 1'st. such a neat dog, and
so mellow lol.

Author silvsification (2 years)
omg theres a vizsla i have a three year lod male vizlsa and his name is
riley they are such cute and loving dogs :)

Author bf3pwner (5 years)
well kill him then

Author Axilleas Giappos (3 years)
check out some pups born a few months ago from my breed

Author pjicleanair (7 years)
great bird dogs ..can be broke easily on many seeing little
puppies point

Author SEERAUBER (5 years)
I had a Grand Pointer years ago, and he was very agressive too, but only
towards strangers. However, his twin brother was extremely sweet and

Author Coater30 (3 years)
How about Darth Vader breathing in the background? haha

Author Tristan Hewitt (1 year)
I have a 3 yr old pointer that is speckeled like the daddy in the video
with an explanation mark on his tail!

Author Mauri Russo (7 years)
yo tengo una perra pointer pero quedo esteril,quiero que tenga cachorritos
y no puedo!!!!!

Author Nick Inzerilli (6 years)
Omg these look like my pointer beagle mix i just adopted. Theyre so cute

Author abaxteria (6 years)
I've got an 11-year-old pointer/lab and I can attest to the greatness of
that breed mix. She's slowing down a bit these days, but forgets her age
when she declares it play time. Wonderful beast, she is. Proof of God.

Author Lucas Fernandes Corrêa (6 years)
They are so cute in this age. When they grow up, they will be lovely
buddies. The only problem is that, when they come to 1 year old they will
start to run like there will be no tomorrow. But I love them the same way.
Nice video.

Author joevorell (7 years)
can you teach pointer dogs to find and point at the remote? this would be
my reason for getting some!

Author D3f3nc3bl0ck3r (3 years)
I have an Australian shepherd/ English pointer mix. She is so cute and
hyper! I might post a video on her!

Author Lemonjelllo (4 years)
One of them looks just like my 11 month old pointer. :)

Author JenThomas93 (5 years)
I have a 3 1/2 year pointer/terrier, and 100% hound dog. I love how much
energy these kinds of dogs the puppies are so CUTE!

Author Nick Inzerilli (5 years)
These pointers look like the pointer/hound mix i just adopted. Can som1
help. My dog is very agrresive twoards random people and strangers. He is
also sometme aggresive twoards my family pm me or just answer please

Author msandreaj (5 years)
I have 2 English pointer/ Australian Shepherd mixes and they are the best
dogs I could have asked for! I would suggust to anyone looking for a dog to
seriously think about getting a pointer!

Author stemy10 (6 years)
aww !! these pointers are GORGEOUS! :)

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