Chris Evans: Behind the Scenes

The Avengers' Chris Evans: Just Your Average Beer-Swilling, Babe-Loving Buddhist

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Author SunyiSideUp (2 months)
oh my god, no, i've loved him since cap 1, but never in that way??? like,
what is happening to me???

Author Josh Shinn (5 days)
chris look better with a full head of hair. Actually most men looks better
with it

Author SlurpThatTea (1 day)

Author Cassandra (2 months)
He says his Boston accent comes out when he drinks 

Author SunyiSideUp (2 months)
oh my god what a hottie!

Author KitKatGirl111 (4 months)
ohmigod wth is his voice doing in this

Author themodesttriumph (29 days)
this fucking guy. seriously. stop. someone stop this man.

Author kitahsushi (1 month)
forever gonna refer to him as a meatball GOD HIS ACCENT IS HOT OH JEsus i
did not prepare myself for this

Author Patricia Rayas (2 months)
I don't understand how they're 15 dislikes. I bet it was Robert Downey Jr

Author Alycia Detvay (1 month)

Author vanessa cardui (3 months)
He'd make a good brother. He played Snoopy? Aint snoopy a dog? a cute 1,

Author Fiona Quah (2 months)

Author Marina Emm (2 months)
I love how passionate he is about jellybeans 

Author Reqiify (2 months)
/oh no/

Author Shinji's Dad (2 months)
It's alright Chris. I love Captain America. He's my favourite in the

Author Carey Faherty (5 months)
Fancy going rock climbing all of a sudden... not sure why. ;)

Author Sam Nee (2 months)
I did the play 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' and I was stuck with
Sally. I wanted Lucy.... I was so mad

Author captain swan (2 months)
oh baby :')

Author Patricia Rayas (2 months)
I don't understand how there's 15 dislikes....i bet it was Robert Downey Jr

Author APH Anime (3 months)
"chris you fucking meatball" I'M CRYING

Author silentruth (3 months)
i love this man.. 

Author alikigiwrgos (2 months)
i have a big heart on for chris evans :(

Author Lexi Bond (3 months)

Author Katie Kane (4 months)
i'm really upset about him

Author Subzy S (3 months)
i love his voice and just... EVERYTHING!

Author gazebo46 (2 months)
Funny guy! LOL!

Author Mary Dowd (4 months)
Chris, you fucking meatball.

Author Marta Martins (4 months)

Author Cutie Graal (5 months)
my first celebrity crush? Chris evans ,I actually do have big poster of

Author Leyna Cooper (8 months)
Cant. Breathe. <3 😍

Author Charlie Frederick (2 months)
The way his accent comes out at 0:55 makes me giggle like a school girl. *-*

Author Emily Makinson (7 months)
Fucking meatball ahhahahaha

Author TaarnaGirl (7 months)
I love that they don't censor his swearing...he's my kinda guy! He said
fuck 3 times, shit once, and "piss me off" LOVE IT. Also, I enjoy jelly
beans. If I ever get the chance to meet him, I'll have jelly beans handy

Author Barnaby West (3 months)
lol. he is killing himself over the coming-of-age movie

Author Heki Kahni (10 months)
He must be a California buddhist

Author courtney dodge (4 months)
omg xD i love him c': hes so funny xD

Author NovemberDiaries (7 months)
so dreamy !

Author Maria Spengel (10 months)
I've watched this video like 4 billion times, still amazing 

Author Pizza Pasta (8 months)
at least it was more personal q's instead of one about his acting. and Chis
actually wanted the interviewer to stay and ask more questions, i hear
opportunity knocking.

Author May Darlen Rosaldo (8 months)
I don't watch it because I'm the younger sister of may darlen ..but he is
my idol crush;;;;))))

Author Heki Kahni (9 months)
His coming of age movie was Bill & ted's Bogus Journey

Author BlackViper29X (2 years)
is he johnny storm?

Author ilovearchieandjoe08 (2 years)
Went to my high school, his sister was my english teacher, NBD or anything

Author Chris Evans lover (1 year)
He so hot !!I can't stop drooling!

Author Bryan Alvarez (1 year)

Author Emma K. (1 year)

Author emilyBerlin (2 years)
He is perfect! Such a spaz it's adorable! 3

Author jennareal (2 years)
Omg he said the f word alot! D: heissexy.

Author Ariana Varela (1 year)
hahaahaha first 13 seconds had me laughing love him!

Author Cooper Chimene (1 year)
His #1 catchphrase. What a good/great question! Our questions are awesome

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