Easy crochet Bolero All Sizes child to Adult

In this video tutorial I will teach you how to make this gorgeous bolero / shrug. It can be sized for children all the way up to adult. You measure yourself to get a custom fit. Don't be afraid this is easy and looks great. Perfect for chilly evenings. You choose your yarn type and hook size. I used a medium weight yorsted yarn but found that this may be a little too thick. I suggest you use a lighter weight yarn or even perhaps some thick crochet thread. I used a J size hook, if you use a thread or thin yarn switch to a size H (5mm) hook. I added extra rows, but you can stop when it reaches your desired size. I was trying to hide my rear end..oh well..... Happy crocheting

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Author Cora Archibald (10 hours)
I really like the way you figured out the measurements. It works for any
size. The Bolero is very attractive and adaptable.

Author Shirley Kelly (17 days)
I have a question. I have many different patterns and I was wondering If
I can change the type of yarn called for and than what size hook. Thanks
for any help

Author elena schudek (11 days)
lindo el chaleco, me gusto mucho,pero esta en ingles ojala puedas hacerlo
al español gracias

Author Carole Moore (15 days)
I was wondering if there is a written pattern to go along with the video?

Author Sharon Soden (3 months)
I have made two of these--love the pattern.

Author Bethzaida Torres (6 months)

Author Amor Esther (1 month)
very easy I made two ,love and great instructions

Author ushpill (1 month)
Hi Yolanda. You are such a wonderful and generous teacher. Though my
knowledge of crochet was very limited, I could follow your instructions so
well and managed to complete a project. Thank you for your free guidance.

He visto algunos boleros, pero este es precioso. Gracias por enseñar como
se realiza.

Author Mary Fayek (20 days)
Easy crochet Bolero All Sizes child to Adult:

Author Lee Henderson (1 month)
Great video
Easy to follow and great instructions
Happy to follow
Plan to make many

Author Ana Martinez (1 month)
Such beautiful work 

Author piglet11552 (2 months)
What kind of yarn is everyone using I really want to try this,just looking
ideas on the yarn

Author Jeanette Whitson (8 months)
I am making this with pink lace yarn and it is turning out just
BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you!

Author Milan Khandeparker (2 months)
Iwas weighting this poncho for long time.thanks.

Author Lenora Houser (1 month)
Love your work

Author Raghda Hulaiba (1 month)
Great video
Easy to follow and great instructions

Author Sheetal Barve (4 months)
Dear Yolanda...

All your tutorials are wonderful. Amazingly detailed information and very
clear instructions. I have learned a lot of your tutorials and my patterns
have never gone wrong because of your amazing videos... please keep posting
such interesting patterns... Love your work.


Author Silvia Lanus (4 months)
Gracias Yolanda!!! He visto el video al que haces referencia y es como
decis, tu explicacion de medir de hombro a hombro esta buenisima, asi lo
hice y ya comence este bolero que por ahora va bien.Muchas gracias por
compartir tu experincia con crochet,he aprendido mucho contigo. Saludos
desde Wisconsin.

Author Araceli Lehr (3 months)
Yolanda, permiteme decirte que tu trabajo es excelente y las indicaciones
son muy facil de seguir. Saludos desde Lovettsville, Virginia

Author robin elsner (3 months)
have you written a pattern for this bolero, would like to make this for

Author Paqui Guillén Sánchez (8 months)
Yolanda por favor si le dices en ingles escribe en español peroel
suficiente tiempo para poder leerlo no veo la rzon para hablar en ingles y
escribir tambien es ese idioma que no todo el mundo conoce. Muchas gracias

Author Carol Benda (7 months)
Hi Yolanda. I have been crocheting a Bolero for one of my daughters. I
used a fine yarn with sparkle in it and it is looking wonderful. thank you
for making the tutorial, You are easy to follow and delightful to listen to
and watch.

Author Laverne Porter (4 months)
I came across this tutorial and I really love the style of this Bolero. I
will be making this. Think you for sharing this as well as your easy to
follow instructions.

Author Jennifer Gilbert (4 months)
Congrats ur over 200,000 viewers !!!! That's awesome :)

Author Mara D (5 months)
This was an awesome tutorial, love your teaching. I've learned so much
from you. Do you have this pattern written down by chance? Thanks so

Author Loretta Rodrigo (6 months)
Hi Yolanda; I made this for my granddaughter with a very fine thread. It
consisted of three threads two violet the other a multi colored blues to
green. This came from Mastic, Shirley NY. The women had a shop in her house
the threads were amazing.
The bolero that I made has a little sleeve and looks very nice. Thank you
so much for this pattern. It was do easy to follow. I live in Florida now
and have some friends who fell in love with this pattern . So I am passing
it on. Thank you, Loretta

Author Dora Moro (5 months)
Yolanda, me puedes decir más o menos cuánto se utiliza de estambre, cuántos
gramos, para una talla mediana? me imagino que el tuyo es grande. O si
tienes el peso del tuyo, pásamelo por favor.

Author Dawn Herman (5 months)
Do you have a written pattern for this that you can share?

Author Cooking diva (5 months)
This is great! Thank you Yolanda you are a good teacher. I am planning to
make this bolero , thanks again.

Author NefertitiDena Johnson (5 months)
Hello Yolanda (My Hero) starting on my 5th adult bolero as a gift. Made
one (1) for myself last year, three (3) for my Sisters for Christmas 2013
and they loved it! Thank You xoxo

Author Katherine Ortiz (7 months)
Hola! Yolanda, wow-I have learn to Crochet by you,,the first think I learn
from you was a baby blanket and now I do scarf, bottle coverup,
handbags,,love love your videos but would like you to show me Red Heart
Intermediate LC4100- V-stitch & Scallop Shaw,,,let me know if you
can,,,,Thank you so much...

Author J Durrani (5 months)
Yolanda my dear ur fantastic. I hv learnt to crochet through you.

Please hold a tutorial for long crochet jackets, knee length. Pleeease

Author Jane Doe (7 months)
What a great pattern. It is pretty, simple and clever. Thank you for
translating it into English and developing the guidelines to make it fit.
As a plus size woman, I really appreciate that. ;D Best Wishes, Carla P.

Author Lorna evidente (7 months)
I love this tutorial in fact I have already made the same bolero.I just
follow your tutorial, I crochet as I watch this video. It is so helpful
and easy to follow,Thanks a lot, God bless!

Author Eugenia Roberson (7 months)
i enjoy your tutorial so much you make things so easy to follow and thank
you so much for taking the time to post this, love what you make, do
subscribe so I dont miss any fun

Author GRETCHEN WRIGHT (6 months)
Thank you so much, just finished my boloro and its beautiful, thank you,
for making it easy

Author Carol Benda (7 months)
hello again. I am just finishing up my first Bolero, thanks to your
expertise and wonderful, clear directions...I used a thread like like yarn
with sparkle... it looks wonderful. Thank you So much, Yolanda! I am so
happy to be able to watch you do the stitches and learn from you .
...grandma Carol

Author Huỳnh Du Nhut (7 months)
áo đẹp

Author Jennifer Gilbert (4 months)
Love ur videos

Author PAAM Bhogal (1 year)
Thanks for this .

Author danisbenguria (1 year)
se ve super facil, me puse a hacerlo con un estambre suave y sedoso asi que
no se ve muy grueso ,ya casi lo termino ,gracias por compartir este y todos
los videos,el color es azul aqua !!

Author Amguardo (1 year)
Hi Yolanda. Thanks for this beautiful shaw. I made one this weekend and the
only question I have is that where you connect and go ion to the next row
it gave it a kinda extra ruffle? Should it be that way?

Author T- LIN (2 years)
i absolutely love your channel! i am just a beginner at crochet and with ur
fab instructions i feel like i can crochet like a pro!! Fantastic video!!

Author Enas Ahmed (2 years)
U R AWSOME .... God bless U

Author swee2pupu (2 years)
you are so wonderful. I love your tutorials and love the way you talk and
explain things so clearly. you are a STAR... Love you xx

Author Daniela Gutiérrez (1 year)
jiji ya lo entendí. queda hermosoo intentaré hacerlo.. muchas gracias!!

Author ddoukopou (1 year)
You're awesome! I saw this shrug on another video but it wasn't in English,
I'm thrilled that I found you so I won't have to figure it out my self.
Thank you!

Author mrsstrawberryluv1 (1 year)
you are great teacher i wish you had a school for crochet here you get a
lotta student i have made 15 hat and cap watching you :_)

Author Lucia Garcia (1 year)

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