Sasuke Vs Danzou - Linkin Park - In The End HD

L' INTERO scontro tra Sasuke e Danzou, anziano di Konoha...Buona visione!!!:)
Anime: Naruto Shippuden
Song: Linkin Park - In The End


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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 3:33
Comments: 435

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Author DerpBane (3 months)
Is it possible to get a good AMV without a gay song? Every single fucking
AMV in existence has weak Rock in the background. I want fucking dubstep
and Death Metal - that's what makes a fucking good AMV, some fucking angry

Author Muhammad Anas S Hairun (18 days)
Like thisss

#LPU [ "Linkin Park Undergrund" ]

Author Uzamaki Naruto (1 month)
naruto is awsome

Author pamela cristina (2 months)
nossa a espada do sasuke é o tidore 

Author Cristiano Neubaner (1 year)
sasuke deveria ser o prinsipal do desenho

Author Nick Farell (1 year)
LINKIN PARK song is the most used song in AMV.....

Author juan miguel salazar martinez (1 year)
esto es lo mejor

Author diavolorossonero100 (1 year)
danzou is so fucking stupid

Author Bedřich Štojdl (10 months)
Snasto :D

Author Willy Ledezma (1 year)

Author Vytautas Stoškus (1 year)
i'll help you too!

Author dkmorbid otaku (1 year)
y are thou not english subziezz

Author Slade Wilson (1 year)
This gay never die i tried to kill him

Author breno rizardi (11 months)
sasuke é meu favorito do naruto

Author NATFER HERNANDEZ (1 year)
feo, no vi ninguna relación en las imagenes

Author Felipe Alves (1 year)
Umas Das Melhores Batalhas Que Tem Em Todo esse Anime. Sasuke Me
Impressiono, Achei que Não Passava De Um Uchiha Metido a Fortão.

Author REY Deznuts (1 year)
and thats how short naruto fights are withoout all the excess chatter

Author Fabio Vanziler (10 months)
0:00 achei que fosse naruto online...

Author Guilherme Silva Peixoto (1 year)
Muito Show eu adorei!

Author Gustavo Alves (1 year)
Join Aki para quem quer Shipudem Dublado *__*

Author vide0viwer (1 year)
fucking senju dna

Author Nuttawut Plarit (1 year)
555 danzou die i don' like danzou

Author Sasuke Uchiha (1 year)
but we will kill first Miley! bro

Author Dhito Alves (1 year)

Author Uchiha Mikoto (10 months)
My sons !

Author Alphazombie7714 (1 year)
Danzos actually pretty cool i do disagree with him messing with itachi but
still im not saying hes the best or hes my favorite im just saying hes
actually pretty cool :D

Author samuele london (1 year)
sasuke i love you

Author andrew henrique araujo damazio (1 year)

Author Valixo հժ (10 months)
my favoriT viddeo

Author Dani Terol Tormo (1 year)

Author kloa Slayer (1 year)

Author naruto smeets (1 year)

Author Gatling PandaLP (1 year)
me too :D

Author Achack . (1 year)
It's more fun to watch the confident fighters. People like naruto are
constantly screwing around taking away the "coolness" of the fight.

Author Dominik Schwarzgruber (1 year)
cool soundtrack pls give us the title

Author o detonador satos (1 year)
essa batalha foi mass

Author Lukas Hammerhøj (10 months)
Itachi Uchiha the true hero of the seires

Author darwin machaca quispe (1 year)
ajajaj tenes razon!! XD

Author Pedro Santos (1 year)
Mto Foda Essa Luta.

Author Aicho kensenhuis (1 year)
wtf when did you have a pc

Author Azis bie (1 year)
Permisi gan Naruto Lovers..., Saya jual DVD Film Naruto Shippuden,
Akippuden , OVA , Episode Awal sampai Akhir ( TAMAT ) SUBTITLE INDONESIA...
............. Agan berminat? SMS aja gan ke nomer 0877.5903.2392 *** kalau
berminat film yg lainnya BOX OFFICE MOVIES ada harga Diskon ... cek masuk
di beibiehappy(dot)wordpress(dot)com Thx Gan ...

Author Sasuke Uchiha (11 months)
3:23 Run Bitch RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author TikTak BooM (1 year)
sasuke the vengance is not good

Author TheGreenShadow (1 year)
no one cares

Author ShooterAMV (10 months)
sasuke tribute ---> /watch?v=dXD0E9Crl6A

Author Fif0l (1 year)
Sasuke is an asshole, so he fights like an asshole.

Author Leonardo Corinthiano (1 year)
dahora ;)

Author david kings (1 year)
best song ever

Author Frenchi Lupo (1 year)
danzo <3

Author Ondřej Nedělka (1 year)
Here for Danzou

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