Scarra plays Karthus vs Jarvan IV mid lane

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Author Supergram96 (5 months)
hate it when people say karthus is op. I mean he's got so any counters that
it's not even fair. anyone with a half decent engage essentially counters
him, as well as like anyone with a heal or abnormally fast movement speed.
Oh and anyone with a shield *all eyes turn to the broken Sivir and her

Author erik jens (11 months)
i went karthus yesterday, ulted for a kill mid. got a kill on their jungler
who was apperently very low

Author squiresoft (1 year)
dat lulu.....

Author Lynxes Naaru (11 months)
4:50. Out played son

Author Butch DeLoria (1 year)
losing weight is 90% diet you silly ignorant

Author Christopher Tschaepe (9 months)
what does scarra become when he plays scarner SCARNER

Author Dukkee (11 months)
coughing* :P sorry had to do it ^^

Author skai altlas (10 months)
He have? I don't think Asthma works that way since I have it myself. Asthma
works like this: When you run or do something tierd you wont be able to
breath... like not at all. Or if you're allergic to pollen, you wont be
able to breath as well, i dont know about coughsing tho... might be another
kind of asthma. Bad English/Gramma of me, alopogize :P

Author Taeryth (1 year)
What gives one the right to judge coughing? :s

Author solwGerMWLL (11 months)
i came from star craft and in starcraft the minimap s at the left bottom

Author Dasptheraccoon (1 year)
Wut. I've played with MochiBalls on multiple occasions and I didn't know he
was pro. Not saying he sucked or anything. He actually played very great.
But I didn't know he was "PRO" .3.

Author TheCaptainMustache (1 year)
Asthma Isn't like cancer......

Author Faus8t (1 year)
why dafuq is this on my youtube start fucking page ..............

Author Luisidor Eiselt (1 year)
epic music thumbs up

Author NigerianPrince999 (9 months)
Anyone else blinded by a random flash of light at ~2:10?

Author nova GIT (1 year)
huh ? thought scarras smurf would be tiensinoakumas smurf

Author Tuck z (1 year)
I thought asthma was where your wind pipes contract because of lack of
oxygen, which commonly happens in sport. So it can also happen be because
you sit down to long in a chair? :(

Author Rikoudu Sennin (1 year)
5:00 beatiful =D

Author Agostinho Silva (1 year)
04:50 out fucking played

Author Aamer Tayeb (1 year)
why his summoner name isn't scara ?

Author Guitarangala (1 year)
Pls get a life..

Author Dixi Normous (1 year)
Considering Asthma is a pretty widespread illness, you're overreacting
pretty hard. It's not like he has cancer and he was trying to hide it from
people and he just gave it away.

Author BenJi0248 (1 year)
Song 6:23 pls

Author eckofan789 (1 year)
Dem lulu plays carried the team

Author yan nick (7 months)
why are you always coughing?? :D

Author Sergio Chacón (1 year)
I hope to see Scarra playing Veigar!

Author SuperGamerGuy64 (1 year)
There's no mistaking there is a rock remix of Necrofantasia (Yukari's theme
from Touhou) around 8 minutes, that cracked a smile on my face. I must say
Scarra is quite an amusing pro player to watch.

Author 신영 이 (9 months)
what the q

Author Anthony Locke (1 year)
i know he does

Author Setsunakai Chewer (1 year)
idk but i have the feeling tht i can out play him

Author blobbilly (1 year)
how is this guy such high elo...

Author secondjunk (1 year)
wtf is scarras name in game its like phisman or somthing

Author San40k (1 year)

Author Dagobert Duck (10 months)
this community is the worst...hello u assholes

Author shimaki591 (1 year)
So do I, but I don't cough like that all the time, I and even smoke ;D

Author Dr.Reiskorn (1 year)
14:53 -> Prince of bel air :D

Author EI02G (1 year)
That Jarvan and Shen were faggots. Glad they lost.

Author Justin iZ Here (1 year)
trying to insult people with broken English is funny, please stop.

Author Dindeed (1 year)
You didn't read it right. He meant it like "Ezreal, carry the team"

Author Ceno Doxus (1 year)
Thanks for giving me a laugh

Author Fer Herrera (1 year)
Yep thats what they say.

Author Anthony Locke (1 year)
ez was kser that game

Author Binkusu (7 months)

Author FleDark10 (1 year)
I just love how he types like killing his keyboard. XD

Author Mehmed Popovic (1 year)
how do I make my spells and summoners timer like that in minutes and

Author MushuSpung (1 year)
your so dumb

Author Javier Castell (1 year)
LOL 14:45 belair prince song !!!

Author GeeGee (1 year)
Dude, It's asthma; not HIV

Author greenbird231 (9 months)
once the fresh prince song came I started insta jamming XD memories

Author SolgerLemp (11 months)
i'm looking for a pro karthus mid game video, someone who is skilled and
doesn't relay on his jungler for kills every now and then, if you know
anyone please link me

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