Chris Evans: Behind the Scenes

The Avengers' Chris Evans: Just Your Average Beer-Swilling, Babe-Loving Buddhist

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Author Carey Faherty (7 days)
Fancy going rock climbing all of a sudden... not sure why. ;)

Author Leyna Cooper (3 months)
Cant. Breathe. <3 😍

Author Cutie Graal (8 days)
my first celebrity crush? Chris evans ,I actually do have big poster of

Author NovemberDiaries (2 months)
so dreamy !

Author Heki Kahni (5 months)
He must be a California buddhist

Author TaarnaGirl (2 months)
I love that they don't censor his swearing...he's my kinda guy! He said
fuck 3 times, shit once, and "piss me off" LOVE IT. Also, I enjoy jelly
beans. If I ever get the chance to meet him, I'll have jelly beans handy

Author Emily Makinson (2 months)
Fucking meatball ahhahahaha

Author Maria Spengel (5 months)
I've watched this video like 4 billion times, still amazing 

Author Pizza Pasta (3 months)
at least it was more personal q's instead of one about his acting. and Chis
actually wanted the interviewer to stay and ask more questions, i hear
opportunity knocking.

Author May Darlen Rosaldo (3 months)
I don't watch it because I'm the younger sister of may darlen ..but he is
my idol crush;;;;))))

Author Heki Kahni (4 months)
His coming of age movie was Bill & ted's Bogus Journey

Author BlackViper29X (1 year)
is he johnny storm?

Author ilovearchieandjoe08 (1 year)
Went to my high school, his sister was my english teacher, NBD or anything

Author Chris Evans lover (10 months)
He so hot !!I can't stop drooling!

Author Bryan Alvarez (1 year)

Author Emma K. (1 year)

Author emilyBerlin (1 year)
He is perfect! Such a spaz it's adorable! 3

Author jennareal (1 year)
Omg he said the f word alot! D: heissexy.

Author Ariana Varela (1 year)
hahaahaha first 13 seconds had me laughing love him!

Author Cooper Chimene (7 months)
His #1 catchphrase. What a good/great question! Our questions are awesome

Author KurayamiHikaru (1 year)
Meatball though of my gosh. New favorite insult right there. xD

Author Ed Herrera (5 months)
for real I thought I was the only one thinking that ......Cap is a super
soldier LOL

Author kborea (11 months)
Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love this man any more.... I
watched this and about died <3 God I love this man

Author Leanne Buscus (1 year)
I just love chris evans so much!!!3

Author 139427654 (1 year)
He's such a dork, but an adorable one!!!!! >,<

Author ApocalypseGames (9 months)
He's a buddhist?!!!!

Author bedtimeat8 (1 year)
i thought he was going to say something other than poster

Author OVOXO_XX (9 months)
The way he said good fuckin practically made me swoon

Author Valerie Hinojosa (9 months)
Motherfucking gorgeous.

Author Trinder3467 (1 year)
Who is he talking to?

Author destinyawaitsx3 (1 year)
I think he did a better role as The Human Torch than Captain America,
since he's so energetic and outgoing, but hey he's still fucking beautiful!

Author Zachariah KingsofCowan (6 months)
I love chewy sprees

Author Arielekt (1 year)
OMG they way he says 'my motherrrr' *melts and replays over and over*

Author bearwhitethenerd (1 year)
lol so hot! but seriously it'd probably be down to him and Thor if it came
to it. maybe natasha might just like swoop in and kill them all after they
had killed most of each other off... but captain would be in like the last
three or two.

Author Soph D (1 year)
I love his accent <3 minka kelly is lucky.

Author heavencanwait30scnds (1 year)
"Goonies is good." c:

Author Cvhivita (1 year)
3:15 and 3:23 <3 Oh Chris! You sexy meatball lol

Author Jennifer6486 (1 year)
He's so down to earth! It's unbelievable!

Author MilwiththeEna (1 year)
I love him :3

Author ColorfulchicVA (1 year)

Author Raina Vixen (6 months)
OMFG He is Purrrrrrfect ;)

Author Señor TrolloMan (1 year)
I hope some girl answer this question , do you like his hairstyle?

Author Arielekt (1 year)
In my head, Chris is my boyfriend lol. Minka who? lol

Author Emma Williams (1 year)
Goonies is good

Author Anthony Stark (1 year)
"Chris you fucking Meatball!" Ha that is awesome!

Author THEEingeniousNERD (1 year)
That accent just does something. I got some Starburst Jellybeans for you to

Author Fegzy (1 year)
I like him.

Author Woraporn Thiranuchit (1 year)
He's so adorable. I like him. LIKE HIM.

Author BloodyHotCheeetos (9 months)

Author Sam Sthirpn (11 months)
I can't believe he forgot about the cap's impenetrable shield! To me,
that's pretty ass-kicking.

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